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  1. TaxiEgg

    Changes at L.M.R ?

    I'm surprised Maxwell that you would choose to come on here to ask questions about your former club ,especially when you already know the answer to the question ..?
  2. Didn't answer my question ? Mick Doyleā€¸ @chairmickDo you think the community game enhances RL or do you just see it as a cash cow ? @TheRFL
  3. TaxiEgg

    Leigh 50 - 10 Wigan

    Statement from Pie Park ?
  4. He has changed he's matured ?
  5. The NW is working with Warrington Wolves , revisiting the respect campaign and this survey will help the Wolves gather in vital information . Please take time out to complete the survey .
  6. Or Cumbria . How long before the community game stands up for itself and says enough is enough ?
  7. Any results from today ?
  8. TaxiEgg

    Joe Cobb retires

    More good press coming out of the RFL is in not now time for a full independent review on how the game is run ?
  9. Community clubs are sustainable if left alone ? Pity there is not a program for the pro clubs ?
  10. Systems are in place within the NGB s OR and I have to disagree with you Mjm they do have to be accountable ,did they or did they not approve the regimes who have systematically destroyed the Bulls ?
  11. You have to give a monkeys though . The RFL board need to be held accountable for the demise of the Bulls , are they the NGB not supposed to monitor the spending and management of the clubs ?
  12. TaxiEgg

    Challenge cup 2017

    Pie manufactures are on overtime already , what a cracking draw for the Miners and the Pats ?