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  1. Did Mr Beaumont not like his comments.....
  2. Yep, its not difficult is it.......
  3. Nice one
  4. Good luck Simon!
  5. If you manage to make the squad, good luck tomorrow Larsen!
  6. Cant wait for the pre seasons and new shirt
  7. I spoke to him on Friday, he cant make it today, I have promised him text updates through the game
  8. any small flat caps left??
  9. Hi Simon, if you can make Sunday, your tickets and coach are all booked, you need to be at the green lane club for 10am
  10. Club of the year, wonder if its to do with the licensing coming up !
  11. Club of the year, Widnes?? Thought it was Batley
  12. Well done Gary, you are a credit to us all
  13. Might give that one a miss, thanks all the same!
  14. theres a couple of good pubs to the east of the stadium!