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  1. But no card for the tip tackle, definitely a yellow, watch the video and Dupree is stood there waiting for his card
  2. Is Barley's budget much bigger or Whitehaven's? I think with a good quick scrum half then we had the players this year to do better than we did. And it wasn't just the results the performances have been dull. Seemed we spent much of the season on 5 drives and an ineffective kick, trying not to lose rather than trying to win. Off the field it's hard with next to no staff but we need to market the club more and the new media manager has made a good start.
  3. And after Thunder formed a tunnel for TO in the direction of their try line....
  4. Chance to re-live the excitement and wonder why Speakman got binned and why Tyler Dupree who did the tip tackle stood waiting to be binned stayed on.
  5. Given the central distribution hasn't been agreed, surprised many clubs are able to agree contracts. I will say this again, I think our most important signing for next season will be a new coach. Whether that happens or not, we will see but I'm not hopeful. Whilst defensively we are pretty good, our attack is woefully short of ideas. Watch the Batley highlights and compare their tries to ours.
  6. You obviously didn't go to Oldham away, that was even worse. We scored 3 tries, two of them were from Oldham dropping the ball and us picking up and running in to score. My son persuaded me to go and afterwards he apologised and said it was the worst game he'd ever seen and I think he was right. 80 mins of us taking 1 man drives followed by an effective kick to their full back. To be fair yesterday Oldham came with a game plan of lying on and being offside so we had no room to do much and the referee didn't want to do anything about it. And how the Oldham player who tip tackled Fleming didn't get a red card was a mystery.
  7. You might not be interested but thought I'd share this. 14-14 with 5 minutes to go, Rams set up a drop goal, Finny in the pocket, the whole crowd plus the Oldham team expect him to go for the drop goal. Rams play the ball, pass goes to Finny. Oldham race out to him, Finny calmly passes to Sykes who slots the drop goal with ease. They'd obviously planned it. Finny still out-thinking the opposition after 19 years. Always was a smart player. How bad were Sheffield? Enjoy your trip to Toulouse and good luck.
  8. Whilst Liam Finn has grabbed the headlines, wish all the best to the departing players, they have all bust a gut this season in difficult circumstances with Covid, injuries and having no easy games. Matty Fleming - some great individual tries topped by his length of the field effort against Newcastle and all round quality player on attack and defence. Tom Garratt - just immense 80 performances week after week and has earned his place in SL. Chris Annakin - heard he's retiring, another quality forward, strong and defence and attack. Not sure we saw the best of him this season but 2019 he helped us stay up and went well 2020.
  9. Well that was hard work, but the players pulled it out of the bag at the end. Good to see Finn outthinking the opposition to the end with the pass to Sykes for the drop goal. Shame that Garratt had to miss the 2nd half, but think he'll go well at Hull K R. But we struggled to deal with Oldham's spoiling tactics and the referee allowed far too much lying on which slowed the game down. Started well and when we went 8-0 up I thought we might press home, but wasn't to be. Despite a lot of time in the Oldham 20, we couldn't score and still need more of a cutting edge near the line, but at least we tried to play some rugby. Credit to the number of Oldham fans who made the trip despite it being a dead rubber for them. So we finished 10th in the end with 3 wins to round off the season, so credit to the boys for finishing on a high.
  10. Assuming Toulouse beat Newcastle, then if we beat Oldham then by my calculations, we will finish 10th. Is that right?
  11. Max Fletcher? Wasn't he a Trinity winger from the 1970s with a proper perm?
  12. https://www.rugby-league.com/match-centre/match-preview/20220 No Paul Sykes and Chris Annakin retiring.
  13. Think he plays for Dewsbury Celtic
  14. I'm going to stick my neck out, think the players will be up for this game and reckon Rams 36 Oldham 10 And Liam Finn will get over for a try.
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