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  1. Serbian kid

    With experience of thus age group there is better 17 year old kids playing at St Annes, Saddleworth and Waterhead in my opinion who are not contracted to SL or Championship Clubs. I know at leaay 4/5 who would be outstanding in the Championshipin the next 18 months under the right setup.
  2. Oldham v Batley

    Ive seen milk turn quicker than Rettie today when Sammy turned him inside out
  3. Managing the Forum

    Whatever has gone on, and only those who are involved know the full reasoning behind the refusal. But IF the refusal of entry was down to a personal beef with that said person then its totally unprossfesional.Safety has to be paramount at all games and lots of criteria that unfortunately in this day and age has to be adhered to, even though some of seems common sense, the club like all RL clubs are bound by the same rules and regulations.
  4. Final curtain

    Chris is more involved at Eccles Spud with the Under 15s and another kids team,
  5. Final curtain

    Really annoyed at this announcement, and confirms what I feared last season. I didn't go at all last year, apart from the GF, after many years of supporting the club in a professional capacity on and off field. The reason:- my enthusiasm for club and sport had hit rock bottom. Clubs in the third and second tiers are struggling, but what does not make sense is the tie in with the Giants at the expense of running a second team. It took a lot of effort to get the club to run a second team, and we have seen it bear fruit time and time again, and with the right people in place, it would of carried on this trait. At the present time, there are some really talented 16/17 years olds that have been released by pro clubs due to the players rejecting the education side of the scholarships which is complusory, favouring the more traditional A level routes. These are the players should be enticing into the club, not some Giants star who is making a comeback after suspension or injury, and has no connection with the club. Just because SL clubs cannot afford a reserve team, they have to leach onto C and C1 clubs. Oldham always stood a chance because of the talent the local clubs produce, but it needed a pathway into the towns professional side, Houghy, Ashy and Rats provided that route, and now it's disappeared, I fear the worse.