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  1. Halifax predictions :

    Well we all fed up after that.You can't blame the ref totally,the touch judges,don't or are not allowed to help Fax play to a very good standard.Our standard hasn't improved all season. It's going to be another scrap to stay in this league again. I don't understand signing new players,supposedly to improve the team,then they don't play.
  2. This League Structure aint Working

    Are you going to the big bash-there will be plenty of seats for you to choose from. Playing the likes of Toronto ,Toulouse. The likes of York and the cumbrian clubs in div 1-in league with bradford playing a pub team coventry with scores of 80 and 60. The state of sl and rl today-that decision making.
  3. This League Structure aint Working

    Well the lads put up a great show on sun.They must have been totally shattered ,as usual after all that tackling. The club made a great effort to get more people in,but the att. was pathetic.But totally in my view, predictable The club makes a loss at every home game and they must have made a bigger loss after that one. They must have sold more programmes though because i didn't get one. The champ.clubs are like turkeys voting for xmas with some of the decision making. We are heading for total amateurism at our level and that will probably be the end of clubs like Dewsbury. When the club goes to Canada are all the expenses paid by them?As has been stated a change in the status quo is a must.
  4. Rams season Ticket offer for Toronto game

    ditto-still haven't.
  5. Toronto predictions and team :

    Spot the canada players in that squad,the whole thing is a farce.
  6. Rams season Ticket offer for Toronto game

    Apparently all season tickets holders are going to be e-mailed a form to fill in,if bringing a guest. It's friday tomorrow. Mine must be stuck in the ether.
  7. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    A very good point BSJ. If it isn't clear to all concerned , turnstile ops.for example . It could be chaos if a ticket isn't required.
  8. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Good to see the advertisement on page 7 of the league express. I don't agree with dropping the prices,i'd want a crowd of at least 2000 for letting in some people for a fiver. R L has huge problems at the moment ,cost of entrance i don't think is one of them. How ever let's all go to the trans-atlantic rampage on the 15th april.
  9. Doggies away..

    Well summer is on its way,we've got a poor attack and now our defence seems to have gone west as well. AS Morrison found out lots of chopping and changing doesn't help,however understandable . We need an 80 minute performance to the beat the opposition. Seen as our lot are in fighting mode ,no doubt crooksey and hallett will privide.
  10. IF i was a salford fan i think i'd be livid with that loss. For a start nothing wrong with the olpherts so called no try at the start. The ref was frit watching betts moaning and whining . Widnes were holding down and moving off the mark constantly. As for the that hideous plastic pitch.the bounces are a joke.
  11. Whitehaven

    Congrats. to Whitehaven on a good win.I hope they get a draw so they might make some money. I'll keep saying all the established clubs york ,doni, cumbrian clubs and the rest should be in one league. The championship is not a fair level playing field with some clubs full time and some with lots of dollars and euroes. the emerging clubs should be in one league maybe playing against second teams as well. What on earth is the good of bradford beating that welsh club like they did.
  12. Toulouse predictions and team

    Thanks for that info.BSJ.We sometimes forget that our semi.professional players have to work as well.
  13. Toulouse predictions and team

    Well,first the excuses we played against a full time team.I'd like to know how can they afford to be a f t team. They must have a very rich owner. Having said that well done to Halifax beating a 500,000 pound extra from super dooper league leigh team.I'm all for toronto and toulouse but not to the expense of losing the traditional clubs I said at the end of last season our attack needs major improvement.Yesterday we had 4 or 5 goes at their line before we scored. Then with them a man down we went behind and never really recovered.We have too many one man drives and not enough ball movement.Was worrincy injured ? But all credit to Toulouse they played some good stuff and that last try outstanding. Ford completely outclassed us.
  14. SWINTON (H)

    A good tough battle yesterday.We had to defend well to keep them out.They play a good standard of rugby and it will be very hard to beat them back over on their patch. I thought josh B was quiet ,thankfully for us. Good to see and hear a number of lions fans. At 10-0 and 16-0 up i think we tended to try and force it and panic a bit when we didn't need to. Sterner games to come but we've got an easy six points to take off Batley to come as well. I agree about Rob Spicer and worrincy does remind of the great ROMBO!
  15. O dear all that super dooper league money wasted. Toronto not keeping to the Beaumont and SL script.