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  1. V The Giants

    Give them a break,they played against mainly full time sl players and internationals on their huge pitch. As for tom Holiday he did some good things but he also lost the ball too easily which made him look like a union player,like he was. The giants gang tackled with 3 men in nearly every tackle and seemed to hold down a lot Just my opinion of course..
  2. V The Giants

    I had misgivings giving my money to cudjoe and the giants. How ever i went and i was glad i did. The lads played very well and if they didn't make so many silly mistakes ,they could have beaten them. First few minutes we were attacking ,sykesy threw out a ball without looking. Next minute a very high up and under from brough and josh dropped it over the line they scored ,first try. O;brien played well for them,do you remember him? Sam Day got injured no doubt from his burrowing ,mole like adventures. All in all i think Ned would be pleased with his squads efforts.
  3. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    The point is you can pick any club at our level for various failings. I got my ST by the way no trouble,you just have a bit of give and take. For instance i can pick Batley up about the back row seats in the stand opposite the main one. Try sitting there- a kid would scrape their knees. I'd like to ask mr.nicholas why they were put in like that how many years has that stand been up.?
  4. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    More moronic comments,no wonder hardly anybody uses these forums.Get on the htfc premier forum,you can swear on there as well.
  5. Good on you Gary-It just shows that Leeds and sl have reached a plateau .
  6. "it won't affect the wider game" Really? Super Dooper League can't get it going in London and Wales,Despite wasting millions on them. usa and timbucktoo -laughable.What happened to that chap in america who was keen on rl a number of years ago.?
  7. Good to see leeds finally spending some brass on the ground. I would have thought caddick would have done it years ago. The capacity will be pathetic for a club the size and success of leeds. It should be attracting international games-if we had any-suppose that's why.. Leeds always used to be on grandstand in the 70's and eighties ,often with the late great John Atkinson, running in length of field tries .You don't see tries like that in super dooper league.
  8. Season Ticket still not arrived

    It's easy to spend somebody else' money. If you pay the bills it's a different matter. I don't know the finances of the club,i wish i did. For instance will these very expensive pitches show a good profit in time. If i knew then maybe i'd say get a few full time staff and the like,or not. The big picture is not enough people are supporting the clubs and it seems to be getting worse if that's possible. Summer rugby has not been the success mr.maurice l. said it would be.He sloped off to football didn't he. Bradford with all their success over cooked it with razmataz whooping ,hollering. Keighley who seemed to get it right were kicked where it hurts by sl and the rl. That were for the likes of france,london and huddersfield and merger with sheff.Who finished 5 years running at the bottom.Didn't they?
  9. 2018

    Sorry you couldn't see slight tongue in cheek their DD , i wish all clubs at our level better fortune next year. Even BATLEY.
  10. Season Ticket still not arrived

    On purchasing my season ticket i also donated a reasonable amount for squadbuilder ,as i did last year What's this membership business.?i never get any info from the club,. I am not that bothered about that,it just shows the state of rl at our level.
  11. Donald Kudangirana

    I feel sorry for his mum,who used to sit in the stand and cheer Don. on. Why aren't all these young players educated about these drugs? These players are obviously encouraged to bulk up quickly When you look at some of the huge players in s.l as well ,it makes you wonder what does go on.
  12. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    i agree mostly BSJ apart from no 8 which you are far off. They are doomed for relegation and oblivion.
  13. Leigh Centurions sign Kurt Baptiste

    After that mega xmas gift from super dooper league no doubt they'll be hoovering up a lot more players. When are you going to pull up the drawbridge sl.? If sl has got money burn,how about a reserve grade. No wonder the game is going down hill fast.
  14. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    Strange decision from London.He's probably on more money at Bradford. no doubt the rfl and sl are piling money into bradford like they've done with leigh. When sl have got the clubs they want,up the bridge will go.
  15. Boxing Day - any hope?

    If there was a sponsor for the game-say Harron Homes that would be something. It's been that many years since they started on the housing estate i've forgotten what the deal is with them. We've got those fantastic pitches which must have cost a fortune.Are they being used regular? People don't seem to want to watch in june and july at our level -understandable. Maybe split the games up have some in summer.some in winter.Is that feasible? SL give leigh half a milion,how are clubs like Dewsbury supposed to compete. The rfl don't seem to have any say at all. Anyway if we had a proper league match at boxing day we'd thrash Batley like we used to-Didn't we?