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  1. If you exclude the England games against Russia you are looking at 4000, 3600, 2500, 2100 for the England games. Remember this was essentially the England Knights side, those attendances are better than some Super League games. These tournaments between England Knights, France, Wales, Ireland and Scotland should have continued, if they’d of done that the other sides would have improved and interest grown.
  2. And over 40,000 Americans turned up to watch the game live. I doubt anyone expected the USA to be competitive, but they showed up to watch the spectacle anyway.
  3. Grand Final- Leeds League Leaders - Saints Challenge Cup - Warrington Relegated - Salford
  4. Those rankings are from 2019, how on earth are New Zealand at 100%, take a look at their results leading upto that table! 2018 One-off Test: New Zealand 18 LOST v England 36 at Mile High Stadium, Denver, June 24. Details Trans-Tasman Test: New Zealand 26 WON v Australia 24 at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, October 13. Details Baskerville Shield – 1st Test: New Zealand 16 LOST v England 18 at KCOM Stadium, Hull, October 27. Details Baskerville Shield – 2nd Test: New Zealand 14 LOST v England 20 at Anfield, Liverpool, November 4. Details Baskerville Shield – 3rd Test: New Zealand 34 WON v England 0 at Elland Road, Leeds 2017 Anzac Test: New Zealand 12 LOST v Australia 30 at GIO Stadium, Canberra, May 5. Details Rugby League World Cup: New Zealand 38 WON v Samoa 8 at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, October 28. Details Rugby League World Cup: New Zealand 74 WON v Scotland 6 at Rugby League Park, Christchurch, November 4. Details Rugby League World Cup: New Zealand 22 LOST v Tonga at Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, November 11. Details Rugby League World Cup (QF): New Zealand 2 LOST v Fiji 4 at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, November 18. Details 2016 Anzac Test: New Zealand 0 LOST v Australia 16 at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle, May 6. Details Trans-Tasman Test: New Zealand 6 LOST v Australia 26 at nib Stadium, Perth, October 15. Details Four Nations: New Zealand 17 WON v England 16 at John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield, October 29. Details Four Nations: New Zealand 8 LOST v Australia 14 at Ricoh Arena, Coventry, November 5. Details Four Nations: New Zealand 18 DREW v Scotland 18 at Derwent Park, Workington, November 11. Details Four Nations (F): New Zealand 8 LOST v Australia 34 at Anfield, Liverpool, November 20. Details
  5. If they are at their potential full strength 17 Tonga and Samoa can name a better side than England imo. I would rank full strength 17 in this order. Australia Tonga New Zealand Samoa England France Fiji PNG Big gap to the rest
  6. The Toulouse players on show yesterday for France certainly showed they are ready to play Super League, brilliant for the sport at both club and International level.
  7. Annual tests of England Knights v France would be beneficial for both sides for a few years imo
  8. The fact is out of 27 first team players 15 are French and 12 are not French. Catalans give French players opportunities to step up and play in Super League, without them and Toulouse those opportunities would not be there. Does it mean France will beat England, Australia, New Zealand or Tonga? Probably not, but they are certainly a better International side because of the two clubs, and more importantly Super League is a better competition because of the 2 French clubs. I wonder how many overseas players the Union teams have in Perpignan or Toulouse, I’d guess a similar number and remember no Super League club is made up solely of English players. Super League has French clubs, get over it.
  9. No improvements at club level? Catalans finished top of the Super League and lost in the Grand Final after a couple of dubious calls went against them, they have also previously won the Challenge Cup. 15 of their 27 man 1st team squad are French. Some people will knock them regardless of what they achieve.
  10. Sky are crying out for a Super League team to be based in Featherstone
  11. Go on then, what is the benefit of playing as GB instead of England? As far as I can see it’s a complete flop both home and abroad compared to England games.
  12. He’s a good signing for them, not for the on field coaching that he’ll do, but having his name alongside the Dolphins will help them to start signing players from other NRL clubs. I’m expecting their first signing to be a big name, which alongside Bennett will help them to bring in more players.
  13. I think everyone would agree if France could be competitive with England it’d be great for the International game. I don’t think the squad they have on Saturday will be though, they have too many fringe Super League players and Championship players. I think England will win by 40 points.
  14. This squad looks very different compared to a possible World Cup squad, we may as well call them England PM13 or England Knights, it’s not really a full International without England’s NRL players. I’m still looking forward to the game on Saturday. 1 Sam Tomkins 2 Herbie Farnworth 3 Harry Newman 4 Dom Young 5 Tommy Makinson 6 Gareth Widdop 7 George Williams 8 Alex Walmsley 9 Josh Hodgson 10 Tom Burgess 11 Elliott Whitehead 12 Jon Bateman 13 Morgan Knowles 14 Ben Currie 15 Kruise Leeming 16 Mikolaj Oledzki 17 Ryan Sutton
  15. I wonder if the Redcliffe Dolphins will sign any British Super League players, it’d be a missed opportunity for them if they don’t imo
  16. 1. France losing to England does not show that Catalans and Toulouse are not improving the French National team 2. It’s also a weakened French team, having only 1 Super League club, they have much less depth than England. France coach Laurent Frayssinous said: “This group combines experience and youth with 10 players who are likely to celebrate their first selection in blue. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/france-name-squad-for-england-test/
  17. The French squad contains 10 players from Catalans and 9 players from Toulouse, how can anyone say they do nothing to improve the French National team?
  18. If France weren’t missing their 3 best players in big Jullien Bousquet, Ben Garcia and Theo Fages you could be right.
  19. Completely agree Newman should be the 1st choice centre from that squad, I, didn’t realise the England team had already been posted. Interested to see the French team.
  20. Can you provide any evidence whatsoever to back up this view? If you look at the last 20’years I believe England games have been far better attended than Great Britain games. If you are going to pull up attendances from 50 years ago you are stuck in the past, times have changed.
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