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Referee's for this week

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Fixtures Saturday 03rd November

Barton Townley Semi Final

Kick Off Referee Touch Judge Touch Judge

Askam v Dalton 13 - 30 @ Holbeck Terry Bewley TBC Jordan Rosconie

Fixtures Saturday 03rd November


Kick Off Referee

Barrow Island v Dalton 14-00 Jimmy Bridle

Askam v Roose Pioneers 14-00 Rob McAloone

Millom v Hindpool 14-00 Possibly Switch to Hindpool TBC Bob Huitson

Ulverston v Walney 14-00 Paul Roskell

Youth Appointments

Fixtures Weekend – Sunday 28th October 2012

Under 8

Kick Off Referee

Hindpool Roose Pioneers 10-30 KO TBC

Walney v Marsh Hornets 10-30 KO TBC

Millom v Hawcoat 10-30 KO TBC

Under 10

Kick Off Referee

Hindpool Roose Pioneers 11 - 00 KO TBC

Walney Wildcats v Marsh Hornets 11 - 00 KO TBC

BI Broncos v Walney Warriors 10 - 30 KO TBC

BI Bulldogs v Dalton 10 - 30 KO TBC

Millom v Hawcoat 11 - 00 KO TBC

Askam v Ulverston 10 - 30 KO Curtis Braithwaite

Under 12

Kick Off Referee

Roose Pioneers v Millom 10 - 30 KO TBC Club Ref

Askam v Dalton 11 - 15 KO Curtis Braithwaite

Barrow Island v Walney 10 – 00 KO Marley Johnson

Under 14

Bedlington Engineering

League Kick Off Referee

Dalton v Ulverston 11 - 00 KO Paul Wilkes

Barrow Island Walney 12 - 00 KO CLUB REF

Roose Pioneers v Millom 11 - 30 KO @ Holbeck Jordan Rosconie

Barrow Is U13 v Askam 11 - 00 KO CLUB REF

Under 16

Nigel Atkinson “Snap-on Tools

League Kick Off Referee

Askam v Dalton 12 - 00 KO Curtis Braithwaite

Barrow Island v Walney 13 – 00 KO Terry Bewley

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