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    Coming home soon.....
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    Comedy/ satirical comedy especially.
    Now won and got custody of daughter (her choice, yay)
    Assistant coach with Aylesbury Knights RLFC, got my grade1 cert and id etc autumn 2008.Pity the club has folded.
    Almost lifelong Wires fan.
    Almost cos I haven't died again yet.

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  1. Training over. Overalls/uniform issued. Security pass obtained. Locker allocated. 1st 12hr day "back on shift" in 8 hrs time. Watch Sky News to see if I mess up....... Good to be back in that control room, tbh, really bloody good.
  2. Arrived at digs 5:45. Met my lad for a few beers. Start tomorrow, a week of 8-4s. Safety induction first thing tomorrow. My previous 24 years on site counts for f-all, then.
  3. £ $, testing.... So the old format £ don't work in the new.
  4. My little girl pointed me to this plus a few other literal videos. Nice.
  5. . Dunno why either.... Edit: typo in "dunno"? Jeez, maybe I'm pi$$ded....
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