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  1. Simply not good enough, week after week lame excuses.Sort it out or we,re down!
  2. I ll be there full of confidence, hopefully not followed by a gloomy start to the bank holiday!
  3. marko

    V Sheffield

    Robbed,that's all I can say!
  4. Really don,t agree with drafting 2 midweek loans straight into the team.why was Michael knowles,who i thought was outstanding last week,only on the bench.Also why was Andrade overlooked,for the Leeds lads.
  5. marko

    York Game

    York had a really hard game last Sunday,teams always seem to struggle the week after! So if it's a full strength Dewsbury, I'm going for a narrow win.
  6. Barrow by 8 Dewsbury by 4 Toulouse by 6 Featherstone by 12 Halifax by 4 Bradford by 26 Toronto by 20
  7. I don't often post on here,but being a supporter for over 45 years,I thought I'd put in my views. all I wish for ,is more transparency from the club.Everything seems to be so cloak and dagger, I was at that meeting many moons ago,when Mark told us he wants us to be the best team outside super league. What happened to that! Everything seems to be put back to us the supporters,we,re not selling enough season tickets, the squad builder isn't what it should be.The product is ###### and as been for the last 3 years! You will never get people to invest in that! We either start to show some ambition,or die a slow death.
  8. For god's sake man,she was enjoying the game,get over it.Plus I bet she's been going a lot longer than you.
  9. please let it be,what we all really want to hear.
  10. marko


    that game was ours at half time! We were murdering them down the middle.What do we do,try playing out wide.hence the result.Morrison has not got a bloody clue! Sorry ,ive followed this club for 42 years,,but today really is the last straw!
  11. marko

    The Coach

    who ever we get next ,as to be an improvement!
  12. Sorry but morrison must take full blame for that performance. Why no delaney. And why didn't morton take over the kicking duties
  13. Kirkholt "A" played at Eightland Wells on the hottest day I can ever remember playing rugby. The pub had a plaque on the outside saying that it had been opened (re-opened ??) by Allan Agar. I think you are right about them only playing for one season. Eightlands actually played for 2 seasons,the 1st in the old west yorkshire sunday morning league,were we took some right hammerings.we played at the old ground in Saville town.The 2nd year we moved into the 7th division of the pennine league and indeed we did play at Ravensthorpe.We started off quite well winning our first 2 or 3 games,until we played Kirkholt who gave us a right kicking.
  14. http://www.dewsburyreporter.co.uk/sport/Jo...yers.6497221.jp this is the link you need for the full report. may have to copy & paste.
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