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  1. The thing is, all the top 8 teams will expect to beat Batley at home, and Rochdale away. We must pick up some points from those around us. We have already beaten Bradford, Leigh and Halifax, so it is not out of the question. We'll start on Monday, turn Widnes over.
  2. I was at Featherstone tonight, and when the players were warming up somebody asked me if the player kicking the ball was Heckford. This bloke knew him from his early days, and told me he was absolutely outstanding before events outside of the game stalled his career. I don't know the details, and I'm not advocating criminal activity, proven or otherwise, but maybe given a chance he is still young enough to make a very good rugby player.
  3. Congratulations, Fev were outstanding tonight. Chisholm pulled the strings, and York just couldn't cope. Lots of good performances in the Rovers, but very impressed with Render. He has a bright future in the game. What was the attendance?
  4. No you didn't , but I think garbage is unfair. Some "supporters" disappeared midway through the second half, having done nothing but criticise the players. The same players who have taken us to 4th in the league. Hardly garbage!
  5. I think that is unfair on the rest of the team. They did not play well, lots of individual errors, BUT< they never stopped trying. Chisholm pulled the strings, and dragged the Knights all over the park, but in my opinion, playing two centres on the wings was a disaster. Defensively, they were all over the place.
  6. The team need your support in good times and bad. tonight wasn't good, but no need to turn your back on them.
  7. Fax, Toronto,Swinton,Widnes, Toulouse, Knights and Dewsbury. They would all be good results for the Knights as well. With Coral, York are 11/5 to win outright. That seems overly generous to me.
  8. Brown will miss Monday as well according to Fordy's interview on RY. With Benny possibly missing 8 weeks, it's a great chance for Heckford to prove his worth. If he can''t then moving Marsh is an option, but I believe he gets more space at full back, and that makes him very dangerous.
  9. Brown is injured. However, while I think Brown deserves a game, i would play him on the wing. Marsh is arguably the best full back in the league, why play him out of position? Best players in best positions are what win games.
  10. I'll book onto it next week. Fans should support the coach, it is a fixed price where ever we go, and it would be a shame if we, the fans, can't keep it going.
  11. Is up on twitter and looks stronger than expected No Joe Batchelor, suppose Saints have refused permission for him to play.
  12. My original post was a genuine question, not a dig at Rovers or anybody who uses D/R. It is there to be used. York used it last season and were criticised by other League 1 clubs supporters even though some used it more than York. The loan situation at York is out of necessity. We had a squad of 25 at the start of the season. Bachelor came in for round 3, but it is only in the last month we have recruited 4 more loanees to cover a crippling injury list, Hence Baldwinson joining last week. Now 2 of the loanees are injured as well. Having said that, we will go with what we have standing over the weekend, no additions from outside. Looking forward to the game, should be a good one.
  13. Is it the the way forward, it is only short term and does nothing to develop younger players? Remember, even Super League players have to start somewhere. From the club perspective, if the club wants to press for the play offs, then with a limited budget it is the only option, BUT if that club then wins promotion, they are starting from scratch again. Playing, and developing younger players may mean a couple of seasons getting established, and loitering in mid table, but surely that will make that club stronger and more sustainable in the future. And it will cost less. I accept what TPH says about a lack of experience in the reserves, but they will never get the experience, and the chance to develop and improve, without opportunities to play at that level.
  14. Will struggle there George. I think Fev have got a predominantly white kit for the bash. I just don't understand why clubs cannot play in their traditional colours? I don't see that there are even commercial reasons for a one off shirt, how many are clubs likely to sell?
  15. I'm going to disagree there Deano. Injuries at any time aren't good, but to me, it is important to beat the teams who are around you in the league, and you need your strongest team to do that. It is easier playing the bottom teams with a couple of players missing. 3 tough games coming up, we need to win at least 1 to maintain a top 5 position. Luckily other fixtures, and their results should help us a bit. We don't want all the hard work we have done so far undone over the next week.
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