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  1. I know those days will never return but all the errors and turnovers, plus the incomparable reffing of Monsieur Rascagneres certainly made for an exciting match. And lots of passing, running from depth. Forgotten what a mess the scrums were and how hgh shots were mostly ignored, but a great game to watch.
  2. The report on the increased rates of dementia amongst professional footballers did not identify any difference between goalkeepers (who very rarely head a ball) and outfield players.
  3. A quick Google answers this question and others above Men roughly 50% more likely to suffer from MND than women Head trauma - no clear association with MND Vigorous physical activity not necessarily CONTACT sport (work/sport-related) - increases the risk of MND but this may be to people pre-disposed to MND rather than causing it. And physical activity decreases the risk of a number of other diseases. But lots of information/research out on the internet
  4. I didn't go but if it wasn't a friendly and LG kept our best team on, then the end might have turned out like this. Wilkes makes easy catch in the in-goal, 20 metre restart. We play out 6 tackles and that leaves no time for Keighley to win. But the purpose was for LG to give players game time and some will be playing v Leigh and some might not play all season.
  5. It was a joke from Dogfather
  6. The link says "sings for rams". - Welsh man and singing
  7. I heard the first one, couldn't make out the 2nd. But given I have only won twice in about 20 odd years not sure why I am interested.
  8. I heard the 1st number but not the second. Does anyone know?
  9. Well thought I might mention the game. Played well in patches, when we finished our sets well, we looked good. Scored three tries down the wings! Thought Batley were better in the forwards overall, but we have Annakin and Garrett to come back and they will make a big difference. Oakes looks like a useful signing, as does Magrin and Esslemont. Draw was a fair result, think both teams will be in the lower half of the division, but at least we didn't lose.
  10. The biggest game Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs finished 14-14.
  11. With the potential if he made it to make a lot more and prove himself in one of the toughest competitions in the world where few non-US players succeed. Or just stay in the NRL, play the same club teams, play the the SOW team and win almost every international playing for Australia. Maybe he had worked out even if he failed and returned to the NRL, he still had plenty of years to make money, maybe he just had wider horizons. Young people take gap years, maybe this was his equivalent.
  12. So as a professional sportsman he gave it a go at NFL and it didn't work out. Not sure why all the gloating. Have you ever changed jobs? We might be RL nuts but that doesn't mean all the players have to be.
  13. Well Gareth Walker has really stuck his neck out with most of these selections. Mostly former SL players dropping down in the stronger teams in the Championship should do well. The age of incisive journalism is alive and kicking.
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