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  1. You tell me the other candidates and i'll let you know.But you can't because it's a secret society at Dews. Just a few people even get a team sheet.One thing Liam ,being a sparkie might be able to fix that pathetic looking scoreboard . I'll keep putting a few quid in that jar in the royal suite in the hope we might get a player that might make a big difference.
  2. Alf next -ARF-ARF
  3. I wish Liam ,of coarse all the best of luck.But once again a bad move.Was the job advertised! A quick decision may be needed but not this. A complete new approach was required.
  4. GS Regs it's not Hudd.Town who i've also supported for 50 years."By the way they were robbed against forest" I Didn't say anything against Graham Beaumont or the terracing. Turnstiles never been used ,not likely to be.when Bradford just about filled the ground they weren't used.As for management I'd make sure the seats were clean and not stepping over bird ###### on the floor.Get the scoreboard fixed.Print more than a few team sheets.Is there something about to happen at the club BSJ i'm sure you know.
  5. Instead of spending thousands on new turnstile stations at the owl lane end-that have never been used.A couple of quality players should have been brought in.Now a quality coach is required,forget sykes an another.Look at Barrow with Sammut.Last 2 matches,thrashed Widnes and nearly beat Leigh.Everything about the club ,very , very sadly is set up for league one at the moment.
  6. Club site ,sat ,sun, peak time, it says 9 till one o' clock. If that is correct that seems bonkers to me. I understand now why you never see them used on a sunday when we come to watch the team.
  7. When Kirklees and Amberchase say the club can use the facilities!
  8. 450 it's about time we did a Batley with embarrassing atts. put "not given" in the newspaper.We can't even wash the seats in the north stand and you have to walk over bird mess. The scoreboard,how bad does it look- all season. If it's not going to be fixed,let's have village one ,with a few nails and tiles with numbers on.As for a new coach, not a easy choice, Mark got the last one very wrong.
  9. Sykes rested may be.The others seem all injured. I said at the start of season Lee had to go. Which of course i got a lot of stick for .Not because of the number of losses. But the type of rugby played. Just look at the points for ,not just this season. So that proves the point.Halifax were given the game on a plate. But they moved the ball side to side ,wing to wing until there was an opening. The Rams on a fantastic pitch didn't try to move it. I hope they didn't let the game go,just to get rid of Lee.That would be a disgrace.I think Lee decided on our pitch you had to keep it tight with this one man rugby tripe.Other teams have scored 40'50'60 on our pitch. Relegation would be a disaster.There would be no guarantee of coming straight back up.
  10. Greenwood the coach"Forget about this one lads,put the game on a plate for them" We might have a go sunday".The drummer needs attention from Phil Collins.Even in poor old Phil' state. It's Boris' fault.
  11. Blackmore should be dropped for his idiotic spat with the ref.As daft as it sounds ,that decision could be the difference between staying up and religation.They scored straight after that effort,we had the ruddy ball. Carr every time for me .
  12. I can think of two people still at the club now who were around at the time of the building of the stadium. The management ,committee of the time were informed that the dimentions of the pitch were in correct .But nothing was done.I wonder if Ned Kelly new? /
  13. Too depressed to comment on the match because it's the same game after game ,season after season.Just watching the Eagles on TV at their new ground provided by the council. Leigh, hunslet,halifax,widnes ,doni,york, hudders, just afew all got new grounds through their councils.What have kirklees done for Dews. rams. o.k the land. Had Dewsbury rlfc been totally skint would they have got a new ground? no chance.
  14. I thought Batley would give them a good game. Very disappointing for a TV match. I noticed our chairman [[RAMS] was in the stands enjoying the snap.
  15. What a performance from Aidan McGowan. To come in cold,a class act. Dixon as usual gave his all. Unfortunately Paul Sykes had a poor game i thought .But he's always under pressure to perform.I thought the Ref. was alright , not too many penalties.Well done for the Fev. fans turning up in good numbers. I hope they can get into SL league instead of Leigh for a change.Games against Cas. and Wakey. would be blood and thunder affairs. A good effort from the Rams,but we need some wins.
  16. I hope half of FEV. turn up on Sunday and make lots of noise.But i hope it's because the Ref. is so bias towards the Rams.Some hope. On noise ,some of Amber chase residents are complaining.It's a sport ground ,what do they expect.The place has been like a morgue for at least two years,with our results. I think the club should complain about the horrendous drug like smells coming from that area. My be they should concentrate on getting some Tarmac for their road.
  17. I'll talk to him. But he's shown in the last 2 years he hasn't been able to get the quality of players or quality of play required.Gabrial for instance, potentially a very good player,just scored his first try of the season.On sunday however i expect the best team possible to be picked and to give FEV. a good go.
  18. In the league Express today Lee adds "We need to add a cutting edge to our game and get more points on the board". It's a shame he didn't realise that about two years ago.How on earth is he still in the job.
  19. Where was Dixon today? They must have missed his all round efforts. 36,our coach doesn't know anything past 20. I'm sick of hearing grubber kicks-our coach doesn't believe in them.RL top to bottom is in a right mess.Widnes and Bradford and Leeds all struggling.League 1 those scorelines, embarrassing to the sport. Just like lee keeping his job.
  20. "pressure into points" That's it we haven't all season. Against W.T We had loads of ball and very nearly lost the game.I agree the players effort is never in doubt.A win against London could be vital.
  21. It would be very interesting to know if that is indeed the lady involved.I'm sorry but foul and abusive language is just normal for young people now.
  22. I think LEE has a force field around him ,with Mark holding the key with a vice like grip on it.
  23. That is very sad to hear about London.What on earth has gone on.I thought they had good backer.
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