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  1. An elderly man dies and goes to heaven. When he arrives, Saint Peter is waiting for him. The man notices there are billions of clocks around him. He asks Saint Peter, "what are the clocks for?" Saint Peter replies, "there is one for each person to have ever lived. They start with all hands pointing to 12 and each time a person lies the hands on their clock move backwards slightly". The man points to one clock which is still pointing at 12 and asks, "who's clock is that?" That is Mother Theresa's", Saint Peter relies. He points to another which has moved only slightly, "what about that one?" "That is Isaac Newton's" The man looks around for a moment before asking, "where is president trump's?" Saint Peter replies, "oh, God keeps trump's in his office, he uses it as a ceiling fan".
  2. Article on these latest, very positive developments. Doctors have said they stopped his sedation last night and he woke up for a moment. Back under sedation now to carry out the operations to reconstruct his face. Truly remarkable recovery! https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/jansin-turgut-injury-latest-news-2906891
  3. Hull by 16. Low scoring first half, run away with it in the second! C'mon 'ull!!
  4. This is an article from yesterday where his mother talks of being overwhelmed by the support from the RL community. Bit I really took note of was where it says she is really apologetic cos she couldn't reply to every message the family have received. Can't imagine what the family is going through. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/jansin-turgut-family-pay-tribute-2893839
  5. Hull daily mail saying Jansin has now been moved from the brain clinic to a local hospital. Seems to be recovering pretty well. Definitely a fighter!
  6. Not going either, went to anfield for the four nations final and hated it, probably the worst ground I've visited in my opinion.
  7. There is a fundraising page been set up to raise money for his medical care. Already raised over £5,000 but by the sounds of it he is gonna need more. One thing the rugby league community is fantastic at is coming together when someone needs help. Let's do our bit! https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8eVOKdg6S8
  8. Jean used to troll on rlfans, he was known as the 'fake frenchman'. I'm guessing he's thinking by adding a y to the end of his rlfans username he is suddenly incognito!
  9. Hello Jean, you got fed up with rlfans? Sir kev is on here these days as well. Anyway, what would be the point of playing an nrl side? It would be a random preseason friendly, you're not gonna get 30,000 in for that and tbh you aren't gonna get the NRL side to fly over here for it, we have to beg them when it's the world club challenge!
  10. Bloody immigrants! Coming here, taking our stone axes and our mud huts!! Who do they think they are?! ...our ancestors, that's who.
  11. The plan seems to be to get people to use the park and ride. https://www.yorkmix.com/news/fans-may-have-to-pay-10-to-park-at-york-stadium-on-match-days/
  12. If you take off the international attendances for union and cricket it would tell a different story in comparison to league. Gotta remember that hardly any of that league figure is internationals. If you think of all the six nations and autumn internationals England, Scotland and Wales play to 60-70-80,000 crowds that is a massive chunk to take off and if you think about cricket, at County level crowds are miniscule so much of that figure is internationals as well whereas as the league figure, only around 100,000 perhaps is internationals. At club level our sales are decent when compared to other sports on the same level. Of course that also highlights the importance of a strong international game. That is where the sales, and thus the money and exposure comes from.
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