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  1. We have an agreement in place with Hemel Stags for the whole of the 2017 Season.
  2. Ivan idea that only you, me and Coolie will understand this. However it is not a Mauger problem, unlike our Half Back situation!
  3. Brandon Douglas is on Loan from Cas not DR.
  4. He applied for the job.
  5. The main priority is avoiding relegation this season with the existing squad plus Loans and DR. I am sure that he still has the contacts to enable us to move forward when players are out of Contract. As you know we stick to the rules and don't approach players who are under contract at other clubs.
  6. Plenty of Rumours but only one fact. We just need to find who Marketram really is to seek his approval!
  7. He was signed as a replacement for Donald K.
  8. MS will never even recover the money that he (not the Club) spent over the previous 13 years on Land Surveys, Boreholes, Ground Testing, Surveyors Fees, Architects Fees, Planning Applications etc etc. That all took place to even give the Development a chance of getting off the ground! There was a good chance it could all have been wasted. That money has gone but perhaps he could get it back if someone bought his majority Shareholding in the Club and reading certain people on the Forum that may be what they want! Step forward that person and Market the Club, deal with the RFL, attend regular meetings, run the club on a day-to-day basis, help with the Cash Flow when there is no Income and don't forget that you will have to have a full time job as well to run your own household. Then the Keyboard Warriors can have a go at you when the club has a bad patch. Just as a note, the money for our halfback target was to be provided by an individual who is a Supporter of the Club.
  9. Agreed 100% but Marketram (aka The Keyboard Warrior) could ask the questions / make his point to MS face to face if he wishes and expect an honest answer. I suppose it would have to be arranged at a neutral venue as he does not go near the Stadium now apart from driving past to watch the people in their houses and playing on the courts????? Just as a note, a big thanks to all those people who said that they would not buy a Season Ticket until GM left the Club. I hope that THE person is happy with his purchase.
  10. Probably waiting to see who Wakefield will release after their match last night before being able to even name 19! The current injury / availability situation is just as frustrating for everyone at the club.
  11. Graham - I would also be interested to know who the 14 applicants are. GOR - it is highly unlikely that the Rams players can train with Wakefield as they are Full Time and train during the day. We are only stuck with DR Players because we have so many injuries that at present without them and the Loan Players we would not be able to put 17 players on the field.
  12. I am basing it purely on the fact that he only played for half the game and was limping quite badly in the Royal suite afterwards.
  13. Should be OK for then, providing Coolie can clear his diary on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, then we are all set to go! His assistant BSJ will be there for most training sessions - holidays permitting! I would like to be at the interview(s) though.
  14. Don't think Andy Kain will make any passes behind his team mates or drop any passes or miss any tackles on Sunday.
  15. The current problem is that we are dependant on DR and Loans just to get 17 fit players on the field.