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  1. Odds to win the 1895 cup. Leigh 6/4 Widnes 5/2 York 6/1 Sheffield 8/1 Batley 12/1 Dewsbury 16/1 Barrow 20/1 Doncaster 20/1
  2. I know it'might not happen, but I honestly believe if we can get Vaivai and Harris for the rest of the season, we will make the play offs. Everyone of them today was outstanding, and we have a great blend of grafters, playmakers and one hell of a defence. Some of the tackling today was top drawer, there will be some tired and aching Hornets tonight. We have a terrific squad with a great attitude, I'm sure we are in for a very exciting end to the season.
  3. Rochdale have a 28 points start with Skybet for tomorrow's game. Other handicaps, Dewsbury +38 at Toronto, Bradford +18 at Leigh, Barrow +14 v Fax, Batley +8 v Sheffield, and Widnes +14 at Featherstone.
  4. Swinton have beaten Toulouse 20 -18 this afternoon after trailing 14 - 4 at half time.
  5. We could do with a big win to boost the points difference, but in all honesty, I'll settle for the two points
  6. In fairness, I don't think the heavy ground suits Judah's style of play. I'm sure when the grounds firm up a bit, hell be back.
  7. Harris or Junior would be good as permanent signings.
  8. He was video ref at Cas tonight. Not too popular with Cas fans. Almost identical incident to last week. and after looking at it for ages he gave a try to Hull.
  9. Sin bin sufficient was the finding of the disciplinary panel regarding Matty's yellow card against Toulouse. No mention of any body being on report in the meeting minutes, but I thought there was an incident in the second half, when the ref. signalled somebody was going on report. Anybody any wiser?
  10. W have a lot of talented players, who are still learning and improving, and plenty of clubs will have an eye on some of them already. I think our priority is to tie them down to the Knights, and then look at where we need to strengthen the side. The higher we can finish in the league this season, the more chance we have of keeping them and attracting other good players.
  11. Hard to tell from the video, but the player who jumped for the ball was in front of the kicker, so York should have had a penalty on the 20 metre line where the ball was kicked. It was a good game played in driving rain most of the time, and a good advert for the Championship, just a shame it was decided by two shocking decisions by the officials.
  12. I'd be surprised if Connor left York for another Championship club, Only benefit of going to Bradford I suppose is it would be full time. Probably another effort to try unsettle the Knights. Anyway it's only speculation, we've had enough of that these last few weeks.
  13. HaxbyKnight


    Does anybody know what the attendance was? It looked decent to me, considering everything else that was going on.
  14. In fairness WWE the conditions didn't help. Considering the amount of rain, I thought the handling of both sides was pretty good.
  15. We made some errors that cost us, but the try that proved to be the winner was a blatant knock on from a player who was offside..
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