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  1. Ther in lies the problem, since 1995 and the creation on SL “ I’m alright jack and stuff the rest of you” has been the unwritten law from the greedy self appointed few.
  2. I got to know Tommy when doing he time keeping for my club, always made welcome by Tommy when visiting Leigh. He was, as has been said, an absolute gentleman, Rugby League, and Leigh, through and through. RIP
  3. I think the player who scored following Brian's break in the second round against Wakefield was Gary Jordan. I also think Rovers actually signed him from Hull K R where he had a short spell.
  4. I think the important question is which of these players would get into our side now ?
  5. Clive Hill definitely Welsh and i am fairly certain he played for Bridgend at one time, Don't think he was a welsh international though.
  6. Jimmy B


    And no-one seems to have mentioned Carl Dooler.
  7. My bet would be Bradford to replace Wakefield. in SL.
  8. No Parky it wasn't just a "sit in" by a few fans. Featherstone Rovers held an official ballot on the matter amongst the people who owned the club at the time i.e. the club members. The result was in favour of going it alone.
  9. Parky, that figure was pre superleague, pre full time players , pre sky monies, you, and nobody else have any idea as to what average crowd the Rovers would attract should they ever get into SL. What average First Division crowd did Wakefield attract immediately prior to there elevation into the so called "elite" professional ranks ? I'll save you getting your Rothmans out - it was ; - 1994/95 3,438 1993/94 3,822 1992/93 4,505 1991/92 5,022 1991/92 4,848 Hardly way out in front of that figure, quoted by you, presumably, as a reason why Rovers could not make it in SL. How can you assume that the Rovers average gate could not grow as Wakefields have done ? I repeat you have no idea as what crowd Rovers may attract as a Full time professional outfit - and nobody else has either !
  10. Martyn, Would any club who rent a stadium, be automatically allowed to continue using it after entering administration ? Administration means you cannot pay your bills, which would almost certainly include ground rent. Would the owners of a rented ground simply say OK carry on using it and risk further loss of revenue ? Would you say that the position Wakefield are in regarding who owns Belle Vue is preferrable to what we see at Featherstone ? I am confident that the present Rovers BOD have got their fingers firmly on the pulse and would politely suggest they do not need your advice.
  11. Exactly Terry - Why do the rest of Super League Clubs want Bradford to remain in SL (To the point of running the club if necessary) if it isn't to get a slice of that "20,000" crowd when playing Bradford at home ?
  12. Indeed you did. But was the introduction of P & R ever really expected , whenever it was, to dramatically increase crowds and was that the sole purpose for the change ?
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