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  1. silcoates

    Batley A

    We have been lucky to beat Batley past few games. So that thrashing was well on the agenda today. At half time we had very slight chance of doing something. Second half back to the dross we have played most of the season.
  2. silcoates

    Swinton H

    Well that scoreline does not tell the story does it rams? Thankfully our old friend Josh Barlow came on Effing and jeffing to get us out of the mess we were in the first half. Along with Tyson ,swinton completely lost the plot in the second half. Adam Ryder has been outstanding since he started at the rams.Easily man of match for us. So many terrible errors , but we won,which was vital.
  3. silcoates

    Derek Beaumont

    I'll vouch for that tee hee!
  4. silcoates

    Derek Beaumont

    Thanks for that PL.great noisy crowd at the Weaste-salford. great shirts and playing the ball with the foot it looks so much better than to days efforts.
  5. silcoates

    Swinton H

    should please NC
  6. So what i said ,you think should be on another thread? I give up if that's all you are bothered about.
  7. This thread shows the dire state of super league and rugby league today. Even ST.Helens are miles away from their best sides of the past The cats just played old fashioned cup rugby and saints didn't have a clue.
  8. A modern stadium and not enough dressing rooms.Leeds in a box in the car park.
  9. silcoates


    Let's hope that last game against Leigh we can get a decent crowd and hopefully the Rams safe from relegation. But we have lost to all seven teams at least once this season.Remember Rochdale at home. Next season it will be even harder to stay in the league with possibly York and Bradford in the champ. Moore has may be had unfair criticism who knows what's going on behind the scenes. So B...DY concentrate on that Swinton match Dews RLFC.
  10. silcoates


    I was impressed with Brad ,when he was in the reserve side. I'd hoped he'd keep improving and eventually be in the first team.
  11. I wonder if the directors of Cas and wakey were quaking in their boots when state of stadiums was mentioned. Mo and Elstone think eventually Sl will have to have minimum standards regards grounds.
  12. silcoates

    Derek Beaumont

    They would be in the qualifiers with good chance of going into sl league and not just wasted half a million. The S T issue is to do with clubs like Dews and Bat. If their was a level playing field with plenty of brass to go round i'd invite all and sundry.
  13. silcoates

    Derek Beaumont

    Not at all.As i have said before who is going to buy season tickets and come to matches knowing before hand they are walk overs Toronto is more or less a british super league team.