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  1. Very true, Just watched nearly over 8 hrs of footage, starting with Sunday Roast, Sunday Footy Show, NSW Cup Final, Toyota Cup Final and NRL GF. All on Channel 9, not on pay tv. I love living here and one of the reasons is the love of rugby league. I went to the supermarket on the gold coast this morning and some cashiers and staff were wearing there teams shirts. People are talking about it at work. It's fantastic. On a downside the pre match entertainment was s.hite. Jessica Mauboy miming and some guy ripping off Rolling Stones. Apart from that 1st class viewing
  2. Ive looked on another couple of websites about this and he was previously banned for 2 months first time and 2 years second time, this paper got facts wrong. Still think its harsh though.
  3. Take a look at this, I think its a bit harsh when you professional athletes get a 2yr ban for steroids and performance enhancing drugs. I played in the same league as this guy, feel a bit for him.
  4. humpy

    Ellery Hanley

    Your last comment is spot on, we dont do enough to hang onto the our legends, I live in Australia and have done for the past 20 months, I've noticed that a lot of former players are actively involved in various aspects of the game right from grass roots level. I know in Queensland it is the favourite sport but more should be done to keep the guys involved
  5. Does anyone know if the game is to be shown in Oz, I cant find it on the TV listings
  6. Sam was asked on the footy show last night if he got away with grapple tackles in the UK and he said he had got away with it. He said that in Oz where every game is televised, it is hard to get away with things as there are 8 camera watching every move from various angles, as only 2 games are fully on tv in UK, that is 2 games with 8 camera angles, the others are only filmed from one angle hence the chance is there to get away with things.
  7. Dont think any Super League clubs could really afford his wages, he is reportedly on around $500'000 a year at Broncos, he was on more at Storm but that was over salary cap. Would you risk such a large amount on one player, Broncos can only afford him due to 3rd party deals
  8. humpy

    Amateur Rugby League

    Currently playing in the Gold Coast league, Australia for Hinterland Storm, definitly my last season, at 32 I'm feeling the injuries more than ever, Played good level most of open age life : Played for Dewsbury Moor and Shaw Cross Sharks in the conference, Dewsbury Academy, Batley Academy and a year with Batley A team. Represented Heavy Woollen, Yorkshire and BARLA 23's and got called into a Scotland squad but had to pull out with injuries. Also had 2 cameo's for Cork Bulls and Fife Lions in York 9's festival. I always thought I would play on forever but it takes longer to recover now and having just had my tenth broken bone this year, something is telling me to retire gracefully !!! Although Ive already agreed to play in a masters team next year, they play a mix of tackling and touch depending how old you are and they only play once a month so should be able to handle that !!!
  9. humpy

    Luke Patten and Ryan Tandy to....

    Ryan Tandy has played well in most games Ive seen him in this year, will be a great squad player, has good go forward, Craig Bellamy really rated him.
  10. I'd definite go for Ryan Bailey, puts in plenty and then goes missing when it comes to getting some back. Years ago Terry O'Connor pulled his arm back and bailey s.hat himself and ran away. Seen him out in Leeds in a club and he was strutting around liker he owned the place, thinks he is tough guy, his dad has a reputation round Leeds for being a tough man, I think Ryan tries to be like him,
  11. humpy

    Mark Calderwood

    Sorry but the comment wasn't meant to come across as being racist, I think he does look like a few of the taxi drivers I've come across in Batley after a nite out...
  12. humpy

    Power of RL in Australia

    xxxx gold and xxxx summer are really nice beers over here, not like the 4x they sell in UK.