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  1. It's public knowledge. I'm surprised you didn't know. Then again your continuing defense of fumbelball is misguided. Remind me again how many times they have been found with their fabrication of junior playing numbers in NSW and QLD?
  2. My mistake i should have said ARL and yes AFL and it's fans have a huge fear of him. I think he will hang around as he likes to annoy AFL chairman and he's certainly doing that. Also as well he has a genuine dislike of the AFL and the underhand way they have done things with their crowd claims for GWS,and the GC Suns and the Brisbane lions and their fake claims over junior playing playing numbers in NSW and QLD
  3. Peter V'landys is the most powerful man in Australian sport by a country mile with his roles in the AFL/NRL and NSW horse racing. He has a lot more power and influence than a vast majority of politicians there.
  4. Winners. Roosters, Warriors, Souths, Eels, Cowboys, Raiders, Tigers, St George. Points scored. 310. Away wins. 4
  5. Des Hasler will want to put one over his former club and that wont be hard with Dean Pay in charge of the Bulldogs. Sea Eagles by 10
  6. He's 33 years old. His past his sell buy date and players returning from union always seem to have gone backwards.
  7. I hope no Super League club sign him. The money he would want would be better spent on developing young players
  8. I'm with Schoey on this. Spend the money on developing young players
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