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  1. Rovers battered, Leeds bottom and I've got some shredded wheat. A decent evening for me!
  2. The Hallucinating Goose

    Nigeria Rugby League on Sky Sports

    £58?! Bloody hell, you can get a car for that round here! I think I'll give it a miss.
  3. The Hallucinating Goose

    England RL Shirt

    I think I'm gonna get one of these. As people have said, might as well for the price. Just to clarify then from what people are saying I should probably get one size down from what I normally get. Normally an XL in ISC so I should get an L here??
  4. The Hallucinating Goose

    You Tell Me Why There Are Too Many Clubs In Sydney

    NRL seems to be doing fine with 9 Sydney clubs.
  5. The Hallucinating Goose

    Nigeria Rugby League on Sky Sports

    All sounds very positive. Nigeria very much on the rise. As he said, a lot of players around with Nigerian heritage. On paper they would actually be able to put out an half decent team. Problem seems to be with all these smaller nations is lack of games and lack of time training together. It's no good just coming together for a couple of weeks before a game after not being together for a year or whatever. If the people involved in Nigeria can get the players together regularly so they can really bond and get working together and get some half decent coaches in then they can really develop. Doesn't matter particularly what teams they are playing at this point really as long as they are playing. As I say, all sounds very positive! Also is he wearing a Nigeria shirt? Cos if it is it looks cool and I want one!
  6. The Hallucinating Goose

    Trin acquire Belle Vue freehold!

    Great news! Wakefield is a big place and deserves a top class venue for the 21st century. This is a big step towards that!
  7. The Hallucinating Goose

    It’s Ottawa in 2020 says Eric Perez

    Apologies, made a rubbish joke and decided to delete it. Just ignore me. You're quite right, there is some great town names in both Canada and USA!
  8. The Hallucinating Goose

    Is there a limit on foreign teams in SL?

    There's already too many foreign teams! Newcastle, Coventry, North Wales, West Wales, Skolars, Broncos, Toulouse, Catalans, Toronto! M62 all the way!! I'm very much joking of course, I'm finding this age of expansion very exciting!
  9. The Hallucinating Goose

    It’s Ottawa in 2020 says Eric Perez

    We could have a third London team as well of we created a 401 corridor!
  10. The Hallucinating Goose

    It’s Ottawa in 2020 says Eric Perez

    Hamilton was mentioned at one point as well.
  11. The Hallucinating Goose

    24 Mar: SL: London Broncos v Hull FC KO 3pm

    I'm going to say us by 18. I've decided not to be conservative here. This is either gonna be a battering by Hull or really close. People are getting a little carried away with London I feel. They beat Leeds and Wigan but only by 2 points and those teams are ###### this year.
  12. The Hallucinating Goose

    It’s Ottawa in 2020 says Eric Perez

    Looks good, all for that. Working with a group who already run sports teams in the area is certainly a positive and the fact that they own the stadium is good because it will ensure a bit of stability. One thing I always think with Toronto is because the stadium is council owned they won't have that much of a say in how the facility is managed. I doubt the council would kick wolfpack out seen as they fill it every week but it is always a possibility. If the people involved in Ottawa own the ground then that is less likely to happen. Anyway, looks like they've got everything planned here. The Toronto model will be followed which has been a success. Perez knows what he's doing and relocating a team will be easier than setting up a whole new one. I say get them confirmed as quick as possible. Another north American team can only add more clout to the TV deal negotiations. Bring on the Ottawa Otters!!
  13. The Hallucinating Goose

    Looks pretty good. Highlights on YouTube is certainly a good thing. I got an email yesterday saying our league has now passed 100,000 members as well. Taken them a while but the RFL finally seem to be using modern platforms to engage fans.
  14. The Hallucinating Goose

    New Grounds.

    Is the reason stadiums have those random patterns to essentially break up big empty areas and make it look fuller?
  15. The Hallucinating Goose

    Worlds most expensive cities

    It's an interesting topic isn't it? You would think property would be a big factor in the cost of living somewhere. Obviously this research isn't about that though. Looking at it from that angle, you can understand places like Hong Kong and Singapore being expensive with how densely built up they are. Property is at a premium because there isn't much space to build more. Hong Kong of course has the largest number of high rises in the world (and is my favourite city I will add but you don't need to know that!). Developers can charge more because there is a limited supply of housing and a lot of people scrambling to get it and willing to pay whatever they have to. Of course people are drawn to these places for their amenities. New York is a good example because of its culture such as museums, theatre, night life and so forth. That probably explains to a certain extent about London as just Browny mentions above. Property is expensive because people want to live in the city for its culture but other things such as everyday goods don't need to be because there is a huge supply of those things that can be brought in. I'd like to see some figures from about 10 years ago before Internet shopping took off. With the rise of Internet shopping, everyday goods from a shop will probably have come down in price because of the sudden increase in competition. Small countries like Singapore will have higher prices for these things because they have to import them and so companies can charge more because the country need them. Same sort of situation as the housing I suppose. So in that case location will probably be a factor as well. I went to Luxembourg and it was 7€ for a ham sandwich, I'm guessing because there aren't masses of pigs in Luxembourg. Least I think it was ham. Don't have a massive grasp of french so just bought it based on what it looked like! Though I did once buy a sandwich which I thought was chicken in Paris but it tasted more like crab! Anyway, I'm just rambling now. Human geography is my favourite subject!