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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/20453263/england-world-cup-samoa-super-league/
  2. So, you make a claim about false attendance figures, but can't back it up with the link
  3. "False attendance figures" Where's the link to back up your claim
  4. That's where Manchester Rangers would have filled that void A new club with a blank sheet possibly attracting new fans to our game and new sponsors
  5. A huge mistake by the RFL in my opinion A new club with the name Manchester in there title would have piqued some interest among sport fans in Manchester.
  6. Aussie Rugby League fears anything that in the long term might undermine SOO, hence it's lukewarm reaction to international Rugby League. An England victory at this world cup would send the ARLC into a tail spin
  7. It's been suggested elsewhere to play it in a neutral venue somewhere between Australia and the UK and chase the corporate dollar
  8. Another benefit of letting under 18's free is that it might encourage them to play the game if they haven't before
  9. I would suggest that there are some union players in the area that could become half decent Rugby League players at League 1 level, and progress from there.
  10. I'm hoping that Josh Addo-Carr being such a great athlete and Rugby League player can inspire even more kids from indigenous backgrounds in Australia to play our sport
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