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  1. I think I'm actually agreeing with you.
  2. With the potential if he made it to make a lot more and prove himself in one of the toughest competitions in the world where few non-US players succeed. Or just stay in the NRL, play the same club teams, play the the SOW team and win almost every international playing for Australia. Maybe he had worked out even if he failed and returned to the NRL, he still had plenty of years to make money, maybe he just had wider horizons. Young people take gap years, maybe this was his equivalent.
  3. So as a professional sportsman he gave it a go at NFL and it didn't work out. Not sure why all the gloating. Have you ever changed jobs? We might be RL nuts but that doesn't mean all the players have to be.
  4. Well Gareth Walker has really stuck his neck out with most of these selections. Mostly former SL players dropping down in the stronger teams in the Championship should do well. The age of incisive journalism is alive and kicking.
  5. Let's make the assumption that MS knows what he's doing. He might just have done the calculation that the share of the gate from the Rhinos match plus the rent from staging the Bulls v Rams "away" game at Dewsbury was worth more than the other way round. It's the same game at Ram Stadium either way, but if the Bulls are at "home", we can charge them rent. So as it stands, we get gate share from the Rhinos plus rent from Bradford for the "away" game. Might be wrong but one thing MS isn't, is financially ignorant.
  6. Matty Fleming looks like he could be a very useful player. Decent strike rate at every level.
  7. Mark Sawyer has been a model chairman, taken a financial basket case and completely turned the club around financially. He has always acted with integrity, not interfered with coaches and the playing side, so I don't see any conspiracy. Obviously, there is a financial benefit to Dewsbury if the Bulls stay in business, but to a lesser extent all Championship clubs will benefit from their away support. MS is a wealthy man, he's not an egotist, he doesn't need to help the Bulls, he offered to help as a consultant and stepped in when proposed investors pulled out. Not sure what you think MS has to gain?
  8. Mark Sawyer has been nothing but straightforward and honest at Dewsbury for the last 16/17 years. I would trust him above any comments posted on forums or made in the media.
  9. I can't be bothered to read all the posts but Mark Sawyer has been nothing but honest and straightforward over the last 16/17 years at Dewsbury. If he says something, you can believe it.
  10. Rob Worrincy could score tries but his inconsistent handling and defence outweighed the tries. Shame as he is a real entertainer but he could score a 100m try as easy as drop the ball over the line and gift a try.
  11. Bit like a forerunner of DR
  12. https://www.thepressnews.co.uk/sportsnews/sawyer-defends-role-in-bradford-takeover
  13. Yes, lost me as well. If MS keeps the Bulls in business, Dewsbury benefit and the Bulls benefit. If the Bulls both go out of business, they both lose. Looks more like a convergence of interest rather than a conflict. On the playing front, MS stays out of it, so he won't have any influence there. I know it's unusual in RL, but he is a straightforward bloke.
  14. Well as long as we beat Batley who cares...
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