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  1. Come on MOK enough!! We've had the arguments over the old business plan to bring TV riches and Canadian Players to the game and both of these strategies have over the last three years failed completely and Mr. Argyle through Mr. McDermott has openly admitted these things didn't happen and are never going to happen. These old arguments are now proven one way - no players no TV money - failed. But these arguments are also now in the past. Time to move on with love and without all the falling out..... This new business plan was the only way TWP could go. People need to understand just how rich a "Billionaire" is and not be negative about SL not paying TWP any TV money, clearly TWP don't need it and in accepting they don't get any they have contributed to the M62 clubs coffers here. Let's not make that a point of dispute more a positive point of TWP actually giving something much needed to the rest of the SL game....... The SBW signing has to also be applauded - in a few short weeks all of a sudden Superleague clubs have more TV money and a superstar in Superleague. You gotta love that I think we can all agree. I also think that we should wait and see and hope and pray SWB pulls the extra fans. Please please please when the double header takes place and hopefully sells out let's not just automatically start putting that down to Mr. Williams, Mr. Cougar for I believe they will sell Headingley out but that will be down to the "first game" bounce, the double header and most of all a four figure gathering of "away" fans from Castleford & Hull to see Castleford and Hull. Away fans will count and believe me they will be there to watch Castleford and Hull primarily, but Mr. Williams will be a bonus for sure. Next season let's analyse the SWB effect fairly and honestly from the games following the double header, let's not spin any arguments and fall out after the first game?. I'm old enough to have been about when Jonathan Davies came into the game. He was a superstar in his prime and what a pleasure to have watched that man over the years. The most amazing player brought in to thrill the crowds however was Wally Lewis and I saw this RL wizard at Headingley the day he also got sent off. In terms of making games more attractive and memorable you had to "love" Davies and Lewis, they did it....I am sure SBW will be a big hit and will be the target for big hits from the opposition. It will be great. On the extra fans though please be aware that there was little extra fan boost when Davies joined Widnes, and Lewis joined Wakefield, the clubs attendances are all on record but let's leave that out. SBW is going to be part of a memorable opener and will hopefully thrill the crowds we have, but please don't start spinning that he will bring thousands of new fans into the game so we don't need away fans - we do. We've had enough of these far fetched arguments. The real debate is what else will Argylle spend his money on to enrich and enhance SL?? Something else we can all love maybe????
  2. No it won't, SKY have no competition so they don't need to "dig deeper" don't invent stuff to try to justify this nonsense. What do you mean "names like" are you inventing in your head TWP signing more like this? What's the TWP business model? 2017-2019 £10Million Loss set to lose £5M this year and another £5M on SBW total £20Million loss - Argyle is not going to inspire real business people to follow this massive loss making stunt. What he's done here is out of total desperation. It's easy to give a old star pro a massive pay day, but it's too much like hard work to spend that money on paying Canada RL to employ Junior ARL development officers in Toronto. Desperate stunt to try to please his fellow SL chairmen. He's hoping SBW will stick thousands on the English clubs gates. No it's not. Not positive at all - that money could have gone on Junior development. As it stands it's gone on an old player past his sell by date, who is guaranteed to be given a massive hard time on the pitch by players on far less money, which could be a serious problem. It's a very expensive stunt that does nothing at all for the game. What bigger picture. Do you really think the Canadian population have heard of him? Even if they faintly have how will that get them to turn away from Canadian Sports? The only people who may be impressed is the Canadian Rugby Union crowd - but I keep getting told they are insignificant. You'd also best check Widnes's crowds pre and post the Davies signing. They weren't queing up in their thousands to see the man, despite him being a fantastic talent and a credit to our sport. A mid thirties SBW is no comparison. You couldn't make it up, but as usual you do, as do the other usual suspects. The PR buzz is set to last until the man actually performs and if he doesn't put on £5Million performances and add thousands to the gate wherever he goes what then? Argylle and TWP will be toast. So will SBW but very rich toast..... What does your first sentence even mean unless it's an admission this is a one off desperate stunt. As for seeing whether TWP recoup £5,000,000 how is that going to happen? Will they move from Lamport to a bigger stadium to accommodate the extra thousands of fans? Edit - Tommy it's massive news today and gone tomorrow when any newspaper carrying this story will be carrying fish and chips..... Edit Johnoco "these people" is just one extremely rich man who thinks he can buy anything with money. This is a stunt to try to ingratiate himself with SL bosses who don't want him.
