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  1. The Hallucinating Goose

    Golden Point ?

    Definitely need a shot clock, the faffing around and time wasting is getting worse and worse, noticed it a lot this year especially. Given that they are considering a shot clock at least shows that the powers that be have noticed this and realise something needs doing, which is a first for our sport.
  2. The Hallucinating Goose

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    The referees are obviously being paid off because we keep losing....
  3. The Hallucinating Goose

    Toronto Sends Bussey Packing (Merged Threads)

    Well he is in a wolfpack, I guess he was just hungry like the wolf.
  4. The Hallucinating Goose

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Well we are getting slightly more respectable in the food sponsorship department. Mushy peas to sweets is a big step, in a few years we might be at caviar!
  5. The Hallucinating Goose

    New league structure revealed

    Do we know what time the meeting is at?
  6. The Hallucinating Goose

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    They were sensible enough not to go in the end.
  7. One of the main things people are saying is a problem with the current structure is dropping attendances. How would playing 3 championship teams help that? I can tell you right now that if we (Hull) were playing Sheffield or batley or someone there would probably be half the usual crowd that we get. Who is paying £24 to go see us slaughter a championship team when they could pay the same money to go see two top super league sides in an exciting, competitive contest. It should be pointed out as well that when we got to these rounds some of these games would be on tv, great advert for the sport that. So in conclusion, let's take a number of competitive, entertaining super league games that offer good value for money and are played in front of decent crowds with decent away support and a fantastic atmosphere that are (for the most part) a great advert for the sport when prospective new fans watch on tv and get rid of the competitiveness and the entertainment value, half the crowds so the stadiums are silent apart from a bloke coughing and someone else snoring, rip fans off by offering dreadful quality and advertise this product as the premier competition in the northern hemisphere... Hmm... That's some powerful hallucinogens you're on. And I know all about them. Honk! Honk!
  8. Not enough gimmicks in that plan I'm afraid.... In all seriousness though this is exactly the structure that is needed and you know what else? After its in place, let's leave it the hell alone!
  9. The Hallucinating Goose

    What happens if the TV money drops????

  10. The Hallucinating Goose

    Million £ game venue?

    To be honest, given what we know about the RFL I wouldn't be surprised if a denver club sprung up in the next couple of weeks and were put in the million pound game.
  11. The Hallucinating Goose

    New York team & tests still in the pipeline

    Cows! What are they good for? Bloody lovely burgers! Huh!
  12. The Hallucinating Goose

    Million £ game venue?

    Now what does that entail? Cos right now I have an image in my head of a bunch of overweight, balding rugby league fans rolling round in a big pile of money! If that's what it is then I will see you there!
  13. The Hallucinating Goose

    Denver test is dead

    I agree with what you're saying about Australia attracting non-diehards because it is a well known rivalry in all sports and it is good if it attracts new people. Possibly the most boring game I have ever been to was the four nations final at anfield mainly because Australia were just so dominant. There was nothing particularly exciting or competitive about the game and the crowd certainly didn't get into it much. In that same tournament there was the Aus v Scotland game at caravan park. I live in Hull but couldn't be bothered to go see Australia play in my own city because I knew it would be another run of the mill slaughtering and not exciting as a result. You'll notice in that tournament England v Aus got a smaller crowd in London than England v NZ did the year before as well. Please don't get me wrong, i love England v Australia games, I am just saying that certainly in recent years I have enjoyed watching England play other teams more, and haven't been bothered about watching Aus play anyone other than England. There might have been a rivalry in the past but I think a rivalry is more so when it is actually competitive and I can't see England beating Australia again for a little while yet.
  14. The Hallucinating Goose

    Denver test is dead

    The PNG games have been some of the most entertaining games I have seen in a while and the England-Tonga game almost gave me a heart attack with how intense it was. I firmly believe that these are the kind of games we need to be having more often. I have said before that if Australia are not playing then international league is very competitive and very entertaining and we see this with the fanatical fan base of the Pacific Island nations as well, which contributes massively to the spectacle of course. England and NZ playing the Pacific Islands more often would certainly help develop those teams and I think less players would go play for Australia or NZ if they could play more top level games for their island country. It is totally fine with me if Australia only want to turn up for world cups every 4 years because we get better quality internationals without them anyway.
  15. The Hallucinating Goose

    New Grounds.

    Some soccer stadiums really are are horrendous for leg room, of course this is because when they were made all-seater they tried to cram as many seats in as possible. I haven't been to Elland Road before but will be going for the NZ game and have heard the leg room is pretty much none existent so a little worried for my knees.