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  1. Great signing for Hull KR - this is still 2006 right?
  2. The RFL save London

    Harlequins/London Skolars have done very little to develop the game in the south over the years, most of the hard work is done by clubs like South London, Hemel, St Albans, Greenwich & West London. The Quins/Skolars like to take players from these clubs and claim the credit for their development - although the Quins have at least done a good job of turning some of them into Super League players.
  3. Quins

    But went to Quins from South London Storm which is why he is considered a product of London RL.
  4. Harlequins RL vs Bradford Bulls

    Quins were far better than Bradford on the night, and the score flatterd the Bulls considerably!! And Steve Menzies is a dirty bar steward, should've been sent off not sin binned!!
  5. Harlequins RL vs Bradford Bulls

    Was a mile forward!!
  6. Glastonbury Glamour

    Have seen a fair few RL shirts around the Wimbledon tennis ground this past week and a half, more than I normally see and not as many RU as usual.
  7. The Warrington Wolves Latest News Thread

    Does that mean I get to double my salary?? I am about the right age for Warrington, 31
  8. The Warrington Wolves Latest News Thread

    This is nothing more than a bandwagon jumping thread