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  1. You can print out as a pdf or save to your phone using the app.
  2. Never mind that. Saturday is the day. Knights v Fev. Bring it on.
  3. Looking very good. Put an extra 1000 on the gate on Saturday. Up the Knights.
  4. I think Fev are the tougher of the two right now, but will home advantage be enough to see Leigh through. Fev by 8.
  5. Good luck to the Knights today. We are behind you all the way.
  6. Could be right. Aren’t Wolfpack Dewsbury based?
  7. What about Dewsbury? Chance of bringing players in that are better than what they have now and they wouldn’t have to travel.
  8. Missed three out. Widnes, Halifax and Toulouse!
  9. When I said packed out, there were a few seats spare!
  10. Seated stand runs the length of the touch line whereas standing is behind the sticks. I remembering seeing a Chris Langley inspired Knights winning at the Shay 15 or so years ago and we packed out the seated stand. Good view too.
  11. I have a sneaky feeling we are going to finish second!
  12. Well I finally came unstuck. By a sole point. But over the moon! Let’s finish the job at Fax, and who knows, second spot could be ours for the taking. Up you totally amazing Knights!
  13. Another really tough one this but do feel it’s a game we are capable of taking something from. Will be interesting to see how the selection for this one goes with Halifax to follow, also away, the following week. One thing is for sure, win this and win next week and a top three place will be secured. If Toulouse fail to beat Fev next week, two wins might be good enough for second. Regardless of where we finish up we have performed admirably to make the play offs, with most folk writing us off at the start of the season as relegation certainties.
  14. Great stuff. What’s a few quid a month when you know it’s going to a great cause in player recruitment? Might just make the difference between finishing in the play offs and top of the pile next season.
  15. There are two figures quoted for 2018, 1692 and 1624. Is one all matches and the other league games only? Cheers
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