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  1. HaxbyKnight

    2019 Season

    No, I think Donny will play Haven, and Worky play Oldham on Dec 26th. The winners will play off on January 1st, with the winners of that being promoted. Seems the logical way to resolve this.
  2. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    The Championship is a step up from last season, no gimme's next season. Every week will be intense, therefore we need a strong squad to compete at this level. I think, last seasons squad would not have been disgraced, but we lacked a bit of strength in depth. I think we have that now, and we can hope for a top 8 finish at least.
  3. HaxbyKnight

    2019 Season

    Odds on Betfred Toronto 7/4 Widnes 5/2 Toulouse 6/1 Featherstone 8/1 Halifax 10/1 Leigh 12/1 York 20/1 Bradford 20/1 Sheffield 100/1 Batley 100/1 Barrow 100/1 Dewsbury 100/1 Rochdale 250/1 Swinton 250/1
  4. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    A young experienced player, only 24. Could this mean Graeme Horne will not be a Knight next season?
  5. HaxbyKnight

    2019 Season

    I'd say that was about right, Bulls also quoted at 20/1 with Betfred, only 8/1 with Skybet.. I think a top 8 finish first up will be a step in the right direction considering there will be a few full time teams up against us. Having said that, I'm sure the Knights will surprise on or two, and if we can cope with Fev., Fax, and Leigh, we could end up a top half of the table team, and that would be a good platform to build on.
  6. HaxbyKnight

    Shopping List

    I'm hoping Horne is staying, I think he is the only one from last season who we don't know about. His signing is the one I'd like to see announced next.
  7. HaxbyKnight

    Bulls V York.

    Tongue in cheek, he knew York would win the league.
  8. HaxbyKnight

    Bulls V York.

    I've seen nothing at this end about this fixture. Is it confirmed, or a figment of somebody's imagination?
  9. HaxbyKnight

    Bulls V York.

    We also are looking forward to a Boxing Day game against York City Knights at Odsal Stadium, genuinely being described as the “Grand Final that never happened”. Described by Bulls fans maybe. York won the league, there was never any mention of a grand final anywhere. Had York finished second, we wouldn't have wanted a Grand Final. we'd have accepted we finished second.
  10. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    I wouldn't dig deep into the budget for another 7. Benny, and Matty Marsh can cover at 7 in an emergency, and we have a fair bit of versatility in the backs we already have to cover for them.
  11. HaxbyKnight

    Good luck in the championship.

    Brings back memories of Clarence Street in the 50's and 60's, when 'special' buses used to line up outside the ground to take fans to the various districts of York.
  12. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    I thought I read somewhere he had been released by KR, but if not then D/R may well be an option.
  13. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    Johnson has left KR, so doubt we'll get him on D/R. Rhinos might let Ormondroyd out on loan again, not sure he is still a Rhino though. I think Horne will re-sign, he won't have to play every week if we have good cover.
  14. HaxbyKnight

    2019 squad

    We are 4 or 5 players short of the number Fordy says he wants. Who would you like us to sign, or what positions do we still need extra cover? Horne would be a good start, another centre wouldn't go amiss, and then who? Is there any chance of Josh Johnson, Colton Roche or Jack Ormondroyd joining on a permanent basis, would we want them?
  15. HaxbyKnight

    Hemel withdraw from League.

    The Knights are putting a very good squad together with a good mix of experience at this level, and some very promising younger players. We certainly won't be taking any backward steps, my biggest concern is the number of full time teams we will come up against.