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  1. Well piggy,Dews and Trinity joining in some form or other is the way we might have to go,with the state of the game as it now is. .The ground would be full,have first class facilities eventually and there would be professional r.l in Dewsbury. Can the likes of Batley and Dewsbury carry on as we are,i hope so but there must be doubt So Batley are hoping to play against an ex-full time bradford team with a shared gate. So who decides plays for Bradford and gets paid? Any way Piggy you and Neil get to mount p. with some wd-40 and fix the turn styles, Kevin might have some serious counting to do. Allegedly the total wage bill for Bradford, not just players ,last month was going to be a six figure sum.
  2. Bow-legged jack austin came along a few years later,than that 72-73 side.i remember him picking a dead rat out of the long grass at alt park, huyton. As for Stevo he was a hero of mine at the time,but i didn't like his views when he worked for sky on clubs like Dewsbury.May be that was sky script though.
  3. Dear me,it seems batley fans protest too much. I know they are not used to adding up to over 1000. What's wrong with giving an attendance figure or even estimated. simples.
  4. the turnstiles must have rusted up. never mind batley can afford a can of wd-40 now.
  5. I was hoping the club might get at least 50 maybe new and young fans from the housing estate. But that seems to be on go slow. I wonder how affordable the houses are?
  6. Batley and Dewsbury and all champ.clubs should hope that Bradford don't get hung drawn and quartered like a lot of people seem to want on here. Dewsbury got over 4000 when we played them a few years ago and it was great to see .i haven't seen a crowd like that at dews.since we played saints in the cup and austrlia back in 70's. Batley have done well past few seasons. credit to them,but what have they ever won-zilch. Odsal will always be a favourite place of mine because of 73. With crowds dwindling and the state of rl at the moment will Batley and Dewsbury still be around in few years time .
  7. What a awful shock. I went to school with Keith many years ago. He was the one that got me to follow Dewsbury R.L.F.C. RIP Keith lad.
  8. As a rams fan the first thing i did when i got the dews. and mirf. reporter was to throw the cover page in the bin. I think both papers should put Batley and dews.on the cover pages next week,free of charge, but of course that will not happen. We need to support our two clubs as much as possible. Sadly i think super league clubs would like to see clubs like ours go to the wall.
  9. Like a lot of fans i'll miss the second team. But that's not the clubs fault. Despite all i'll miss Joal .F. Still think he could be a top player. Going to Batley a backward step lad. I don't blame him going for the extra tenner a week,or what ever it is. The Rams beating Batley at least 3 times next season is something to look forward to though.
  10. Well first three fixtures for the Rams will be good victories . First three for Batley will be certain defeats -Good stuff.
  11. i know we should be grateful that it's on tv at all. But Kear and his mate say they are off for a break at half time. We are left looking at some people bashing oil drums.
  12. Well the saturday attendance should be decent with the clubs involved. I hope i'm very,very wrong,but it looks like another heavy loss for the Rams once again.
  13. Piggy is your mate paying you to come on here with the utter tripe you come out with.
  14. Blooming heck Neil got it wrong .It must have been his sarcastic comments that got the team over the line. Well done to the team and the fans that went to support them. The home form must improve next season.
  15. "we are Dewsbury faithful,we were born to suffer"love it grumpy,that made me laugh. We've been supporting the club for decades and we'll carrying on doing so .What ever happens.1973 goes along way for me. Of course the team should be able to keep us up,but there is so much mess going on behind the scenes,i am very worried. Sacking Glen now i'm not sure is the answer.