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  1. All national brands are welcome as long as it's nothing like the Eddie Stobart deal
  2. There has to be a lot of potential Rugby League players in a city like Coventry
  3. From afar i don't think the Broncos will be playing at Plough lane any time soon as a part time club, but if a restructure of Super League qualifies them for a new formated Super League they would go full time again and possibly play out of Plough Lane
  4. I'm not sure what the RFL's remit is nowadays and I'm not sure they do either. Without a shadow of a doubt the RFL is a rudderless ship nowadays
  5. Maguire extends his contract at West Tigers so won'y becoming to Wigan now https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/tigers-boss-defends-decision-to-re-sign-maguire-as-coach-waits-on-review-20210908-p58pza.html
  6. Robert Elstone was on £400,000 a year in his roll plus the cost of his staff and the £750,000 finders fee for PE scheme which was never going to be accepted by a majority of the clubs. That money alone would have given the League 1 clubs a future. I could say about his idea about replacing the TWP with Leigh for a better TV deal. That's worked out well hasn't it https://www.thebusinessdesk.com/northwest/news/2073712-robert-elstone-announces-decision-to-step-down-from-super-league
  7. There won't be spare seat in the stadium and the tickets will be like gold dust
  8. I seriously doubt anyone from the RFL reads these or any other forums related to Rugby League. In my opinion the RFL are the most incompetent professional sport governing body in the UK. If anybody knows a worse governing body of a professional sport in the UK please post it here
  9. The times i have seen him play he hasn't looked like a stand out player, or one that opponents would fear. For me just a solid average Rugby League player
  10. If Wigan are going down the director of Rugby route with Shaun Wane perhaps appoint Danny Ward as coach
  11. With the reduction in TV i think the Broncos are cutting their cloth accordingly.
  12. Never forget that the BBC's choice of sport is union.
  13. Field goal is an Americanism and IS NOT a Rugby League term
  14. Its a DROP goal in Rugby League NOT a field goal. That's in American football term, NOT a Rugby League term
  15. Even for so called heartland clubs this would be a positive in the same circumstances.
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