  3. Mr. Carter's spending saved one of our most iconic "city" clubs where RL dominates RU & Soccer, which was a great triumph for our game. Mr. Argylle's money has destroyed an important part of the game here which is having a professional club in the Capital of the country in Superleague. Money can work both ways, it can be used philanthropically to enhance a positive outcome or it can be used in a destructive way. It can be an investment, it can be a negative thing delivering one man's selfish ambition to the detriment of thousands of others. But you clearly don't understand this, which is probably due to your age and inexperience, No prob....? 150,000 Northener's imaginations are sparked by M62 RL - that's how we got £200 Million from SKY. If the "more than" is a few thousand Canadian real ale enthusiasts then you can forget any paying NATV deal. Who says so? Well not me but Mr. Perez who says it will need six phoney NA clubs in SL to get that deal. Meaning another five English SL clubs to be destroyed. Are you still with me?? probably not as your in dreamland, anyway...... Your incredibly naive to believe that SKY want any North American clubs. I know you make your arguments up in your head to suit your dreams but this takes the biscuit. SKY make money from selling English Superleague to English Subscribers. SKY have no market in North America hence TWP will give them their games for nothing. Neither of you have any business acumen or sense of reality about you? But feel free to post as you wish, it would be preferable if this was in a "dream" thread though?? Care to start one Gents? If you do, I won't destroy your dreams with reality...
  4. No we are not "back to it" as it has never gone away. We sit in the Carnegie stand at Leeds and when London, Catalans and Crusaders came the western terrace was always sparsely populated. When the M62 clubs come it’s well populated and sometimes packed. Even Salford brought a large following last time. You work it out £20 a ticket x 2,000 fans is how much? No away fans is how much? We end up back at the same arguments because when you lose them you conveniently forget about them, and dismiss them. "for "away fans" read their proper identity - paying customers and welcome guests. Answer the point man! What you typed is totally irrelevant Canada or Basketball has nothing whatsoever to do with playing of Rugby League, or Rugby Union or Soccer in the north of England. I live here in the north of England and have played Soccer, League and Union. I ran a works soccer side when there were 12 leagues of 12 clubs now that league doesn’t exist, I played some Union with a friend at clubs with great facilities that generally ran four sides, first, second, third (for useless players like me) and veterans. Now these clubs struggle to raise two sides. If anything league has held some of it's amateur growth through the improvement of facilities in the 1980's from pub cellars to club houses. Don’t sit in a foreign country 3,000 miles away and cluelessly try to tell me what’s happening here. “Youths” in recent years have found lots of other things to do once they have left school other than playing Football and Rugby. Again you drag out daily an argument that has no connection at all to reality here. "Some of these guys"? Do you mean people who can understand that Argyle running up a £10,000,000 business loss is not the "change" we need That business deficit is set to run into $Millions more next season maybe £15,000,000 So come on Frank, give us something more that a smart one liner?, give us something more than an insult? Tell us how clubs running up $$$Millions of debt and dismissing player development is the way to go. Come on Frank and anyone else, where should we be by the time the SKY deal is up for renewal? Should we have Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal in Superleague with a collective debt of what £30,000,000 between them? Should we have four "Canadian clubs" all camped in hotels around Manchester attending a training ground daily preparing for flying out to Canada to pretend to be Canadian Superleague clubs? Should these clubs be stocked by relegating the the useless Fartown, Wakefield London and Hull.K.R and dressing their ex-players up as Canadians??? Should we say goodbye to Ken Davey, Michael Carter, David Hughes, Tony Crossland and Neil Hudgell who own and fund these clubs? Do fans here just accept the change to Transalantic or do they stage sit in's on their clubs pitches? And then what do we do when SKY say in 2021 we only have a deal for an English League?? Name me the American Broadcaster who will step in? Is it Fox Sports Frank?? do you know?? Because you seem to know a lot ? Come on Franky baby, join in the actual the debate, tell me how the transatlantic league will work and delight the fans and club owners here?? Come on Wellsy and Bob8 debate it with me don't press your ignore buttons and tell others to do the same!!
