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  1. Like last week a good team effort.Four tries a piece ,eagles could have shaved it if they had a goal kicker. I'm afraid there is one player i'd shift out unless he improves.Plenty of players now to choose from. Can't understand a lot of people would rather lay in the sun than watch this stuff. I don't know if the club has tried to raise the people in the housing estate from their slumbers. May i suggest putting some free tickets in each of their brass letter boxes. I'd love to know if anybody at all has started watching the rams since moving in. If not, it shows the sad state that rugby league has become.
  2. Yes Neil, i hate the stuff. But my mother and father loved it. They did get it from err at HAY'S-yuck.
  3. The few occasions i have seen him on the box this season,i thought he'd learned his lesson in sl. May be not. What on earth made them appeal.
  4. just usual tripe from him.
  5. We haven't had a proper winger ,who actually scores tries since the great eddie rombo. Our wingers rarely get the ball and are left exposed one on one,eg last sunday. Eddie those tries against scarborough pirates and length of the field at elland road and many such like. Neil and Paul are doing a great job so far,so that'll do for now.
  6. just heard your chairman on calender and he said he didn't like the style of play your team was producing. Well he won't be interested in any of our rams players then -thankfully. Sorry ,it didn't ring true to me .
  7. We had a very promising winger in Donald Kudangirana but nobody seems to want to explain what has finally happened to him. His name and number has been banished from the programme
  8. Ask N C he'll tell you.But i like your confidence.
  9. Well done Batley keep helping us Rams out!
  10. A good much needed win today,but let nobody say it was easy because it wasn't. Swinton play a very pleasing brand of rugby.Josh barlow was everywhere.Why couldn't we keep him.? We still make some stupid errors,but we defended well when they were throwing the ball about side to side. G.Moore scored one superb individual try. The lads have to keep it going though it's still going to be tough to stay up.
  11. it's because they are having a terrible season ,got rid of some of their best players and coming straight back down,no probs!
  12. Why bother Diskin would only cry about the refereeing.
  13. With respect i think you are talking utter tripe. Of course champ.clubs don't charge too much.What's 17 pounds these days. Champ clubs need every penny they get as of course do the players,who are mostly semi pros. I'm amazed that so many have survived with they have been treated like keighley and Hunslet to name just a few. My club Dewsbury have had poor season and seaons over the years but they have been worth every penny. Millions have been wasted on places like london that aren't into RL. Then super dooper league have done a good job with Bradford haven't they.
  14. Batley win with a 15-6 penalty count. Sorry bsj i refuse to believe the rams committed so many more sins than batley. Hallett got sent off for dissent.Not surprisingly he got frustrated.To have a go at him is pathetic. That's Rugby league ,i'm sure crashley will give us a few more penalties next time.Won't you Tom.
  15. Any score in this one i think is possible.I don't think Batley can play as bad again as in previous games. i think the Rams need to win most of their remaining games to stay up. The consequences of going down could be dire. Let's hope not all the boxing day crowd are in Tenerife.