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  1. Well done the Giants. Mrs .Davy Rest in peace.
  2. He must be a master criminal if it takes so long to sort out, or have the rl an in-tray full of offenders.?
  3. Well somebody has set summat off here. I Wish it was a weekend .but what ever i hope it doesn't affect the attendance. I Know warrington and wigan turned up in very good numbers. A Number of years ago,we had cas.on a night. Total chaos at the entrance and the turnstiles .No change and the rest of it. So i hope the club gets those stewards well organised. Just watch people will stop in to watch Womans super league basket ball.
  4. Thanks for that Graham.The plot thickens.
  5. we are now in the last chance saloon with the next two home games i think. Don't know the situation with alex but i would have played him against sheff. What is the situation with donald k. or is that been swept under the carpet.Anybody know?
  6. I think j.h was a few years later ,but i could well be wrong.
  7. Yup. could have been 16-4.Great day and we should have got to wembley that year as well.
  8. Well.well is this a omen of the future. you oldies like me do you remember a great Q.F of the seventies against trinity.? Crown flatt packed out. 15000 PLUS-hard to believe now .but true. I Hope the trinity fans pack the place again. Can we get a few out from those new houses? SAT OR SUN afternoon for me,Give those guys plenty of time to fill that huge car park. Just seen a programme about that great actor Richard Harris,his film about a RL character,superb.
  9. well done to your lads and fans but have an off day when you play the rams!
  10. well defence ,blood guts and determination got us home again. Batley must be wondering how did they lose that game. Penalties again and the kicking game pretty poor. They need to get on those fantastic new pitches and practise with the ball. Fa z i thought played well for them both games ,wish we still had him. The att.yes terrible ,but r.l seems to be in a downward trend even in super dooper league. Good to see hudders get stuffed by swinton,what about that attendance at Kirklees stadium. All the best to Johnathon and Karl.we had some good times with them. All clubs should have a reserve team but that's another reason why Rugby league is failing top to bottom.
  11. Well well kris all that brass and you can't beat swinton. Huddersfield are skint by the way that's why poor old ken Davey has been saving them for decades. Not to mention the tax payers of Kirklees . Call me another childish name if you want, but i used watch fartown at fartown on a sat afternoon with a mate who still is a giants fan.
  12. For a start i don't get this toronto business.I think it's bound to fail when the novelty and the money runs out. He must be on a big contract. I'm not a giants fan so i don't know his form at the moment,but i thought he was promising young half back. The super league has quite a few ageing halfbacks,brough,maguire .the aussie at catalan.etc. I think it's a backward step. Maybe the giants are skint-they'll have to get a loan off the huddersfield town owner.
  13. It could easily be Batleys turn to put 40 past us.Prove me wrong lads.
  14. 18 quid in,and i could have walked in for nothing.Nobody was checking the tickets. The ground is a disgrace, if it was kirklees i don't think they would get a safety certificate for 10.000 people The team did alright for the first 30 mins.Then the penalty count started and went on and on and well you know.
  15. arf arf.