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  1. That Justin Tropis looks like a handy player
  2. Atlantisman is the man to speak to about this. He did give some details in another thread, I'll see if I can find that thread
  3. It wasn't a formal announcement but the France coach Frayssinous has confirmed that the Federation is working on this. Atlantisman who also works at the Federation provided some details on another thread a few weeks ago
  4. It's been announced by the French that they are organising a pro league either just before 2025 WC or after. Some of those cities you mentioned are in contention to have teams in the league. This had been discussed in another thread
  5. Mate, you don't know what my contribution to the sport is. Secondly, this is really only a debate and an exchange of ideas I respect a lot volunteers and people that run clubs.
  6. Not a fan of having clubs without place names. The Dolphins is an example, what's wrong with Brisbane Dolphins or North Brisbane Dolphins?
  7. "the name " Birmingham" polled as being quite toxic whilst " Midlands" was largely seen as neutral without any baggage". I honestly think this is a mistake. I'm getting the impression that people from across the Midlands, from say Coventry had a say on the name of a club that will now be in Birmingham. I'm reading a post from someone on here not from Birmingham that said he would never support a team called Birmingham (despite the club now being located in Birmingham), or words to that effect. That is just ignorant and those views shouldn't be catered too. The reality of the situation is that the vast majority of the potential and immediate support base IS IN BIRMINGHAM, so those potential and casual supporters in Birmingham are more important than the handful in Coventry or elsewhere. Trying to be 'neutral' and appease everyone never works and it won't in this case. I hope the new ownership seriously thinks about this.
  8. Thanks for the background information. So are there plans to mitigate the distance between the pitch and the stands which have the athletics track inbetween? It was indicated on an earlier post that it wasn't going to be an issue. Does that mean that there are specific plans in place?
  9. I would have to start a separate thread to talk about all the reasons and grave mistakes that led to London not being successful. None of these have anything to do with the fact that they are called London but mainly incompetence from the owner and the people tasked with running RL in the UK
  10. It sounds like they are ambitious which is very positive. Targeting schools is also the right approach. But please, please, please rename the club from Midlands to Birmingham, people in the UK do not affiliated their favourite sports teams to a region
  11. Derek Beaumont would like to thank you for the free publicity and exposure you're providing to Leigh Leopards/Centurions
  12. I agreed with everything you said there except this. 'The location of club sides matters little'.
  13. Yeah, wouldn't it be great if people came into our sport that wanted to invest in London, Newcastle, Toulouse, Cornwall
  14. It's the only way we're going to move forward. 6 clubs in one region is just not sustainable
  15. Didn't we have the same issue after the 2013 World Cup of not capitilising on gains made during that competition. What do we do? Just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again
  16. Yes, my current understanding of the situation is that proposals made by IMG have to be refined and then voted on. But licensing/franchising must reward clubs that are not located within the vicinity of other SL clubs, ie, London, Newcastle, Cornwall
  17. I know there is, I'm just passionate about these topics and RL in this country. I want to make clear what I see are the stumbling blocks coz I've been going on about the same things for years and they never get addressed. Too many wasted opportunities, too much selfishness. When the strategic direction of the sport increases the likelihood of 6 clubs in the north west above the importance of having a Newcastle and/or London club we're asking for trouble. The past few years of RL in this country has been a sh*t show there's no other way to put it.
  18. I don't care what you think. The state of RL in England keeps proving my point time and time again, until that changes I'm going to keep on posting what I think the problems are
  19. That just about sums up my thoughts about England's WC campaign and the general state of RL in the UK. Yes I started another thread about it, but I felt compelled to because where we are is the result of many of the issues I've been rattling on here about. We are still not addressing those issues, haven't done for years and hence we find ourselves as further behind the southern hemisphere teams as we've ever been. The main two issues with England RL is and always has been been: 1. Lack of geographic diversity. When you have 5-6 SL in the North West with only a few kilometres separating them competing over the same limited player pool you are not going to produce enough world class players. It's that simple. You can say exactly the same thing about West Yorkshire. 2. The continual undermining of the England RL team and international RL as a whole. Up to this point RL in England has been centered solely on keeping clubs afloat and this results in no room in the calendar for England, the Celtic nations or France to play fixtures. Wales and France are not as far behind England as people think, we just need a shift in direction and the patience to allow these teams to develop. Yes the first few years will be one sided in England's favour but I've always preached that the future of RL in Europe has to be built on a mid season England v Wales v France international series. The RFL has always strategically tried to rely on Australia and NZ series for revenue and competitiveness but have not adapted to the reality that the NRL has pushed the southern hemisphere into a completely different direction, meaning they are not so keen to release players in the off season to play international matches. The RFL still hasn't adapted it's thinking to this new reality. The new proposals put forward by IMG addresses these issues to a certain extent, but not enough. The same clubs that have their own personal agendas get to vote on the strategic direction of the whole sport and this is the single biggest factor affecting the two issues I identified. My feeling is that IMG wanted more radical changes but can only make suggestions based on what they think will be voted through by the clubs. Until this situation changes I dont think the change that needs to happen will happen.
  20. Childish. If you don't like discussions don't come onto a forum, it's really simple. That's the definition of pathetic
  21. Just because I posted the tweet here doesn't mean I necessarily agree with it, but I do think it is worth a discussion. Is that pathetic?
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