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  1. I remember when we had a black and white TV and it had a round tuner button on the side. We used to hit that sometimes
  2. Impressed by your IT knowledge. Assume if it doesn't work, do we just turn the TV off and back on again?
  3. Does anyone know if you can cast this onto your TV? Not watched a game on Our League app
  4. Think Dewsbury will do a bit better than the odds suggest. No chance of winning it but I'd say evens chance of the playoffs if they have 6 teams. Hopefully Batley will be far worse than the odds when we play them and just do enough to stay up....so we can beat them again next season
  5. Out of interest have you checked the penalty count from say 10 Warrington games reffed by Childs and 10 Warrington games reffed by other refs? Then you could be certain he's biased. Or not.
  6. Thanks, a really thought-provoking post. Whilst attitudes for many have changed significantly in my lifetime (I'm in my 50s) there's still a lot of people around with intolerant attitudes. One good thing is my children's generation (20s) have been brought up in a much more tolerant society, so hopefully attitudes are changing for the better. Till we get to the point that no-one cares about a players or refs sexuality.
  7. Having said they'd be driven by "data not dates" bit surprised they have announced a load of arbitrary dates covering the next 4 months. Hopefully May but we will see.
  8. Never knew that, any idea who this Dewsbury team was?
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorkshire_Cup_(rugby_union) Beat Wakefield Trinity
  10. Found an old RU programme and back in Dewsburys RU days we won the Yorkshire Cup in 1881.
  11. Agree, think it's likely to be a very curtailed season. The % idea is fine if majority of fixtures fulfilled, it's okay, if not it's clearly unequal. Hard to see how the players can avoid Covid with work commitments as well as family and no vaccination until August /September for their age group.
  12. I'm in my 50s so probably first vaccination in April sometime. 3 weeks after to get level of immunity from serious illness/death. So that takes us into May. Add in better weather which should reduce infections and need to allow some pre-season, then my bet is June. But hope it's sooner.
  13. Think it might be later more like June. Whilst a lot of the spectators will be vaccinated by then, the players won't be.
  14. Well even more reason to go to France then
  15. Or what a great chance to play regular first team rugby abroad, live in the South of France, better weather, food, near the beach and the Pyrenees. Or be a fringe player in Hull......
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