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  1. Retired to get his buisness going, apparently doing well now, maybe hes had a nice break and fancys another crack, local lad plenty of experience and was a top forward on his day. Sometimes a break does you good and you actually miss the game and come back hungrier than ever. Like Robin says, if it's on match to March terms, not a problem for me, pre season behind him, let him have a run in the friendlys, and see how he goes.
  2. To be fair I dont care what anyone says about us, we should be proud of what our team has achieved this season, from were we was in pre season, it's nothing short of a miracle. We will have atleast double the funds available on last season to build again, and already have a very good core of the squad signed on for next season. Barrie mc has nothing against Fev, infact he has a bit of a soft spot for us, mentions us in his autobiography and seen him take time out, to mix with the fans at our games before.
  3. Hewer and Thaler done good jobs last couple of week, let the games flow. Lot of championship refs trying to make a name for themselves and the games all about them, whistle happy and it puts pressure on them, when the crowd start getting on to them, refs are human, and will get a few things wrong, but weve been the wrong end of some very poor decisions this season that have cost us the game. They all need to take note of those 2 performance.
  4. Credit to york, busted today, thought your defense was really good 1st half, had numbers every time we tried to go wide, just had a bit 2 much in the end, york never gave in though. Keep fordy and a bit of investment, will be a force next season.
  5. Just another 1 of them silly social media sites, that takes your time up and causes arguments.
  6. Still a professional shouldn't get involved, then to message 1 out of the blue the picture above in this thread, shows what a crank he is. Then he tries to provoke fev fans when he scores a try after passing the ball into touch 9 times before it.
  7. His twitter account says different, goes out of his way to have a go at fev fans, not very professional.
  8. Always goading are fans when we play them, passed ball to linesman more times than his winger when weve played them.
  9. Dont think so, fev been allocated the popular stand and open terrace.
  10. Tyrer would have got lynched if he come to fev, absolute weapon.
  11. What's it like for getting tickets on the day, not been able to get down to fev with work commitments, and do kids need a ticket or do they just walk in with them been free?
  12. Just signed Keegan Hirst, so dont seem very ambitious.
  13. Looking forward to the trip to York, missed the last 1 due to holiday, old team mate of mine Fordy, done a cracking job and should walk coach of the year for me. Should be a great occasion saturday and great atmosphere.
  14. Must be, Stevie wonder way they've been playing this season.
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