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  1. Andyram - I am jealous. I will also be checking the score from cool and cloudy Fuerteventura!
  2. JimbobRam should be 'made to attend' for leaving Rob Spicer out of his team. I will not get any value out of my Player Sponsorship at this rate! Even though their playing contracts do not start until 1st December, the players should be made to take time off work and attend the switch on. Also, they should be 'made to attend' when Santa Claus arrives at J & B's!
  3. Tom Hemingway has resigned.
  4. Why don't you blame the Bulls as a club? Trying to claim that Season Tickets are a Membership Card to avoid paying Output VAT is CHEATING. Every other club treats them as a Season Ticket subject to the normal 20% Output VAT. Also, most other clubs pay their Electricity Bills for the energy used. Consumers like the Bulls make the energy costs increase for the rest of us to re-coup the providers' losses. Finally perhaps all the replica shirts should contain the words 'In Administration' under the Bulls Logo as they owed the kit Supplier a three figure sum. Again the supplier re-coups his losses by increasing the prices for other clubs!!!!!!! Never mind they can ditch all the Creditors and start again and all the true Rugby League fans will forgive and forget for the 3rd time in 4 years - or will they? Lets hope NOT.
  5. Revisions needed. Bulls start on - 12 pts (Hopefully).
  6. London now have the wealthiest underwriter in the Championship. He continues to display the personal resources and determination to get them back in the SL - in my opinion. Hull KR have the biggest fan-base and an underwriter with similar intentions. Serious contenders - not speculators!
  7. Won't name and shame a player who changes his mind and stays put. We did target another recently released former SL player this week but a certain nameless and homeless club who have recently had a Supporters bail-out and received a transfer fee, offered him about THREE times as much as we had left in our approved Budget????? In my opinion, he will fit in very well with their other 8 or 9 players!
  8. The proposed final signing has not been in contact with the club and so we must assume that the offer was not suitable. Thus the Funds within the Budget / Salary Cap are still available for an alternative signing. I am sure that the club will announce any completed deal at the appropriate time.
  9. If Conroy is so good, how come he was not snapped up by a Championship Club before he signed for Keighley? In my opinion, just like the arguments from a few years ago, when some forum members stated that James Craven was the best in the Championship and we released him - then he moved to Keighley for a year, then to the dogs and now he is at Thornhill. GM rated him as a winger but he did not want to play in that position.
  10. The player concerned may be staying at his current club, but until he contacts the Rams with his decision - the ball is in his court. We may have to look elsewhere to complete the squad.
  11. I am on holiday now!
  12. I don't think that the rental that they would be willing to pay would cover another layer of Shale Scalpings!! The foundations required for even a temporary stand would be expensive. When all the other projects are completed around the ground and the Building Inspector's requirements have been met, then we can make a start on fundraising for work at the Bywell Road end. Might take a few years to complete though even to the level of the Eastern Terrace.
  13. Fax income as a result of the top four finish was in excess of £700k in 2015. The intention was stated as being to build a solid base for the club. Just shows how quickly that can change when a Top 4 finish is not achieved in the following season.
  14. Just so we all know - can we have a list of all the rubbish in the squad.
  15. Probably 30-40% of ours - in my opinion!