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  1. Yes Ben Fowler. Where did John Vodden come from?
  2. Forgot to mention Ernie Lowe, he was pretty quick in some very ordinary Dewsbury teams of late 70s early 80s
  3. Ah yes Shaun Dunford, he was a good player, remember him scoring a great try v Swinton? on ITVs RL Action programme John Hegarty was really talented player but fairly sure he played mostly at centre??
  4. Think he was at full back when he got his hat trick v York
  5. Well, this is a position where we didn't seem to have that many contenders but here goes 1. Eddie Rombo - yes who can forget Eddie? He could score from anywhere, starting with his first touch of the ball against Scarborough Pirates which I watched in the now closed Duke of York pub in Wakefield on British Aerospace TV (what were they thinking?) Power, pace and could sidestep off both feet. Scored 5 tries in a game against Chorley/Trafford? Best try I remember was collecting a kick into our in goal and beating 3-4 Hunslet players to race the length of the Elland Road pitch being backed up by..... 2. Dennis Bailey. Scored 100 tries for us and like Eddie could score from nothing. Fast, great sidestep and a finishers instinct for a try. Best try I remember v Batley 1988? evening game at Crown Flatt spun round and found a gap to run 50m uphill to score....and it was against Batley. 3. Adrian Flynn. Member of 2000 GF winners and powerful runner and quick. Came from Wakefield and dad of Niall who played for us last season. Others considered, Bryn Powell (how hard did he run) Andy Ramsden, Dale Morton, Darren Rogers and sure there's plenty I have forgotten.
  6. In fact I do remember Don Richardson missing a tackle once. It was against Workington and one of the rampaging Gorley brothers broke through and though Don tackled his legs, Gorley managed to burst through to score by the posts downhill. Guessing 1977/78? Shows how rare a Don Richardson missed tackle was that I remember it.
  7. Jonny Moore.....now he was quick! Remember him scoring a hat trick against York I think in the last game of the season we were relegated from First Division in 1986 - this could be wrong, but that's how I remember it.
  8. Yes remember him. I'm sure he played for Castleford at some stage. Think he featured in some BBC 100 Top Tries video being sidestepped by James Leuluaie in a Challenge Cup semi-final v Hull at Elland Road. Strange the things you remember.
  9. Given all the depressing news, thought I'd kick off some debate. So rather than just pick your best ever Rams team, we could have a pointless but interesting debate on the best players in every position. Been supporting the Rams since 1974, so here's my top three full-backs 1. Nathan Graham - all round game, attack, defend and kick. Remember him making his debut at 16 scoring a try and kicking a goal. 2. John Langley - bought from Leeds, had a proper 70s handlebar moustache, never missed a tackle. 3. Don Richardson - late 70s early 80s. Mr Dependable, never missed a tackle but neither do I remember him passing the ball much. Due to injuries, he had a spell at scrum-half. Ones I omitted, Adrian Rushton , only cos I didn't see him play much. Bernard Gray, John Maloney, Nathan Batty who scored a few length of the field kick returns. Sure there's plenty of others
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