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  1. Benji is a Kiwi so you can rule him out.
  2. Heard that Tim was retiring. Think we are well placed in the pack.
  3. https://yorkcityknights.com/club/cuthbertson-become-knight-thanks-squadbuilder/
  4. We could do with a quality half back.
  5. Another signing announced tonight at 6pm.
  6. Five reasons why it would have to be the Knights not the Bulls. We have a much better stadium - They have Odsal. We have much better facilities We have Fordy. They have two skulls We will finish above the Bulls - again They will probably end up overspending resulting in players been offloaded before the season is out.
  7. A number from last years squad listed on the Knights site where we are still awaiting news: Will Sharp Tim Spears James Green Joe Porter Jordan Baldwinson Jason Bass Brad Hey Elliott Wallace AJ Towse Myles Harrison Still, not forced to be a re-signing as the six new signings show. exciting stuff!
  8. Huge fan of Joe. Something to be said though for leaving a great club like ours only be sat on the sidelines week in week out. Leigh have made some ‘big’ signings already. Wouldn’t mind betting he finds his way back at LSV like last season to get some game time.
  9. I understand Sam Scott is but may be wrong.
  10. Welcome to the Knights Daniel and Harry.
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