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  1. He's still one of our best players. Think the time off for first time in 20 years hopefully will refresh him for one more season.
  2. Watching NRL am a big fan of 6 again, though the application of it seems a bit arbitrary (and I'm a ref). Really speeds the game up though. The NRL players are out on their feet at the end.
  3. Small group training together? One group should cover all of Batleys good players ?
  4. I watched it in my local The Duke of York in Agbrigg near Trinity ground. Think I was the only one who jumped up at the end when Eddie scored the winner ?
  5. British Aerospace TV in probably one of the oddest moves in corporate history. It didn't last.
  6. Yes I remember that one, it was an eye opener. I caught a glimpse of my late dad and me in the crowd in RL Raw episode. He and my uncle took me to my first game v Castleford in January 1974. My mum wanted us out if the house so we went and I remember the result 14-12 win and Jeff Grayshon scored two tries. Might not be true but that's how I remember it. We went to matches together for nearly 30 years and it was always a time we were guaranteed to see each other despite work, family and other commitments. He passed away 17 years ago but at least he got to see the 2000 Grand Slam. My son comes with me now, strange how times move on without you really appreciating it. So many thanks to Keep The Faith for posting that, brought back some happy memories.
  7. Youre right - Frank Gallagher, Joe Lyman, Harry Street, Jimmy Ledgard but all way before my time. Always wondered about Dai Thomas the record try scorer from 1908? Think the squad covers about 40 years.
  8. Just watched this, we lost but some great tries, the last one being a brilliant length of the field effort
  9. Wow that's an impressive list! I sponsored Louis Sheriffe, thinking coming from Hull KR he'd be good..... fell out with Glenn Morrison.... and that was that. Ryan Fieldhouse - didn't he injure his knee and missed most of the season. I'd have to disgaree with Sylvain Houles, joined a dire team on verge of relegation scored 3/4 tries in 4 games. He was just in a poor team. Remember Chris North scoring a fantastic try at McAlpine Stadium v Huddersfield Brett Patterson was a great player just injury-prone Steve Newton was a good un as I remember.... but having said that quite a few I can't remember at all so what do I know! Think our worst ever overseas signing was Liam Tallon ? Irish international who ended up working in the kitchen on match day
  10. Here it is and thanks for all the posts, brought back a lot of good memories. Hope you enjoyed it, so many good players I'd forgotten till reminded by your posts. Anyway, before there's any dispute, I have used a bit of discretion for subs as not many votes cast for top 3 subs and Richard Chapman got so many votes I decided we needed a back up hooker. Here's the team then: 1. Nathan Graham 2. Eddie Rombo 3. Chris Mita 4. Nigel Stephenson 5. Dennis Bailey 6. Francis Maloney 7. Alan Bates 8. Harry Beverley 9. Mick Stephenson 10. Gary Cocks 11. Jeff Grayshon 12. John Bates 13. Les Holliday Subs 14. Steve Lee 15. Phil Artis 16. Richard Chapman and of course by overwhelming votes 17. Tommy Gallagher
  11. Remember him playing really well at full back against Warrington in the Challenge Cup. Surprised he didn't play more. Terribly young age to go.
  12. In Germany, Dynamo Dresden have had to quarantine their squad after 3 players tested positive.
  13. Players and referees can't social distance. Imposing social distancing in crowds would be nigh on impossible especially if alcohol is added to the equation. Much as I'd like to see a return, think 2020 is pretty much a write-off. The virus isn't becoming less lethal, deaths and infections are falling because people are mostly staying at home. And if we did go ahead and a number of players in a team got infected can they postpone? What about the risk to the players families?
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