  5. The definition of "Raising the profile of the game" is increasing public awareness of RL. Clearly the idea of a Canadian club has had a number of people with little connection with the game and little interest, sit up and take some notice. That's "raising the games profile", but whether that translates into growth in terms of more fans, more players and more TV money is a different matter, which depends on what the public's reaction is. Certainly there aren't more players and never will be as they don't play RL seriously in Canada, there's no prospect of any TV deals either leaving the "fans" issue. Additional numbers have come out to see what TWP are all about - I did that and found them to be phonies - but the main problem as per SL bosses is the "no away fans". Like it or not such as TWP will leave the "away" ends at grounds empty and depress attendances. It's no good dragging out the old cliches about "not depending on away fans" customers are customers and it's ridiculous to pretend the away fans are just a bonus, and it's even more ridiculous to ignore the fact home fans often don't bother if London or Celtic Crusaders are the opponents, let alone a Manchester club posing as Canadians. Fans round here would rather Leeds played Cas twice than TWP and so would the clubs treasurer. Now a real life USA team would probably be quite a draw!! Are you deliberately misinterpreting "raising the profile"? I think you are as usual bending every fact round to fit a narrative TWP are a fantastic success. YES TWP made people initially come out for a look at them, but all they found were the same old English journeymen's faces - there is no evidence that attendances would climb if the game went Transatlantic, in fact quite the reverse would be the effect. The reality is fans here want to see northern clubs play their northern rivals. That's the market, that's the nature of the fans, that's what they like. They'd rather watch Saints.v.Wigan and Warrington twice a season rather than watch TWP or Ottawa full of English journeymen. Saints takings would be massively down and SKY TV would not be happy either as their TV audiences want traditional "proper" clubs on TV What you typed there was abject nonsense. TWP can't grow a player pool for themselves by their own admission let alone grow the one here, and as for attendances they would depress them across the M62. Trust me, English fans want real English teams not phoney Canadian ones........
  6. Even you as a level headed realist seems to want to make the thread about me? I don't know about "some people" - very large SL fan numbers responded to polls about TWP by not seeing what they bring to the game as they now realise there is no Canadian RL and there are no Canadian TV deals and never will be as Union has it all tied up. Nearly all Superleague bosses back McManus and his analysis that TWP are just a Manchester based Anglo/Aussie club who fly out every two weeks to pretend RL is taking off in Canada. So don't you see that if SL bosses and fans don't want this nonsense, but have had to accept TWP as part of the RFL/SL split deal, that does NOT apply to New York or Ottawa. These clubs will be blocked from entry to Superleague unless they change the business model. How are SL bosses and SL fans going to wave another phoney set up through, and relegate yet another proper English club for that when they didn't want TWP? How are rich New Yorkers going to spend $$Milions with no guarantee of getting into Superleague. Don't make the thread about me that's how TWP apologists avoid the hard questions. It's true that I logically assume New York must develop the game in the USA or they won't ever be accepted by Superleague. You know the key point is expansion and as Perez agreed with the game here that is more quality professional players and more TV contracts. It's therefore essential that New York go into the Championship with as big an American contingent as they can, and despite the condemnation of the USA world cup players, I just do not buy the idea that if they professionalised and trained daily on muscle and skill they still could not give part time Championship clubs a real run for their money. Sure...maybe I am naive to imagine that USARL will ever grow large enough to in time throw up SL quality USA players, but cut me some slack, I too dream of the game expanding, but when it comes to TWP I haven't seen any "expansion" project be as see through as TWP, it's been obvious from the start that Perez is 100% hot air, when he talked about Transatlantic leagues, multi-million NATV deals, mass conversions of Grid iron players to RL, Chinese athletes taking up RL and the like. What Baloney!! But he never talked about the Canadian grass roots taking off did he - how could he after a six year failed stint at trying to revive it in the face of ever growing Canadian RU. And now we see as you say McDermott coming out to dismiss the idea of Canadian SL players in his lifetime. Taking a few pictures of some tots in Rugby jerseys with a rugby ball in hand and calling that development is as you point out nothing but another stunt - just like the "we are going to sign SBW and play all over Europe" stuff. I can't seem to find news of TWP actually signing anyone to date? Have I missed something MOK?? Or is the next fantasy SBW winning the Grand Final for TWP on his own?
