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  1. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits

    What do you mean can't attract good sponsors?? We've had some world class ones recently, we've had a car dealership, a scaffolding firm, this year we've got a company that does concrete flooring and nationwide as well, not just local, name of the company escapes me......
  2. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits

    Do Canberra not have a main sponsor then??
  3. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits

    Not keen on either of the wire kits, away one is dreadful, looks like the gray bits are made out of that shiny, stretchy material children's leggings are made of.
  4. The Hallucinating Goose

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Loved Newcastle, hated anfield when I went for the four nations final. I'll be fair and say that atmosphere will be a lot better with magic, there will be the festival atmosphere there is around magic with the stalls and events going on around the ground. Will say as well, that it looks good with 40,000 in cos the top tier of the new stand can just be shut off and everyone will be packed in solid as opposed to some magic venues we've been to where people are a bit more spread out.
  5. The Hallucinating Goose

    2021 World Cup Format

    The correct format.
  6. The Hallucinating Goose

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I'd say in future, England tests against oz or Nz, or any tournament games, should not be staged at grounds with capacities less than 30,000. We do need to be aiming higher than hoping to get 20,000 at Hull or Huddersfield but not being too ambitious cos things like anfield can happen. Increase average attendances steadily. If we can get 40,000 average for the oz series that would be fantastic and so much higher than any recent series or tournament. I think given the desire to see this series and excitement that is already building at just the potential of it happening then that is definitely achievable. My picks for venues would probably be something like St James Park, etihad/elland road and Olympic. If we can get 40,000 for magic at Newcastle we can get 50,000 for an ashes test. Similarly, if there was only 1 game in the heartland we should be looking at 50,000 easy in Manchester or absolutely no doubt a full elland road. Even around 45,000 or so at Olympic would be great and if the ground was sold cleverly, like they have been for Wembley, so it is full where the cameras point, then great! Don't get me wrong, we could realistically get 50,000 there though. Steadily increasing attendances without going wild and 3 potential 50,000s would almost be the highest attendances England has ever had a d the highest international attendances since the 2013 World Cup. Momentum built in 2020, then go for a 20-25,000 average in the world Cup, again, achievable and still thousands higher than any world cup for decades.
  7. The Hallucinating Goose

    France, Wales, England all qualified, so...

    As long as it gets England playing next year then I'd back any games involving them. England is the brand now not GB and it would seem incredibly amateurish if they went a whole year without playing. Back in 2012 we had the autumn international series which was basically the same principle involving the same teams and while the games weren't massively competitive and crowds not great (although France did get 11,000 at home) the teams were still playing which is the important bit. I agree with what someone further up said, while it would be England Knights, call it England to add more prestige and get more notice in the media. That would probably also help with people's perceptions of GB as well, seeing that side as the elite, representative side rather than just England in drag. Given the good crowds that France get for games I'd also be tempted to host the whole of the mini-series over there. French public might get behind the games more if they were seen as a sort of host country and give people in France more of a chance to see good quality internationals.
  8. The Hallucinating Goose

    11 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 3.15pm (BBC Two)

    Enjoyed the game for the most part despite the score. Never been to Elland Road before so can tick another ground off. Those seats and lack of room were traumatic!
  9. The Hallucinating Goose

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    It is a great looking cup, we do do trophies well in our sport!
  10. The Hallucinating Goose

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    I was just having a go at reading through the HYS on the squad announcement. I normally have a read through those things cos some of the idiocy really amuses me but i had to stop about halfway through, I swear, it was giving me a brain tumour......
  11. The Hallucinating Goose

    11 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 3.15pm (BBC Two)

    England tweeted that tickets can be bought tomorrow at the ground, tell all your friends!!
  12. The Hallucinating Goose

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    I think that's just confused me even more than I already was..... So the Oceania Cup is gonna be yearly aside from world cup years and euros are gonna be held at same time? Definitely a good move, we do need these two tournaments. It does pee me off in our sport though when we are so inconsistent with staging tournaments. 3x 1 year gap, then a 2 year gap, then 3x 1 year and so on..... It just looks amateurish. It took us decades longer than other sports to realise we needed a consistent gap between world cups for Goodness sake! What is the world cup qualifiers world group? Is that the intercontinental playoff between Cook Islands, South Africa and americas runner up? If it is that then it would have to take place after the americas, and mea, championships wouldn't it so the American and mea sides can compete in both competitions? That would suggest a pretty long international window post season. As for the GB tour: No!!!! Bad RFL!!!!!!
  13. The Hallucinating Goose

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    That's alright, when Australia played Tonga, BBC had them playing Togo. I know the game is starting to expand round the world a bit but oz v Togo is a bit ambitious at this stage!
  14. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits

    Tell you what, I don't really know why but I love that Salford shirt!
  15. The Hallucinating Goose

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    I post occasionally on those things but in the end I just read it for the entertaining idiocy from the trolls. It doesn't help when it takes the BBC hours after a game for them to open the comments section. I think it was 6 hours after the England game at anfield and most of the early comments were trolls sagging league off cos there were hardly any comments on there at that point. Also I believe that kerry character can be seen on the guardian comments sections.