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  1. Community clubs are sustainable if left alone 😄 Pity there is not a program for the pro clubs 😷
  2. Systems are in place within the NGB s OR and I have to disagree with you Mjm they do have to be accountable ,did they or did they not approve the regimes who have systematically destroyed the Bulls ?
  3. You have to give a monkeys though . The RFL board need to be held accountable for the demise of the Bulls , are they the NGB not supposed to monitor the spending and management of the clubs ?
  4. Pie manufactures are on overtime already , what a cracking draw for the Miners and the Pats 👍
  5. And all the very best no matter which way you swing , summer /winter
  6. There are countless volunteers who are the life blood and rock of our game would be nice if the powers that be would actually take the time out to recognise a few and put pen to paper to nominate them . People on big salaries do they really warrant gongs ?
  7. If the above is the case then we might see the region having its own Y&J leagues providing playing opportunities for the inner city kids ?
  8. Great post and illustrates what most experienced amateur coaches and administrators have been stating for years .
  9. Another example of poor management at the top , Given the current climate the mass redundancies and the loss in funding from sport England , the question needs to be asked are the RFL fit for purpose ?
  10. Service areas been there done that . And please tell me how Service areas would manage grass roots Rl ?
  11. Thought pantomime season was after Xmas
  12. Barla used to run 12 ,14 ,16 and 18s but dropped the 12s several years ago . The reason they run at the even years is because the county cups run at the odd years .
  13. Quality not quantity that's what's needed lowering the criteria lowers the standard .