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  1. You certainly was casting aspersions without a shadow of a doubt in my mind and possibly others. Don't try and wriggle your way out of it.
  2. I think we agree that Bleep1673 has just himself look a total fool
  3. What a moronic question in this case. If you was trying to be funny guy you have just made yourself look a total fool
  4. Winners. Cowboys, Titans, Roosters, Panthers, Raiders, Eels, Warriors, Storm. Points scored. 34O. Away wins.6 Poll. Dragons v Storm
  5. It's always nice to see former players giving something back to the game
  6. No doubt in my mind that it would sell out Wembley IF it was marketed right.
  7. Winners, Rabbitohs, Panthers, Eels, Sea Eagles, Storm, Roosters, Raiders, Knights. Points. 333. Home wins. 7. Poll.1
  8. Depending what happens at Toronto there must be a possibility that Brian McDermott might return to the club where once he was an assistant coach
  9. I know a chap who's a director of a National League North soccer team and he told me that they need £1million+ income a year through sponsorship, crowds food sales, beer sales on match days and events in the club house to break even, and he tells me they are not the biggest payers of wages in that league and to think that's the 6th tier of soccer.
  10. Wins for, Rabbitohs, Bulldogs, Panthers, Raiders, Titans, Roosters, Storm. Sharks. Points scored. 310 2 away wins. Poll.Sharks v Warriors.
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