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Does British/European Rugby League need an 'Independent Commission'?

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Just an offshoot from the Phil Clarke thread although not exactly the same, there does appear to be a lack of strategy, direction and clout at a commercial level. Especially with regards to the way the top elite level of the sport is run. Will there be British Lions tour? Will the home nations be strengthened and get more games? Is licensing or promotion and relegation the way forward? What's the strategy for expansion particularly in places like London? What can the sport do to bring in more sponsorship and money men to the game? 


These are topics of discussion in the sport which needs to be clarified and perhaps managed from an outside entity. The biggest problem seems to be a lack of a singular vision at the moment we have 14 superleague clubs going off in one direction with Gary Hetherington running off to Australia to propose a World Club format, the RFL going off into another. The sport over here needs a single body which acts on behalf of the Elite level of the sport and designs the grass roots strategy also. 

The RFL and the clubs should just be implementing this blueprint as laid out by this body.


So far this process seems to be working in Oz although it's early days, but there's an argument that Rugby League over here could benefit from such a leadership.




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