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  1. More likely that there are problems with the clubs who don't have exclusive use of their grounds (50% of the 8) and have to seek permission for certain dates especially Bank Holiday Monday.
  2. Plenty of bookings for the winter period from 1st September when the underfoot conditions and lighting become an important factor. As the new RFL funding and income conditions become more stringent, a full year's trading will be needed to prove actual Income Streams so at present the 2018 net income figure (Revenue minus equipment and staffing costs) needs to be a very cautious estimate. If all my suggestions above become reality then there might be a chance, but people need to commit now to keep away the predators! Give the Club the Financial Lift so it can provide the news you want. Pledge a £10 deposit for a 2018 Season Ticket to show intent and join the Squadbuilder this week!
  3. Just let's hope we have 200+ more Season Ticket Sales, 200+ more Squadbuilder Members and 200+ more people paying at the gate for Home Games to pay for it. The funding for all clubs is now moving to an even more strict criteria based on Generated Income and Salary Caps will be more closely monitored than ever before. This has already started for the 2018 Playing Budgets currently being approved. The squad of Players that we would all like to see for next Season will cost a lot more money than we can spend on our current Income levels especially when our neighbours from the Calder Valley start splashing the Top 4 money (I believe that they have already started). No doubt MS will be outlining all the supporter-base income areas that we need to improve in order to achieve our aims for 2018 at a post-season Forum. Just as a note - approximately 30 people took away Squadbuilder Membership forms from the last Forum, but there has been no increase in Membership. If you really all want to back Neil - then commit now and give him the playing resources! His 2018 list is not be beyond our means by my calculations if all our 700 Supporter base commit just an extra £1.25 more per week each. Hopefully, some good news on the playing front from the Club before the next round of fixtures will help kick this Financial push into action......................
  4. He is carrying a slight knock from the Swinton Game - in my opinion.
  5. I hope it does, sacking the previous Coach produced the grand total of 2!
  6. Same 19 as last week.
  7. Same 19 man squad as last week.
  8. Ken who? The only Ken I can remember is Boswell and I don't think he will be making a return.
  9. A fascinating post from an apparently clean living Canadian Lad. Hope you are not a Lumberjack like the one from Monty Python, who enjoys the outdoor life but also has a darker side to his character. Looks like you are in for a shock when you are fast-tracked into Super League. All those rough men from Lancashire and Humberside are sure to trouble you! Perhaps you would have been more at home in a Kick and Clap League. Also, please refrain form using words such as 'ilk' when posting on a Rugby League Forum. Most Fans think it is an animal such as a Moose or Caribou and wouldn't dream of bringing one to your Stadium.
  10. He is waiting for an operation but apparently the injury can be managed and he can play the occasional game when required. To be fair, he did not do himself justice but at least he put his hand up to play in the 3 games in 8 days situation.
  11. Crown Flatter - there were several other things in the game which I could have mentioned such as the Broncos conversion which did appear to miss looking from my position. As I said, surely we did at least deserve a share of the 50/50 decisions. Can't comment on Glover's kick or the first half try as we were seated on the 20m line at the opposite end from you in a perfect position to see the two 'dodgy forward passes' that I have to try to get over.
  12. I never said that Broncos were not the better side. They ought to be with the the quality of the players and the full time environment that they work in, the same applies to HKR and Toulouse. All I was trying to say was that given a share of the 50/50 decisions, we may have been allowed to compete (not win). Several people (who are RL fans but not Rams fans) have told me today at work that even the London based match reporter on Radio Leeds who was sitting very close to us also indicated that the decisions were questionable. We are nowhere near your standard and won't be in the near future. Good Luck with your Super League dream. The post is my opinion on the game on the RAMS forum for RAMS fans who were not at the game.
  13. Our tackling was woeful in our own 20 m area throughout the game. We were never allowed to gain any momentum neither by a very quick and skilful full-time Broncos team nor by the referee who stopped both our attempts at quick tap re-starts but allowed the Broncos to tap and run as they wanted. In 1st half 2 disallowed tries for forward passes did not help the cause. We were sitting level with both incidents and neither were forward. Sykes was sin-binned for a head high grab with 1 minute and 6 seconds to go but a London forward escaped punishment 10 minutes before for a late off the ball shoulder charge which left Toby Adamson on the ground. No consistency again from Mr Straw, no wonder the Broncos supporters applauded him off the field! In my opinion ground is no better than Hallam University but with a horrible plastic pitch with blue markings for League and white markings for Union - how confusing.
  14. Better still - bring back Phil Artis.
  15. Guzdek not fit for Sunday. Alex Brown out for Season. Knee Injury suffered against Halifax. Spicer in contention for Sunday. Billy Hayes from Giants should be OK.