  7. Everything's a spin with TWPhonies. I Was looking at a list of signings other clubs had made for next year, they had all been busy whilst all TWP were doing was bragging about how they are going to go all out for SBW. That followed all the stuff about playing early games across Europe at exotic venues, but that seemed to have died a death as well. I find New York exciting because they could actually field an all North American side and as small time as the USARL may be having a pro team can only help it get bigger time. Now that is expansion. It would not matter to me if they spent some time building up before being able to compete in the Championship because that's what we expect of up and coming clubs, but as we saw when TWP were chucking what few locals they had aside and chucking the money around they clearly weren't "assed" about growing anything. Their fans were all for that because they just want to win and again were not bothered about real expansion. The guys a $$Billionaire, it goes against the grain for him to try to grow something from nothing when as usual he's the money to just buy it. Once in SL what you got from McDermott was pretty much an admission he'd see no pro players come through the Canadian game and we had to like that or lump it and that's true for now as there was a signed agreement P & R would happen, but come the new TV deal all that is off, and like it or not we revert to exactly what the SL clubs think of TWP as expressed by McManus as an Australians Anglo/Aussie side based in Manchester dressing up in Canadian Jerseys. Polls show nobody is impressed by this bluff and bluster, No we can't agree as your not even listening are you?. The "grassroots" is the usual TWP spin that as always replaces any substance. The only properly funded and well staffed and successful Rugby development programmes in Toronto are all under the auspices of the Canadian Rugby Union. We had the nonsense about how it just needed "time" to grow Rugby league in a new area and I was told how London were now churning the players out, but the fact is they are not churning them out - I challenged the poster who said this to give me the list and sure it will contain greats like LMS, Clubb, Dixon, McMeakin and a couple of others, but that's not very many after 40 years is it and they were actually playing RL in London long before London Broncos came along in 1980. They don't play organised RL in Canada so again expect NO players to come through at all. As above Think about it - if the SL clubs take the view they don't like TWP but are stuck with them short term why would TWP bother to plan for and invest in future years employing a well staffed RL development programme when first chance SL get they will boot them out. I called it right two years ago that booting out their home grown players and outspending the Championship by a country mile was not going to go down well despite some people slathering over their long winning run, and claiming them as the future of Rugby league. Those self same people are now chasing me all over a thread that is about New York and is not about TWP. Sorry guys but falling over yourselves to try to discredit me has just ruined what I was hoping to be a real expansion thread.
  8. Are you frit? Name just the Superleague or the old first division quality players produced by London since 1980. Just do your best, it will help you and others realise that as big a city as London is where soccer is king and rugby is established as “Union” there’s been little room for junior player development for RL and few successes in over 40 years. On that basis I don’t see a thriving junior RL game in Toronto ever........ None of that will produce a single pro player and you should know that. For others let me explain..... In Leeds the Rhinos despite being a big club for over a century struggle to compete with Union for kids playing the game. Rugby Union has a near monopoly on kids playing Rugby union in Toronto, and a big network of coaches and facilities. Given TWPhonies appeal to the adult beer crowd I don’t see them ever making any headway against the Rugby Union clubs. They know this hence they don’t bother. It’s easy to list all the Toronto union clubs running junior Union projects, but even they struggle against Canadian sports and certainly soccer where there is a massive take up by Canadian kids. What chance has the foreign sport of RL attracting young quality players? None really. To develop youngsters into professionals Leeds needs to get the game played in schools as much as they can, as I say a lot of schools stick with union. Those who love the game at school have a choice of 30 clubs to play junior RL at outside school, some of the big names are Oulton, Stanningley, Hunslet Parkside, Hunslet Warrios, Milford and Easts. From that player pool Leeds can try to stock an academy and develop the best into professionals, but despite hundreds of kids going through the academy the success rate is very low. It’s been quoted as one or two academy kids per one hundred manage to get through to first team. Even then they may not last like Jordan Lilley and Ash Golding. Look at the way Leeds have to chase Australians and buy other clubs stars all the time. It shows you that the player pool here isn’t enough to stock our SL clubs with English talent, we have to go cap in hand to Australia. It’s just a fact that Canada won’t ever develop a player production system based on youngsters. Which is exactly why they didn’t promise this. They promised to develop players from the grid iron game. So it’s no good being up in arms about junior player development, even Perez knew they cannot do this, from his six year failure at Canada RL. Footnote: Gents, no point in the insults it just makes me even more determined to have a right to a fair say. Stick to the board rules please.
