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  1. Sheffield Eagles have finished at the top

    The cheque were presented at half time at the Wigan/Hull KR match on Sky last night.
  2. Look out behind you!

    Oh no you aren't (in best pantomime voice)
  3. Leigh game now 19th August

    Thanks Sky - NOT. I now have to try and rearrange my diary. If I am not able to do so, do you think Sky would refund me, pro rata, my season ticket money? Also, how much money do clubs get from Sky for TV matches and is it worth the disruption it causes?
  4. One Championship club into Super League next March.

    Knowing how the RFL works it wouldn't suprise me if South Wales Scorpions were offered a licence. The whole thing is just a farce.
  5. Future of RL below Super League

    For me a return to winter is a non-starter. This current season started at least 4 weeks too early. Maybe start 1st week in March and end in October. Improve fixture planning - Eagles will go from 6th June to 1st August with only 1 home game which must be financially quite difficult for the club. Travel to Gateshead , London or Bridgend is, for us at least, no worse than travelling to Barrow, Whitehaven or Workington. Expand the number of clubs in the lower divisions to areas not too far removed from the traditional RL areas. I have in mind Beverly, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Worksop/Mansfield and several others, but do it gradually so that a proper infrastructure can be established. Increase funding - yes but will it happen whilst Red Hall are bowing and kowtowing to Super League and Sky? I think not. Tell Sky to stuff their Thursday night televised matches. Approach the BBC to televise matches on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. They were quite happy to do this in the good old days of Eddie "Oop and Under" Waring so why not now? Finally -the RL should invest in referee recruiting and training. We have had some dismal ones over the years. Let under 16s in for a nominal fee - this is where future players and crowds come from.
  6. Congratulations to Batley

    Have to hand it to Batley, even it they did beat us in the 1/4 final round. Thought they'd blown it at 15 -24 down but what a super comeback. Well done to all concerned. I think I even saw Karl Harrison give a little smile.
  7. hendo

    *groan*. They get worse lolol
  8. Should Cas be made to play in Pink Shirts?

    So what did the club do to stop this chanting and abues? My guess would be absolutley nothing. For once I think that the RFL have got this one spot on.
  9. last night strange option?

    I agree about not takingt he two, OK we had a couple of iffy decisions but no one appears to take responsibility on the field.
  10. Another one bites the dust?

    Have a read of this.............
  11. Barrow at home

    I am looking forward to this game even if we are back at DVS. It will be interesting to see what size crowd we get.
  12. Whitehaven(4) 14 SHEFFIELD EAGLES (0)24

    Having just watched it on Eagles TV, I wonder also whether Brendon did actually ground the ball properly but heigh ho, some you win, some you lose. Oh for a reliable goal kicker though.
  13. Another one bites the dust?

    A double whammy then, poor lad
  14. Another one bites the dust?

    A wee bit harsh there methinks. I enjoyed, many years ago now, playing both codes, admitttedly at Extra B team level (at that level in those days, many RL teams were full of A.N. Others cos we weren't allowed by the RFU to play both codes) and still enjoy watching both codes today. Admittedly if your remarks are aimed at England's RU team I would be inclined to agree with you. Their performances recently have been truly turgid (or do I mean ###### like?). In the meantime I shall continue to support the Eagles and in winter toddle up to watch Sheffield Tigers, provided I can remember where I have put my Arctic clothing lol.
  15. Whitehaven(4) 14 SHEFFIELD EAGLES (0)24

    Thanks Eagleraider, a good and sensitive post. I note that we left it late (again) to sew the match up - 2 tries in the last 3 minutes!