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  1. Jk also said after about the under 19s match that you give them experience they go back to there size and age and look what happens. I agree with bsj about the level of impact compared to first team rugby. Do Batley feel robbed that bulls didn't play 3 times in a week if we wouldn't shocked Leeds we'd played Sunday like yourselves in the 1895 cup then played you. Still don't see the issue coach looked at the priority and got us much needed two points which I'd rather have than play another midweek cup game.
  2. Don't forget this rfl who said teams playing to many games. Championship have more teams they enter the challenge cup before super league. Then added another cup with potential of 4 more games. Where we'd already played 4 cup games and fax will be playing 5 challenge cup games this year. If a super league team gets to final they only play 4. What's point of running reserve grades and unders if you ain't going use them in matches. All the moaning is at bradford but fax did the same why cause if fax make the semi for both there told 1895 cup team they play will get a bye to the final.
  3. If we wouldn't got to last 8 in the challenge cup and played the cup game on the Sunday like the fixture list had. Been interesting to see what team Bradford would of put out.
  4. That was all game by both teams he didn't do anything all game the ref he wasn't going to 77th minute. Law of the game ain't that a bulls penalty for the reaction then? 10-0 would of been fair we wasn't 16 points better of. that was are first league win since Rochdale in April. Leigh away next who seem to be on fire ATM could see another fev score coming. They've lost one in the last 7 Toulouse away.
  5. Agree with most a very poor game conditions didn't help we couldn't keep hold of the ball. Both teams kicked poor I did think we took are tries well good quick hands. We defended well but Batley never really threw anything at us. Like it's been said still don't think Batley would go over the line now. Very odd with gledhill lost his head basically chased minichella then the ref sin binned him but gave Batley the penalty. Which I didn't understand. If someone said 16-0 before the game I'd snapped there hand of I expected a back and fourth game both taking the lead a couple times and us nicking it. glad we got the other 2 tries for so long I expected to finish 4-0.
  6. That paid of we got the two points by giving them that rest to then play Batley. The under 19s took something from barrow they stuffed hull 56-6 so that strengthened them too well done in the descision. also seen the next round is midweek so once again well done on going out. Finishing higher up the league will give us more central funding than anything the 1895 has to offer.
  7. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Difference been barrow had a ten day rest bulls had a 3 day turn around. Also the reason bradford picked the team they did has a more important game against Batley in the league on Sunday why make them play 3 times in a week when you can rest them. We can now concentrate on the league with no extra games overall let's see who made the right choice. This could come back and bite barrow your currently in a relegation scrap although you need the winning mentality do you really want more games?
  8. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Bustin is reserve player but he is on his way back to fitness if he gets fitness he will get into are first team once fit he's a big unit.
  9. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Think that was always going happen first half they all got the nod in a so called first team game. They'll have been buzzing and pumped up but that only takes you so far when you don't have the size or experience yet. dallimore was a class above but then so he should be. Keeps the winning mentality at your club which is a good mentality to have. Was some nice tries scored tonight where barrow could probably try different moves in a match maybe why knocks on happen a lot first half trying stuff you normally wouldn't well you got that hit out.
  10. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Well done barrow to get in the last 8 against Bradfords under 19s. Didn't deserve 50 on them tonight but size and experience showed in the second half the kids kept going till the end. Will have learnt a lot from that also so good all round.
  11. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Completely different players just come over heartache off a quarter final challenge cup match loss. Losing a big game hence player welfare of stress. To play in a no prize fund cup game. When there's a bigger game at the weekend Batley at odsal in the league 100 times more important than a no prize fund cup game.
  12. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    5 senior players and the rest are under 19s. Kear said in his post match super league teams don't play Sunday then Thursday 4 days rest so why should we play with 3 days rest. To barrows 10 day rest like I said Batley next Sunday is more important than this cup game. Kears doing the right thing player welfare.
  13. Bullmania

    1895 Cup

    Bradford will send reserves and some under 19s up Wednesday next weekends game vs Batley is more important than the 1895 cup. Lost today but let them players rest up and go again in a weeks time. Barrow had 10 day rest for this one so hopefully they win and it's all out for a top 5 play off finish.
  14. Stand was open behind the sticks when Bradford played there. good win for york been doing it tough lately in a strong position still for the play offs which is looking more and more likely. Fev red hot atm and seems Toronto and Toulouse have top 2 sorted. Think it's now out you Leigh and Sheffield for the other two spots. Dark horse the loser Bradford fax cup game. Keep it all open could all do with Widnes turning Sheffield over. Then gets rid of game in hand all to play for.
  15. Chizzy plays off the cuff plays what he sees if the packs getten beaten he don't have the space. i didn't want to see him go and was gutted when he did. Some games last year fans moaning about chizzy he's not doing enough and you looked stats after game what more you want we scored 6 tries he assisted 4 of them and got a brace. What more did they want. first time we signed him rowan smith let chizzy of the lead play what you see 9 times out 10 we got the ball back from kick offs. Second time round kear put him on the lead play structured. So when he tried stuff no one backed him up and he'd end up running down a dark alley not his fault no one was on his shoulder. That's what bulls fans moaned at. Yeah he sulks when things ain't going in way but you only have to look at ronoaldo and Messi in footy best to players in world sulk when things don't go anywhere has winning is in there DNA.
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