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  1. The Hallucinating Goose

    Catalans poised to defend challenge cup

    Hell freezes over.
  2. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Isc don't even try anymore do they..?
  3. The Hallucinating Goose

    New Grounds.

    Problem with moving to a better ground for a lot of super league teams is location, Wakefield and cas being prime examples. Where would they move to if they had to? Featherstone is the closest but I can't see Wakefield, who struggle to get fans anyway, having masses of fans who would commit to going to Featherstone on a Thursday night. Fevs ground isn't really big enough for cas either. Dewsbury and batley clearly not good enough quality for Wakefield and the closest places to cas are Leeds and donny. If you're looking for grounds that meet regulations you're gonna end up with wakey at fev with no one going or in Huddersfield sharing with a super league team and a Premier league football team or in Barnsley which is about same distance as Huddersfield. And you'll have cas playing in fev which isnt big enough for them or donny. As I say, they're quite far away from any good quality grounds.
  4. The Hallucinating Goose

    Who needs enemies?

    Its just a bloody article on a rugby league website that a handful of people will read, its not exactly gonna cause a massive political crisis. And Frank Pritchard was garbage for us.
  5. Maybe the RFL listened to what us fans were saying...........
  6. The Hallucinating Goose

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    I raise the point really cos it would be easier to convert terracing into bleachers than into individual seats, probably cheaper and quicker to convert as well and you wouldn't end up with an elland road situation where you need surgery on your knees after sitting on them.
  7. The Hallucinating Goose

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    I was asking a genuine question, I just referred to Toronto because they have bleachers and I don't believe any other team does. I could have said another team if they indeed had bleachers.
  8. The Hallucinating Goose

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    Do the RFL actually state what they consider a seat to be? Sounds like a daft question I know. Was just wondering what bleachers class as *cough* Toronto *cough*.
  9. The Hallucinating Goose

    The NFL Route

    I think so if we commit to expanding in North America and Europe. We talk about adding so many expansion clubs and then say about a 14 team league. Clubs like Wakefield, Salford, Huddersfield would simply not survive in the top flight in that environment and expansion teams want to be in super league. 2 conferences of 10, each team playing 27 games, each team 3 times, and top 4 going through to play-offs I think would be good.
  10. The Hallucinating Goose

    Best and worst airlines

    Has anyone been through Ben gurion Airport in tel aviv? Never been, thinking of going in summer, heard some pretty horrendous stuff about security.
  11. The Hallucinating Goose

    Season ticket sales

    You know, we do have torches in Hull these days!
  12. The Hallucinating Goose

    This Forums Members age

    Mines written on a cave wall somewhere.
  13. The Hallucinating Goose

    Best and worst airlines Cathay Pacific selling first class tickets for a tenth of their price by accident! Not the first time either. Good on them for saying they will honour the price they sold them for though!
  14. The Hallucinating Goose

    total rugby league you need a draft save system

    2 1/2 hours?? You need a hobby mate.
  15. The Hallucinating Goose

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    That is a bad shirt from haven...