  9. No they are not, they photographed a couple of TWP players with a few toddlers in rugby shirts and put that out as “junior development” it was utterly pathetic. Too late, all the grass roots playing interest has been captured by Canada Rugby Union who have grown Rugby as a sport in Canada whilst RL spent it’s time dying out twice. RL isn’t a sport in Canada it’s a day out at a beer festival. Really – Then how come 11 of their players made the 2017 World cup, and Eichner and Burroughs made up a whole USA team? I’m sure an all American team could easily compete hard in league one from the start. Nowt phoney about that is there………..some very poor excuses for TWPhonies on what should be a New York thread. Really? Broncos have a continuous history going back nearly 40 years so maybe you can name me all the current London born Superleague level players in the game? Lets also try the same exercise with Sheffield Eagles? TWPhonies will always be a manufactured team gentlemen.
  10. Yes, but just for a day so some press photos could be taken with TWP players before the kids ran back to their Rugby Union clubs. Not only do you swallow all this PR stuff, you promote it yourself. Stick to the OP it's about New York not the phonies. More garbage, the development of top players comes through playing regularly in organnised games in junior schools and amateur leagues. It comes from being coached by people with experience of playing RL. It comes from regular competetive games. Both of you know it does but you can't help using a thread about New York to promote the phoney club. go open your own apologists thread for TWP. Steady, these clubs are in a league, the USARL that crosses many boundaries and takes the RL game to many states. We know that the last USA team in the World cup for goodness sake had many home grown players - how good was that? We know that developing any junior game takes decades fair enough but in the current USARL we have the opportunity for Rugby Union, Grid-Iron and any other players to give league a go with an opportunity to go train with an SL clubs and try playing at senior level pretty quickly if they are good. We have the opportunity for existing USARL players to go full time. Perez pretended to do this for 5 minutes then cynically abandoned it. New York and the USARL can run senior development week on week year on year? Back around 1970 Paul Grimes a north eastern RU player travelled to Leigh for a trial I believe, and became a great RL success. Senior converts are possible. The issue here is are new York just aiming to get into superleague after two promotions then that is that? They will not then bother with any player development? They and Catalans and TWP will be the 25% allowed in the Superleague under the leagues new rulings? none of them bothering with junior, academy or reserves or some other system that is a serious attempt to develop quality players And do these clubs then play in SL without any player development which is only going to see them at a disadvantage that means they join those clubs who never win anything but just make up the numbers, signing over the hill players top English and Aussie clubs don't want? We have to await more details of the NY business plan but it must include further and deeper player development than what the USA game has actually achieved so far which is far far more than TWPhonies ever will. RL in Canada died twice - it's still dead there. Lets forget TWP and keep the thread on New York and the USA Rugby League - it is very real.
