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  1. Wheres the date for the launch of the promo codes that discount tickets
  2. Wakefield may as well release plans that look like they are going down the “Wembley Stadium style” route, it makes no difference, they are still not going to build a new stadium. When I first started watching rugby league an eternity ago they were about to build a new stadium and they are still about to build a new stadium.
  3. I thought Cumbria was a hot bed of Rugby League, shame they need to play a 40 year old from Leeds.
  4. Hopefully Sky Sports are onto this and fill some of the gaps in their coverage by showing every NRL game
  5. Check out his highlights from his debut NRL year as a 19 year old
  6. This isn’t a one off, Faifita is a devastating player. Is there are 17st 2nd rower in Super League with speed to burn who’s just turned 20?
  7. Salford and Wakefield are Championship material. They are currently small fish in a small pond. If we make the pond bigger they won’t survive in Super League. This is why they want to keep the salary cap low and are against expansion. They want to keep the whole sport small time so they can sit at the top table.
  8. What would you like Super League to look like in 5 years time? I will go for a 14 team league. Bradford Bulls have re-emerged to been the force they once were. Newcastle and York have continued their growth and are now classed as been in the rugby league heartlands. Castleford are planning to build a new stadium releasing an artists impression. Toronto, Ottawa and New York have built up a massive rivalry with each other. Promotion and relegation has ended, with Super League open to expanding to 16 teams further down the line. Bradford Castleford Leeds Hull FC York Newcastle Catalans Toulouse Toronto Ottawa New York St Helens Wigan Warrington
  9. Super League should have stayed at 14 teams, the only reason they reduced the league to 12 was greed, as sky money was split 12 ways instead of 14. It’s now split 11 ways as bizarrely Toronto don’t get an allocation, despite regularly been on Sky Sports. Super League should absolutely go back to 14 teams, but there will be resistance to this as Super League chairman will not want to split the Sky money more ways.
  10. That could work in Australia, Townsville is miles from anywhere
  11. Our calendar is so full we can’t really postpone games, football can play twice a week to catch up, RL can’t do that
  12. Every Super league and NRL game on sky would make the self isolation a bit easier
  13. David Fafita and Payne Haas are very impressive young athletes, I don’t think we have anyone comparable over here. At 22 you could put Latrell Mitchell in the same category.
  14. I think somewhere in the middle would be fair, say season ticket holders can get free tickets in the Challenge Cup upto the semi finals and in the playoffs upto the Grand Final.
  15. Are there any parking restrictions at the park and ride next door, surely people can just use that
  16. A great win for Toronto Wolfpack, I’m confident they will back it up with a Super League win against Wakefield next week
  17. What would that achieve? You may as well play on behind closed doors, at least we will be picking up the sky money.
  18. If the season is postponed that could lead to the Ashes Series been cancelled
  19. It’ll be about £3-£4 in an Uber
  20. Toronto could really do with losing this game, the same can be said about Hull kr. They need to focus all their efforts on Super League survival.
  21. There already is a balance, the number of overseas players clubs can have is limited
  22. This is a myth. Most players in Super League and the Championship are English. If we signed no “NRL” players the standard of the competition would be significantly lower, playing in a lower quality competition would do nothing to develop players here and would actually be detrimental to British players development.
  23. But how many players in the NRL have played in Super League? It isn’t only English Super League players that can be lured to the NRL, Australian, New Zealand, Tongan and Samoan Super League players can too. They all contribute to the standard of the competition.
  24. St Helens are rattled, the wheels have well and truly come off at the club, the 2020 Super League competition is wide open to the top 8 clubs
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