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I wonder what we were all saying about the playoffs back in 1998 when we came from 5th......... ;)

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that play offs to decide the ultimate Champions are valid at the end of the season ONLY when the fixture format means that all clubs do not play each other throughout the regular season - as used to happen prior to 1973 (1960's two division system excepted). Such league formats may not see the best team overall ending the season as league leaders.

When all clubs play each other home and away as happens in our league, for me the team who have finished at the top of the pile ARE Champions. Thats how I feel now and thats how I have always felt.

I have nothing against an end of season play off, indeed it could be another trophy to win and would be an interesting end to the season giving clubs who have challenged for top spot throughout the season a chance to topple the ultimate Champions.

But so as not to detract from the Championship winning club it should be given another name - Premiership or Victor ludorum Trophy or whatever.

Victor Ludorum - Latin meaning winner of the games.

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As far as i'm concerned the champions are the team who finish top at the end of the regular season once every team has played each other home and away.

If promotion/relegation returns and it's two up two down then the top two teams should go up and the bottom two down.

If we win the GF but not the league this season my opinion won't change.

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