  11. I agree with that and Superleague will concentrate on ensuring the heartland stays as strong as possible, as they now have set in stone limits for overseas clubs. But New York cannot be "Like Toronto" and expect to be wanted, it was very clear Superleague didn't want Toronto due to their inability to deliver TV money or players but a ruling left them unable to refuse them entry to SL this time. As below Superleague can veto future NA clubs so New York have to use home grown players and have to seek TV deals there, or they will sit in the second tier until they do or get ejected altogether . If they play silly games talking about how glamorous they are and how many "eyeballs" are upon them they won't be suffered for long. Please stop this, North America can just about field one club in the RFL/SL set up here, and until that club makes some headway in terms of TV money and the development of home grown players there's no point to a second club. Real expansion is something TWP never managed or really intended to manage, but hopefully NY will. You also need to stop this nonsense because Superleague have now set in stone rules on allowing overseas clubs in, limiting the number with Les Catalans being one of the clubs with a quota place so Superleague will remain an M62 game with guests in perpetuity or until a country really takes to playing the game and investing in it in numbers (not the case with TWP). If somehow New York did all the right things and elicited a major response from investors and players in the USA it would be New York in and TWP out anyway. Lets have a real life conversation this time instead of another three years of daft groundless dreams Like transatlantic, hemispherical, world and Solar System leagues. When do you think we will be seeing Mars.v.Jupiter?????.
  12. I have to say I've been positive on all expansion since London came along in 1980, and as for "showing my face" I've been on here far longer than you ever have have, and contributed far more than the utterly pathetic dreams about Toronto Wolfpack ruling the world. In doing so I've never tried to hound people off the board either. In 2016 I spotted a confidence trick that promised players and TV riches, that you may have fallen for but I didn't and was proved right - not wrong - when the phoney club sent out their Coach recently to mumble about how they couldn't get any TV deals and were unlikely to develop any players. I'm flat right about TWP. I ain't being "new", when I praise the idea New York will use REAL LIFE USA players who exist in the REAL LIFE USARL and who have played in two world cups. I ain't new when I praise a club that isn't promising to create a transatlantic league funded by a £500M Fox sports deal, and staffed by Grid Iron converts. The two clubs as it stands at the moment are chalk and cheese, phoney and substance, they are on completely different trajectories. So my approval so far, but they must develop the USA game to be strong enough to support a pro New York club, they must aim to be North Americas equivalent of Les Catalans only with more American players..........But I fear that................. PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE NO........ STOP IT We are not going Transatlantic. There is no deal for any Transatlantic League. Supeleague have already set in stone a maximum of overseas clubs of three so please can we stop all this silly dreaming. We can't go Transatlantic there aren't the players for it, we can't throw aside Northern English clubs who are real and develop players, and get £six figure TV deals for your silly dreams. Please go and open a dream thread. Let real expansionists discuss the difficulties, the pitfalls and some real targets to aim for please lets' forget the World domination stuff and have a decent discussion this time around?
  13. Lord help us if they are anywhere similar to Perez's phoney clubs I’m of course equally sceptical Oliver until New York start to deliver the things they talk about. But looking at what is now being said it sounds to me like they plan to do things properly. Is this because they see the phoney TWP who blagged their way in with no player development are not liked by the game here? TWP sacked their North Americans off which was a disgrace. Joe Eichner a USA International says he didn’t get a game, but with New York he expects to get a career. This is exactly what we all want for expansion. There are ten other USA players listed in the 2017 USA World cup squad. I am hopeful they like Eichner, will all get into the New York squad. Similarly my first reaction to the top Aussie players coming out and saying it would be a great place for over the hill Aussies to go and find a new home was here we go again, but very quickly I had to admit English Superleague clubs are themselves just such a home, and I think New York having players of such skill and stature playing with home grown USA players like Eichner is actually a fantastic recipe and cannot be argued about as English SL clubs field teams with the same mix. New York have to do it right TWP got entry to SL on the back of an agreement with SL P&R would happen this season even though SL did not want them. After this season Superleague will decide on overseas clubs so I expect New York to do things right, Americans from the start in the squad, and a development of their very real domestic game to produce more players. what's not to like if they actually do that??? From what's being said it sounds nothing like the phoney balonies from Canada. Therefore I conclude for now, as an expansionist that It’s a big thumbs up to New York from me. But I remain a big thumbs down for anything Perez based, that was literally broken promises and no intention of expansion…….and the same to come from Ottawa.
