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  1. That would be great as far as I'm concerned. The guy is the biggest loser in RL! All the great teams he has had and coached and the amount of trophies won is ......................... None! The guy could be 50 nil up at half time in a cup final with the oppostion down to 11 men, and I would still back him to find a way to lose.
  2. Spot on all the RFL with Wood and Co are doing is rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic.
  3. You are as predictable as several trips to the loo after a few beers and a dodgy curry. ( And about as fun) Your anti Rovers bias is beyond a joke, in a previous life on here as EBDU, you used to mouth off about all sorts including Darren Lockyer and Wayne Bennett being past it, they both then won the 2006 grand final (Bennett then helped win a world cup and another NRL Grand Final) and Lockyer helped Qld win 6 Orgin series on the bounce before retiring. As you had been called out, you disappeared for a while then resurfaced as Goldcoaster and have been pushing your Hull FC team at every turn while bad mouthing everything Hull KR do. You are a joke and a waste of a skin. I will no longer fall into your trap after this post as I will no longer rise to your bait. As others have noted we are losing a few of our existing "2nd rate" Aussies (one of which is going to your team lol!) Dobson, Patterson (back to the NRL) Paea (FC) O Hara and Lincoln Withers possibly retiring as well as the supposed departure of Con Mika as well, that would make 6 out and so far 2 in, maybe another one which means we would have a net reduction of 3 overseas players in our squad!
  4. Good luck to Dobbo back home, he has given us 5 years good service and has handled this the correct way with no agent muddying the waters with flannel in the papers. He told the club he would like to go back and give the NRL another crack and has found a team that wants to give him a go. He also gets the chance to play under Wayne Bennett, you can't blame him for going. As a player he will be missed, but this should give the club the chance to give a young british half the chance to stake a claim for the 7 shirt at our club.
  5. Because your obviously a touch mentally challenged I will explain it to you. Craig's Father is a Rovers legend, having a long and distinguised career winning many honours and trophys therefore he was born to play for Hull KR. Do try and keep up little one.
  6. Nothing sensible to add to a thread as usual I see.
  7. All the top NRL sides are playing their best "maverick" player at full back, Tomkins is our best maverick player. We cant out defend them we have to out attack them to stand any chance.
  8. The most dynamic attacking players are picked to play full back in the NRL. Billy Slater, Matt Bowen, Preston Cambell, Josh Duggan, the young kid at Cronula with those 2 length of the field tries this year and Jarryd Hayne. Only one of them is what you would call BIG for a full back. The way you beat Australia is by scoring more points than them, you do not out defend them. And if you think his defence is questionable then you ain't seen him play. Put him one on one with speedy faster 100kg+ backs you say sorry mate they don't exist!
  9. God I hope not cos if thats the case whoever wins will be getting the trophy in front of only a 1/3 rd full stadium!
  10. Good signing. Young lad with very good pace and footwork, can play at and through the defensive line. Will add to our team with something we don't have. Yes he has problems with his game, but these can be worked on. What you can't coach someone is how to run a great deal faster. He will also benefit if he can be given on position and can play that all the time. I don't normally slag off our cross city rivals but in this case they deserve a total kicking. The treatment of this lad ever since he broke into the 1st team has been shocking, from the ex coach Peter Sharp blaming him for losing a game at Quins (i think) on his Super League debut (2nd 1st team game) on Radio Humberside, the interviewer said "your not blaming the young lad are you?" "Yes I am" says Peter not so! And so it has continued with Agar. As soon as he got out of there (Widnes) he starts to find form and confidence. Goes back to Hull and looks great against us in a Derby at Craven Park, 2 games later out of the team confidence gone again after another blame session on air from the coach. Good luck to you Craig and welcome to the club you were born to play for!
  11. First of all I must add my feelings of anger over the idiots who were throwing things on to the pitch. Hopefully they can be identified and action taken against them. With regard to size of fine and any other punishment handed out, it is very difficult for me to be objective for obvious reasons. I will say that after the lighter was thrown then there were only perhaps 1/2 a dozen coins thrown. (Still too many I know). The lighter I believe was thrown at Sam Tomkins, this may have something to do with an incident that occurred at our place a couple of weeks ago, other people then must have thought it was a good idea to throw something. I think the Wigan players were very sensible in doing what they did as this then removed themselves from harm and also stopped the incident from escalating. From my position, which was to the left of the posts from my point of view, all the objects that were thrown came from just behind the posts. I must admit I did not see the stewards do a great deal, but I was trying to watch the game. As has been stated by other posters, many games have had incidents were things have been thrown onto the pitch, it does appear to be a problem that is increasing and also some grounds lend themselves to this more than others. One thing that I think could have been done differently would have been to have banned any beer in the seats (as it was at the KC) this just keeps a bit of a lid on the drinking of a few of the nutters.
  12. Good luck to Frankie, think he falls between 2 stools. Not quite big enough for a top forward and not quick enough for the centres. Good lad though.
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