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  1. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    I think this could work if it was kept to just a few clubs. I’d suggest Leeds, Wigan and St Helens. It’s not completely untested in Rugby League, Catalans have a side in Elite 1. Most Queensland Cup and New South Wales Cup sides are effectively reserve NRL sides.
  2. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    France team 2019

    Gadwin Springer is another prop they could pick. I think France have a team of steady players for international level. If they were to find a couple of players with the quality of Sam Burgess and Gareth Widdop, they could become competitive with tier one Nations.
  3. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    It’s Ottawa in 2020 says Eric Perez

    They should be placed in the Championship, not League 1.
  4. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Trin acquire Belle Vue freehold!

    Obviously not paying rent on the ground is good, but they will be making loan repayments instead for x years. If they have had to take a loan from the council to purchase the lease on the ground, how do they plan to fund any development work, which is badly needed and long overdue?
  5. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    An alternative way of looking at it is they would be sharing their tv deal between 18 rather than 16, reducing wages and helping Super League clubs compete for players. Ok not your run of the mill player, but compete for marquee players. The NRL needs to expand to 18 for me, the only question is where should the extra two places be.
  6. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    The 6 Nations hype...

    While you would want to include Australia, a tournament without them, in the years they refuse to play, could still be a success. Australian players are paid $20k per game. New Zealand and England players are paid around $5k per game. Tonga are paid less than $1k per game. A tournament without Australia would be a lot cheaper to put on.
  7. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    The 6 Nations hype...

    Why would a Four Nations tournament be over 6 weeks? 3 regular fixtures and a final is 4 weeks. There have been Four Nations tournaments in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2016. They were all massively successful tournaments. Tonga have never played in one, a tournament including them would be even better. For some reason we constantly want to chop and change, “bring back 3 match test series” “bring back GB” when the Six Nations has grown into the massive tournament it is through consistency and we should do the same by sticking to and building on the success we’ve had. As I said, a Four Nations tournament every year, with the exception of World Cup years would be great for International Rugby League.
  8. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    The 6 Nations hype...

    We should have persisted with the Four Nations concept. A Four Nations every year, with the exception of World Cup years. If Australia won’t play, fine, England, France, New Zealand and Tonga would be a great tournament. The Four Nations could of become a tournament to rival the Six Nations, although it would not be as big, it could have continued to grow. Last seasons test series against New Zealand was very poor compared to a Four Nations tournament, as will the tests at the end of this year.
  9. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Barcelona record crowd?

    Paying on the gate is rare these days, certainly not how most fans get into stadiums. I don’t think anyone is concerned they personally won’t get a ticket, but people would like them to be on sale the give the event the best possible chance of been a success.
  10. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    We are paying the price of letting Garbutt go and not replacing him
  11. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Before Super League

    Is Wigan’s 7 consecutive titles a world record across all sports, or has that been topped?
  12. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Do the RLIF actually communicate?

    Nigel Wood has stolen an absolute fortune from the game of rugby league, while delivering absolutely nothing.
  13. Is London’s? Or Wakefield’s?
  14. Hopefully Toronto get promoted in 2019 with Toulouse getting promoted in 2020.
  15. Sir Kevin Sinfield

    Who makes the five?

    Predicting the top 5 is impossible as things stand, the salary cap is working.