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  1. Crowd given as 3,115. Well done to all who attended. You were treated to a cracking match.
  2. Well, not often I blow my own trumpet, but my predictions so far are spot on, for the Knights, that is. Knights - Barrow away win, Toronto away lose, Fev home win, Leigh away lose, Halifax away win. Total points 37
  3. Not seen an official figure. Looked to be around 3,250.
  4. Another you can add to the list; Knights 22 Rovers 18, 2019, Round whatever!
  5. Small but perfectly formed.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49365567 Shame, I have really enjoyed winning at Odsal!
  7. In the Saints 17 tonight at Headingley. Live on Sky.
  8. Massive game. 2 points and either club is sure of a top five finish. The fans really get up for the big games and really get behind the lads. Fev are a tough side, so the Knights army and the Lads will need to be at their utmost best. Bring it on!
  9. Bit harsh that SK - the second bit. Re the idiots causing trouble, they wouldn’t be welcome in York.
  10. You are on good form right now and will take some beating.
  11. At the risk of sounding controversial, I have been mulling over the ‘Toronto’ experiment and can’t help but feel that there isn’t anything like a level playing field currently. To explain, as far as the Knights are concerned, I understood they began their journey in the early hours of Friday morning (those that could get time off work) and returned home on Sunday. Teams playing in Toronto get little or no chance to acclimatise. In comparison, Toronto’s away games are much easier as most, if not all their squad, are based in the UK. I would doubt very much that they will travel to Canada the day before their home games so will get much longer to prepare. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great city and i am sure away games are a great experience, but the real test is likely to come next season, if, as expected, they make it to SL. I can’t see established SL sides taking an 8 hour flight across several time zones and playing the following day.
  12. That is one nice beach towel!
  13. And another courtesy of Mr Hall.
  14. A close up of the Bootham Tavern flag.
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