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  1. Please keep this thread civil otherwise it will get locked and none of us will be able to express an opinion on the matter
  2. Didn't Flanagan have a history of knacker grabbing? How many times before has Clubb been charged with using racist language?
  3. I think the thin ice Ricky is skating will will break if the lose to the NewCastle Knights on Saturday, but i can't believe they will lose to a below average Newcastle team
  4. I do have an email account and this is the only forum of any sort i belong too and i can get along quite happily with this. Why people sign up for twitter and similar social media accounts in beyond me
  5. Lets no forget the £500 fine as well. Possibly the fine should have been more
  6. From you yes. Your defense of a team from a suburb of Wigan is misguided. They offer nothing to Super League. No new fans. No big new sponsors, They don't even have a academy
  7. Well they played and won 5 games. Leigh and Fev played and won 4 games. Like i said runs on the board
  8. I think that's a given if the plans go ahead
  9. It could easily go to 2 conferences of 10 in time. For argument sake for Brisbane 2 in Queensland to rival the Broncos and a 2nd Kiwi team to rival the warriors you could also have a team in Cairns which would form a rivalry with the Cowboys in North Queensland and a team on the Central Coast in the Sydney conference.
  10. England Cricket captains born overseas. Douglas Jardine-India Gubby Allen- Australia Freddie Brown=Peru Colin Cowdrey= India Ted Dexter- Italy Tony Greig -South Africa Nasser Hussain-India Andrew Strauss-South Africa I'm sure there must be others as well
  11. Dexy knew the situation when he forwarded the teams name to join Super League. He has so little confidence in his teams ability to stay in Super League the players are only on 1 year contracts and at the end of this season any of the Leigh players capable of playing a decent standard in Super League will be snapped up by Super League clubs
  12. Being top of the league. It's that simple. Runs on the board as they say. Leigh were joint 2nd with fev with the same amount of points from the same amount of game
  13. I hope a Kiwi ref can step up and fill in the void left by Henry's departure
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