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  1. Wins. Eels, cowboys, Broncos, Sharks,Tigers, Dragons Storm, Raiders. Points. 295 Home wins. 8 Poll.0
  2. I think i few more will be hit in the 3rd test by Archer. I know I'm getting old and my memory is fading but did we get any sympathy from the Aussies when Lilley and Thompson were at their peak and hitting our batsmen?
  3. My point is that a majority of professional and semi professional have been going for over 100 years and still struggle to break even. Look at your club and the financial trouble they were in and Gateshead had to be sacrificed to save the Black and Whites. Now how long has your club been professional or semi professional?
  4. I can't see Dewsbury letting the Bulls keep all revenue from the bar and catering on Bulls match days. In fact i can't see Dewsbury letting any of the revenue from the bar and catering go to the Bulls, not unless the Bulls pay a up front fee for the use of the bar and catering facilities.
  5. Remind me how long most professional and semi professional Rugby League clubs have been going? They are not exactly new business's are they
  6. Wins. TIGERS, EELS, PANTHERS, KNIGHTS, STORM, RABBITOHS, ROOSTERS, SHARKS. Points. 319 Away Wins. 3 Poll. Storm v Raiders
  7. Wins. Broncos. Sea Eagles. Sharks. Dragons Eels Bulldogs. Roosters Storm. Points. 330. Home Wins. 3 Poll. Panthers v Sharks
  8. Your parochial thinking of other sports is letting you down
  9. Yes plenty. Tyson Fury would be another good choice to present the CC
  10. London have gone. No hope and Bob hope chances of London staying in Super League and Bob Hope is dead
  11. Frank Bruno would be a good choice as regards publicity, but i wouldn't have thought that Frank would know a lot about our game, but you never know
  12. Anything that shows Rugby League in a good light I'm in favour of.
  13. Surely it would be better to have someone better known to the general public
  14. WINS FOR, Tigers Raiders, Storm, Sea Eagles, Bulldogs, Sharks, Roosters, Eels. Points. 328. Away wins. 3 POLL. Dragons v Eels
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