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  1. Can't we play with a little surface water anymore , The games gone soft
  2. And just to highlight how cock eyed the game is one Junior league secretary is asking clubs to ok "friendlies" during the winter break . Correct me if I am wrong but didn't we switch to summer so that our kids did not play in the winter months.?
  3. The RFL are reliant on SE funding the schools comp is a token gesture as even the best schools will only play a dozen games each year at the most . We are told the game is expanding at youth and junior outside the heartlands where is the evidence ? We should have a vibrant country wide competition we have had ten years of unification and one governing body not much to show in reality .
  4. Unification as not worked full stop , and one of the biggest reasons is the RFL do not subscribe to democracy . They don't want us the administrators to discuss plans with our clubs all meeting documents are marked private and confidential if it's for the good of the game why can't plans be open and transparent . Voting rights are now stacked in the RFL s favour so every policy gets pushed through because the RFL appoint the sub committees who are encouraged to make individual decisions without going back it the leagues and clubs approval . Barla board members are living in cloud cuckoo land as they do not see that they have failed the amateur game , I asked one board member to compare the strength of the organisation when he first joined the board and it's present strength , still waiting for a reply . The only way forward IMO is for a new amateur body to be created break away from the RFL and approach all the countries clubs to re invent an organisation run by the clubs for the clubs .
  5. Move Xmas to summer is that not what the Aussies do lol .
  6. That is not ground breaking news though is it , correct me if I am wrong but is that that the most popular month for going on holiday no matter where you live in the Uk . So we did not need a survey from the RFL to tell us that did we ? The traditional season took that into account or did it not , so are we now beginning to hear the pennies starting to drop ? We have enough information to suggest that the switch in playing seasons was not the garlic bread the romantics thought it was . Not be long now before we can start singing from the roof tops " we told you so "
  7. Reality is starting to bite , one of our leading clubs as found the move in playing seasons is having a negative effect financially . For the first time in the clubs history they could not generate enough interest for their Xmas social and Xmas party for the kids .
  8. Both seasons have problems that's the state of the game , but the spin was move to summer less cancelled games etc etc etc now that didn't materialise . The problem is the romantics won't or don't want to admit it . The game is fecked until we get some strong leadership .
  9. Think its because most of us want a level playing field .
  10. Yes but they are the result of a summer season that many have voted with their feet and stopped playing that's the point you and many others are failing to grasp. Open age rugby is in decline and unless we find a sensible solution we may never get it back, and yes winter rugby also has its problems .
  11. From cubs to masters we are looking at the bigger picture , all small cogs in a big wheel . You know what they say Nev it's good to talk .
  12. Positive news in the the North West all five leagues met today to see how we can take the region forward ,working together to fully embrace the four seasons concept . Plenty of food for thought but the main thing is we are all going to work more as a unit to promote the game in the north west .
  13. President of the North West bit like the complaints department on the "Carlsberg advert "
  14. Should we as the community game be treated as an equal in the game or are we just here to serve the elite ?
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