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  1. If the bars were shut, it'd be a financial loss, but could do bottle bars outside, but have to say it's outdoors maybe restrict the crowd to 1000. However, it's the players who are more likely to have the issues with working, training and playing. SL teams have had Covid outbreaks.
  2. I think maybe he meant retired from SL. Not sure it was a dig at him.
  3. If any club can survive it's the Rams and Mark Sawyer's financial prudence may not win us trophies but reckon we have as good a chance as any of surviving and thriving when this is all over. And looking at the 2021 squad, if there is rugby we will be up in the top 6.
  4. according to Trinity coach Chris Chester in today's Wakefield Express. Now I know he's maybe not as quick as he was 10 years ago, but think it's a bit harsh
  5. Might be a shorter Summer season next year.
  6. It's on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/groups/146629538833110?view=permalink&id=1676850865810962
  7. If only 8% of the population has had Covid after 6 months, unless there's a vaccine it's hard to see rugby re-starting for part-time players in front of crowds.
  8. I play Tag Rugby and it would be brilliant if it was included in the World Cup. If they introduce a category for 55 plus and not that good, I might be in with a shout.
  9. Thought was the qualification to be Batley coach.
  10. Just checked a couple of websites and Bob Haigh retired in 1980 so would have been 36/37. Mick Anastasio Murphy would have been 38 when he played at Dewsbury.
  11. Youngest - reckon it's between Nathan Graham and Nigel Stephenson. Oldest - think Bob Haigh might be in with a shout. Was he 38/39 when he played in the same side as Mark?
  12. Much as I'd like to want to watch a Boxing Day match it's hard to see it happening. This virus isn't going away until a vaccine is developed and for part time players who have jobs, it's hard to see how they can arrange games with any confidence.
  13. Disappointing, but given outbreaks of Covid in SL, smaller squads in Championship, then only realistic option. And for the players to get up to full match fitness for a few games doesn't look a good option. Roll on 2021.
  14. Think the risk of contracting Covid for part-time players is likely to be higher than full time and it'd be just too unpredictable. Shame but think it's the right decision.
  15. Differences 1.SL and football are full time so ability to limit contact is much easier than part time players going out to work. 2. An essentially friendly competition against a proper league with promotion and relegation at stake. The Hull Covid outbreak shows the problem. And if a part time player gets Covid through playing then loss of income for up to 2 weeks. Don't think any serious competition is viable for part time players.
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