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  1. Swinton Lions Game

    That is a big surprise, a side employing niggling tactics coached by Stuart Littler!
  2. Championship Shield Fixtures

    My apologies Graham.
  3. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Further update A Total of 27 New Season Ticket Holders have pledged to buy a 2018 Season Ticket. This means that there may be another 223 Forms to be returned. Anyone who is intending to return a Form, please try to do so at or before the Bank Holiday game v Swinton. A further £200 pa has been pledged for the Squad-builder which will bring us to £9,000 pa. As noted elsewhere, Coolie has brought in £1,140 of new Sponsorship with his valiant efforts. Pressure is building now to commit to sign players for 2018 - all pledges will help this situation. Please commit now. Provisionally NK and MS want to hold a Fans Forum next Tuesday 29th August with a Q & A session on all the current issues relating to the 2018 Squad and the Club going forward. This will be formally announced on the Club Website. Stop Press - One Fan has committed a further £2,400 pa from January 2018 to Squad-builder bringing the total to £11,400 pa! Onwards and upwards.
  4. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Therein73 - I think you may be able to get an idea about the 'Current Squad' from the recent selections of 19 Player Squads used during the run of good results. You may be surprised at the (in)accuracies of some of your thoughts........... Tony Ramfan - I think that MS is of the opinion that all existing Season Ticket Holders and Car Park Pass Holders will renew after the events of the last 10 weeks. He has used the existing numbers and will add the new pledges. However you are welcome to pledge if you want to - I and a few other existing holders have done so. The money won't be allocated and spent until next year at the Rams - unlike at certain other clubs!
  5. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Further update from last week. A Total of 20 new Season Ticket Holders have now pledged to buy for 2018. A further 50 Forms were taken on Sunday making a Total of 250 taken with only the 20 above returned. If only 50% of these remaining 230 are returned it will be a fantastic push to get to the 500 Target that we would like to achieve to bring us back in line with five seasons ago. A further £1,300 pa has been pledged for the Squad-builder which will bring us to £8,800 pa. The Fund is now all committed to our current Player signing negotiations. The Club is proposing to issue a Gold Season Ticket priced £25.00 higher than the current levels which will include a voucher for a free Programme and Team-sheet at every League Match (14 or 15 depending on league position after the regular season). Season Tickets will be on sale from 1st October. Car Parking is currently £3.00 per game to pay at the Gate. However, a Season Pass can be purchased for £30.00. If Fans wish to purchase a season pass for 2018, forms are available at the office and a £5.00 pledge for a Pass will help further towards our Income Forecasts. The Club are currently negotiating to have 3 high quality Home pre-season Friendlies in addition to the Boxing day game with Batley. The games are an extremely important source of Revenue and certainly have helped the Club along in 2017. Two of these are at an advanced stage and will probably be in our Revenue forecasts for 2018. it is important that all Fans realise how vital the Revenue is from these games to allow a degree of Financial flexibility for the rest of the Season especially bearing in mind that our week to week gate receipts could be dramatically affected in 2018 with Toronto replacing the Bulls and the possibility that HKR could get back in Super League and be replaced by a club with a smaller travelling support - hopefully not Catalan. Please continue to consider all the proposals for all Fans to help us increase our Revenue predictions and act ASAP as our Salary Cap information has to be submitted to the RFL on Monday 4th September and shortly after that date we will receive our final Cap figure. As things stand at present we will not be able to retain all of our Current Squad. NK will commit to the future if we all do our bit and support him with a Competitive and Affordable Squad. Just as a note, the Club has lost in excess of £5k in staging the last 2 Home Games. If we had lost both games and avoided the Win Bonus and closed the South Stand and saved the Stewarding Costs, we would have made a healthy profit. I am sure that everyone enjoyed the Wins and the atmosphere around the ground. Pledge as much as you can for 2018 because None of us want to see a non-competitve / losing team and/or not be able to watch from our favourite vantage point.
  6. He signs.

    Not yet but meetings and discussions are in progress with several players.
  7. Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    Most of them want to sign but we have to get our income forecasts higher to enable us to do so.
  8. What have they done wrong?

    BSJ. We are awaiting a quote for the required repair.
  9. Will Ned stay???

    NK will stay with commit to us but we ALL need to back him with the Commitment / Funds to maintain and further improve the competitive team that we have now. I have been asked by MS to post another weekly update tonight on the current situation and the new ideas for 2018.
  10. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Quite Correct - The Office is closed on Tuesday & Thursday.
  11. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Ring Viv at the Club tomorrow and put your name forward.
  12. Championship Shield Fixtures

    Update on the current situation from Sunday. 34 fans took advantage of the £40 Super 8's Ticket. 16 fans have pledged to buy a Season Ticket for 2018 who do not have one for 2017. 1 fan has pledged to occupy a Box for a game for 2018. 1 Player Sponsorship has been received for 2018 from a Fan who has not sponsored a player before. The majority of existing Player and Coaching Staff Sponsors look likely to renew for 2018. (BSJ is praying that TA is re-signed) 200 fans took away Season Ticket pledge forms (16 returned as above), Lets hope 100+ are returned at this week's game. MS has stated that we need to return to the 2013 / 2014 levels of Supporter Commitment to enable us to have the Salary Cap that we need to sign the 2018 Squad of the quality that we all want. This is : 450 / 500 Season Ticket Holders - currently only between 300 and 350 for 2016 & 2017. Squad-builder to provide £15,000 per annum - currently only £7,500. Sell 100 more Replica shirts than the 2017 level which is nowhere near the Target of 250. Programme sales need to improve by 100+ copies per game. If this happens and the current levels of Sponsorship and Functions remain the same and the new facilities produce the Budgeted Income then the Club can just about give NK the support he deserves. The Club will continue to push for every Match to be sponsored next season, together with Match Ball and Man of the Match Sponsors. Currently, we have Sponsors pledged for 4 Home Games for 2018 just from my contacts. MS and NK intend to host another fans Forum before the end of the Season explain the situation in more detail and to answer any questions about the Financing and the Squad.
  13. He signs.

    Think they are on everyone's wish list (Including NK)!
  14. He signs.

    I agree. There is, however, just that small niggling matter of the Salary Cap gap to overcome if we want to sign them all.
  15. He signs.

    Yes, I got that from a very good source as well - I asked him!