  14. Does it not occur to you that nobody else has answered my questions ??? This is because they can actually read and understand words. You say I have chosen to "focus on two expansion factors". All I have ever focused on is Eric Perez's own two stated promises of how Eric Perez through Toronto Wolfpack was going to expand and therefore benefit the game here. The two factors he and TWP Yes he and TWP were accepted into the game here on, the two things he and TWP therefore had promised and needed to deliver to the game here so it could expand the number of pro clubs with the extra pro-quality players and find the added commercial revenue for greater operational costs. If you look it up which you never do Perez offers the game more quality players and bigger TV deals in return for entry to the game here, he says these things not me??. Not a single Canadian cent has been brought in in TV money and on the issue of players the two or three North American players they had were actually sacked so that's a minus. Once again I am a fair man and I have a fair point and nobody can answer it, they never could answer it this last three years and they know that they could not answer it, so that is why they usually just insulted or made fun of me with "Parky is an Idiot" followed by "like this" emojies from others who could not answer it..... That's OK I win anyway, but I remind you again of how you tried to answer my points some time back, which was to despicably call for me to be banned from this website, that is what you did in the name of what? Free speech?? Debate??? Obviously everyone knows but don't want to admit TWP offered us nothing but London's relegation after their brave attempt to remain a Superleague club, making Superleague a worse place for it and delivering a blow to real expansion into the south of England. Now we see another totally phoney Perez club being lined up to follow this "Ottawa" a club who won't bring us a cent in TV money or any players, whose intentions are to displace a real club in Superleague. The RFL are fine with all this new "Glamour" coming into the game and even finer enjoying these two clubs spending money in the Championship before moving on to be dumped on Superleague who do not want them. The whole thing is a Greek tragedy - but you think it's expansion It isn't and never was. It's about the massive break up of the game here where the RFL and Superleague fell out big time and eventually got a divorce. I doubt you understand any of this, and maybe can hardly grasp the real truth behind all this nonsense which is Perez and Argyle taking advantage of the games serious split here. When the TV deal runs out Championship clubs will lose funding and many may well fold when SL will get their revenge. But I guess your oblivious to all these truths as well. Anyway...... That appears to be this thread pretty much finished now with the silence from others showing my point is taken - and taken gracefully without insult which I thank people for, as for you please do me the favour of never ever replying to me ever again.....
  15. I got no real answers for a couple of years with Bob8 leading the insult and ignore campaign. You just can't beat free speech and respect for others opinions can you!! I suppose I can try again thanks to you guys, let me see...... Question One Mr. Perez was clear the production of quality players was a must to be able to expand the game. He started Canada RL in 2010 to foster organised clubs and leagues with no real lasting success. When he started TWP in 2016 he switched to converting grid iron players with no success at all, and now McDermott is being very candid that there’s not going to be any North American players probably not in his lifetime. Nobby was sniffing around the Canada RU team recently and drew a blank. Looks like they don’t play RL in Canada and never will, so how can this be "expansion"? Question two. That tiny problem aside another unanswered question is NATV money Mr. Perez said was vital to expand the game there. The Clubs here can’t share theirs as there is barely enough from SKY to keep them going. There was according to Mr. Perez the opportunity for a massive North American TV deal, but it had to feature five to six North American clubs in SL and there just aren’t the players to stock all these clubs unless you shut down clubs here and take their players. However McDermott has further put a nail in the coffin of any NATV deal by taking this point further. Even if there were the extra players North American TV would not be interested in screening northern English Industrial towns like St.Helens (glass) Hull (Fisheries) Huddersfield (textiles) Castleford (mining and glass) Wigan (pies) Wire (wire) etc etc etc. Looks like NATV don't want to pay big money to Televise NA clubs if it's in a league half full of unheard of Northern English Industrial towns. So how can this be "expansion"? Question three If TWP hasn't stimulated any real expansion of the playing of the game and the TV sponsorship of the game then what is the point of New York or Ottawa?? Why keep repeating the original mistake of wasting £Millions and £Millions of hard cash on a charade with no financial return just big losses?
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