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  1. Bookies gave us 12 point headstart thought was abit odd. I agree Leigh been favourites but not 12 points. happy to go in 12-12 half time, Leigh lost there head in second half. Too nil them in second half also well done. for a bottom 4 championship side according to a york fan where doing alright with no halves.
  2. Bullmania


    Bookies gave us no chance a 20 point head start. they looked right when Widnes shot to a 12-0 lead second try clearly front of kicker heyho. How was gelling not carded he clearly lost his head shoving George over picking up the ball. shoulder charge no longer a card either these days? then the finish match winning try by mini under the sticks only for a offside Widnes defender to dive to the floor and the linesman to give the penalty that the ref wanted to give it has a try. Disgrace taken away from a solid game from both who just looked to counter attack each other shame ended controversially.
  3. Bullmania

    Bulldogs V Bulls MOM thread

    Think for your lot JC scott and gledhills forehead even though it was offside all game
  4. Bullmania

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Brambani kick straight in the burger van was a highlight 😂 The slightly better of the two teams won today Lilleys kicking off was probably the difference. first time I've been to the mount not biting my nails in the dying minute. Second half we never looked like scoring apart from the one try Batley didn't look like they was going to score either. was it lillycrop who got a yellow that for me was wood tried to step but slipped lillycrop came across to grab at him cause the slip just went across the face nothing in it.
  5. Bullmania

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Im going for 3,500 today both teams playing poor and bad weather be a good target.
  6. Bullmania

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Game day is upon us expecting another close clash as always at the mount hopefully like the Yorkshire cup goes are way and 2 points this time. What crowd figure is people going for today?
  7. Bullmania

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    He walked out of training the other day it could have some substance.
  8. Bullmania

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Lilley is back for this one after suspension. Hopefully one of chizzy or Keyes too join him. Green is also back from suspension meaning for the first time this year we should be able to field 4 props. Finally give are halves the space they need. has always the mount is always a tough place to go seen your fans on about Diskin but they'll soon find form with Bradford turning up. bulls fans wanting George to sit this one out I want him to play he got in the head last time. whats been said already its week 6 and basically a must win for both teams. Hopefully another packed mount despite how well we both been playing it's a very local derby and I can't wait for Sunday.
  9. Bullmania

    Toulouse @odsal

    Bulls 0-14 full time Toulouse weather was a leveller today. Having no halves make shift half going off just before half time with a broken nose passed the head test but wasn't right out there so taken off. Only 3 fit props with the conditions of a mud bath down the middle was a uphill challenge. We'd kicked 5 drops out so under pressure most of the game so stood up well to only concede the 14 points. with no halves we had no kicking game so end of sets had nothing going for us that would of coursed trouble to any team. lilley back next week and hopefully chizzy or Keyes. Green back from suspension also Wilson played the other night so props coming back for the trip to the mount.
  10. Bullmania

    Bookies corner

    The fev one is kind considering what Widnes have been through and fev hammered fax. I fancy barrow aswell with the 6 start. has for Bradford we have no half backs and only 3 props be a long day today keep full time Toulouse with in 20 be good.
  11. Bullmania

    Who is going on Sunday...?

    Technically lose I'm a season ticket holder can't afford to miss any games at odsal on that bad boy 😂😂
  12. Bullmania

    Who is going on Sunday...?

    Thank you for the kind offer has on paper it's the tie of week 5. But I've to watch bradford get badly beat by Toulouse.
  13. Bullmania

    Who is going on Sunday...?

    York by 10 3, 050
  14. Bullmania

    Knights enter D/R with.

    No wonder bears are 2-0 in league one 😂😂
  15. Bullmania

    Parking on sunday

    Rawcliffe bar park and ride the bus stops on a road called Clifton you then cross over walk up bootham crescent. Catch bus there on way back you then have two stops and back at the car park. what we did last year when we went over to york straight on main road out of york too its the green line bus.