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  1. Olympic Stadium parking plans

    You're sure to find room in the Westfield car park if you intend to arrive for the curtain raiser. I live close to the stadium and would emphasise that there is no parking allowed within the park - if you abandon your car near the stadium, it will have been towed away before the final whistle. Anybody approaching London from the A14, M11 might consider using the Central Line car parks (about £3 for the day) and getting the tube to Stratford.
  2. Playing Season Poll

    One of the best pieces of advice I received, many years ago, was to never arrange fixtures for the second weekend of a half-term - because you'll only ever raise half a team. When the drift to Summer began, I was convinced that it could never work at school age level because of the enforced breaks at Easter and during the long Summer holidays. But when did 'they who must be obeyed' ever listen to the volunteers? Summer advocates can fall back on festivals and round-robins, but I fail to see how youth rugby will ever be able to sustain a league format that takes place weekly between March and November.
  3. Quins..

    I wouldn't do the knowledge if I were you.