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  1. Looked at programme v Barrow and there were 37 then. Add Liam Johnson and Luke Nelmes makes 39, not sure if we have signed or debuted anyone else.
  2. Like the ones like Ellis Robson (I think) who came Tous on loan from Warrington, saw him play part of one game and was never heard of again.
  3. I hope it does come off as it will mean more money for us. But nothings been signed and RFL have not approved it.
  4. Yes this game and the Sheffield game, he gave us 2 reds and 6 yellows. Don't know how this compares other games he refs, but it's more than anyone else has given us by far.
  5. Couldn't go to the game but watched the highlights and just looking at the card incidents. Knowles sending off was a yellow card at most and maybe a yellow card for Lilley for faking an inury. Owen Trout's yellow card was laughable, it was two players nowhere near the ball colliding. If that was the benchmark, the Bulls player who grabbed hold of him earlier in the play should have been binned as well. And definitely not as bad at the Bulls player taking Gabriel out in the air. That should have been a yellow for reckless play. All the tries for both teams were fairly soft ones though.
  6. Let's wait and see whether it happens, it's noting more than a few articles at the moment.
  7. If York were in possession, the Fev "trainer" shouldn't be on the field. He was the same at Dewsbury, he's on the pitch more than Keith Senior!
  8. Think they're selling season tickets to get the cash in. Doubt very much that the Bulls will move to Dewsbury. After all how many times have Wakefield threatened to move to Dewsbury. If any contract is to be agreed, it will take many weeks for the lawyers to finalise. When Bradford actually sign a legal contract then I'll believe it. Until then it's just a few articles in the papers.
  9. 3 games for Manning and 1game for James Brown - missed that one. Joe Martin didn't get a ban for slightly throwing a ball at a Batley player......
  10. It's only a press article, let's wait and see. If I was a betting man reckon this is just another negotiating tactic.
  11. The RFU have sent out some guidance about games where there aren't enough players for a full team, as something like 1/3rd of "lower level" games are cancelled due to lack of players, opponents not able to raise a side etc.. Yes it's not the same as a 15 a side 80 minute game, but playing 12 a side or 10 a side at least keeps players involved and engaged.
  12. If we play like we did against Fev, it could easily be a win
  13. Think Manning's was justified.
  14. Think Joe Martin's sinbinning was a bit harsh......
  15. Think we will know in the first five minutes. If we don't make a mistake, we are in with a chance, if not it's another grim 80 minutes.
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