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  1. And contact training needs to be reduced. I spoke to a now young man I coached who was in a SL Academy. He said there was full on contact training nearly every day and this is in the last handful of years. If it still happens, it's got to stop. NFL only allow one contact session a week. And they play far less games and most players play far fewer game minutes. I have to say that much as I enjoy watching the game, when I see a "big hit" I just think, that's another step to brain damage. The evidence is irrefutable. The players can't know the risks and they are very young men many of whom knows nothing else.
  2. I'd prefer quicker PTBs as it makes for a more open game. If not, it just turns into a dull "arm wrestle"
  3. https://www.dewsburyreporter.co.uk/news/people/encouraging-signs-and-lots-of-positivity-dewsbury-rams-face-month-long-wait-for-competitive-action-after-challenge-cup-exit-4515356 Good to see this is being worked on. Both 1st half Bradford and last 20 mins v York, we allowed them to play the ball quickly and let them get a roll on and we were on the back foot. We barely got any quick ptbs
  4. "Dwyer is hesitant to reveal sign up numbers" means take up is poor. Understand the strategy of getting as many games on TV as possible to increase exposure. Agree the jury is still out
  5. Agree on the kicks, Turner set up quite a few from his high kicks and for himself through grubbers. And on touch kicks seem very risk averse. We need to make the most of every attacking opportunity. We just seem to have regressed to Lee Greenwood days as far as tactics are concerned. Can't fault the effort and grit but it will need more than that to stay up.
  6. Guessing this is to give fringe players on both sides a run out?
  7. Exactly, Turner is a full back who filled in as a 7 last season. He's a quality full back.
  8. Agree with this and also needs to happen at the top level. Kids copy their heroes so abuse and arguing with refs need to be clamped down on. But it won't be.
  9. Didn't hear it announced. I'd have gone for Jimmy Beckett or Bailey O'Connor. 3 tries in 3 games says it all about lack of creativity. Sorry to say but Turner just isn't a Championship standard half back. Like Finn at the end of his career, defences know he's going to pass so they don't need to mark him. Which just makes it easy to defend against him. And chipping the ball to the opposition with uncontested easy catches won't win us games. Our kicking game needs to be about trying to score not just hand the ball over.
  10. Firstly, a gutsy performance. It's a shame Lewis Carr and Bailey O'Connor couldn't finish their chance. Think that'd could have given us the win. As 2nd half progressed, we started letting them ptb quicker and they got a roll on. That the ref gave York the 6 again at the death was a bit ironic. He ignored their interference and lying on. I don't understand why Turner was putting up uncontested kicks. We should be trying to score not just handing over possession. What's happened to his grubber kicks? With Sykes, Garside and Restall to come back, that will strengthen the team. Can't help thinking that Ferguson putting his boots back on would be the best thing he could do.
  11. Think it will be closer that that
  12. Rugby Union have codes of conduct. A nice idea but changing the culture of the game takes a huge amount of work. Football has had Respect campaigns as well and they haven't worked.
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