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Eagles show they can play well

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Eagles frighten a self indulgent Wigan team.....


From the 6th min through to 19th min Sheffield Eagles were in total command of this game and Wigan were very much on the back foot. The second half was an even 24 points all and the Lancashire team ran out of steam on the 64th minute and considering their status of top of Super League, never had a try scored against them in the first 10 mins. What was apparent was that that they were not allowed to slow the pob down as they do in SL, and they were not too happy about it.

Looking at the photos after the match it was as if Wigan had dropped a fiver and found a penny and that Tubby had found the fiver!!!!!


Eagles made a real fist of it and should be proud of their achievement.

Well done lads

Penalty Count: Eagles (5) 8 Wigan (4) 10

Conceded by Eagles for Holding down, high tackle, obstruction, not square, ball out on full at restart,spear tackle

Conceded by Wigan: holding down, obstruction,interference at pob,off side,not square, high tackle

Interchanges: Eagles (6) 12 Wigan (4) 10

Attendance 2950 (????) [no idea how it was so little after last weeks 2800 crowd. That stand was almost full and at least double that of when we played London Broncos in 1998(2420)]

Referee: Ian Smith

Eagles: Yere,Thackeray,Lindsay,Howieson,Cook, Stringer, Szostak,Green, Barlow, Rowe, Haley, McDonald, Ropati, Taulapapa, Mossop, Barnett

Scorers: Eagles: Yere(6); Barnett(11, 56, 69); Rowe(68) ; Lindsay(79)

Carnegie MOM: Menzie Yere

Eagles MoM: Richie Barnett

300 Club MoM: Alex Szostak

nb: first tries score by Barnett and he gets 3 !!!!! Nice to see his potential appear with that speed

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6 tries against Wigan - not many teams will do that this season. Eagles - you did us proud. Carry on as you left off and you will soon be moving up the table.

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Great game. Really enjoyed it. So proud of the players - they worked their butts off and kept taking the game to Wigan. There was plenty of opportunity for heads to go down, but this didn't really happen.

Good to see Menzie and Richie clicking on the left hand side. I've had my doubts about that combination but it sure payed off. The forwards put in some hard graft. I can imagine that Ged was disappointed not to make it into the 17.

The Wigan fans were really quiet for the first 20mins of the second half, but I think they started to get a bit worried/frustrated when Barnett got his brace...then the drum started. I was amusing to hear some fans around us whineing about the ref - saying that he was our 14th man. Yawn!

And we got the famous "Wigan Walk" too! Mind you, if they haven't paid, they probably don't mind leaving a few minutes early...beat the rush to the coaches on Bramall Lane... :lol:

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