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  1. Toulouse getting promoted to Super League is potentially huge for the French game and for European Rugby League in general. Several years ago the general opinion of observers was that Rugby League in Toulouse was in a rut and was heading in the direction of how Rugby League ended up in several other big French cities. The presence of RL in places like Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille has mostly dwindled and in some cases evaporated completely, the fear was that Rugby League in Toulouse would end up the same way. Now with Toulouse promoted the outlook is much more positive, I think their promotion is an opportunity to get more people participating in RL at grass roots level across France, but specifically in the Haute-Garonne region. And when I mean participation I don't just mean mens players, but the sport in all its forms, womens game, PDRL, youth, tag, referees, coaches, volunteers. Due to the effect Catalan Dragons had in Perpignan and the surrounding areas, RL has been much more stronger there than in most other centres and the aim of Toulouse has to be to rebalance that power dynamic. TO need to think about how they can maximise the opportunities from being in SL and getting the exposure that comes with it to get more players playing in Toulouse, Haute Garonne and south west areas. How can they reinvigorate amateur clubs and increase the number of them, how can they get better players into their youth and reserves teams. At the moment they are not producing anywhere near the same number of players as Catalan Dragons and the Toulouse Broncos reserve team have not performed well in the Elite for some time. They have recently linked up with clubs like Ramonville with a view to extending the reach of their club and I'd like to see them do more of this, they need to expand their influence in Haute-Garonne and even the Tarn. This is a really exciting time for French Rugby League and Toulouse, I'd love to hear from supporters in this part of France and get their views on how they see things panning out in the next few seasons.
  2. It was a poor performance, too many mistakes
  3. Great news!! He will learn a lot in a high level professional environment
  4. Dean Parata has signed. Boom!! Quality signing! https://londonbroncosrl.com/2021/10/17/parata-jumps-at-chance-to-join-the-broncos/
  5. Who's the Catalan under 19 number 11? He looks like a giant playing against toddlers
  6. Bit harsh on LaGuerre, I thought he showed that he can play at a higher level, I wouldn't be surprised to see him get some game time at SL level next season How old is the younger Sangare?
  7. He has a very good kicking game so maybe with a more dynamic half back partner he'll be able to have a better impact
  8. https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2021/05/13/the-rooster-revolution-how-easts-found-their-emblem/
  9. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/salford-red-devils-fans-forum-and-aj-bell-stadium-update/
  10. I thought Baptiste Fabre looked decent. He's a good prospect
  11. Good individual effort by Benjamin LaGuerre. I'm backing him to be a SL player eventually
  12. Hearing that Remi Casty has been offered a role in the Toulouse coaching team
  13. Because they realise the overall strength of the game and an individual club is more important than tradition
  14. Someone called Declan O'Donnell has signed. Does anyone know who this guy is?
  15. I hope you are right coz from what I can see we're still behind most teams in the Championship in regards to the lack of quality in our squad
  16. Just when i was starting to get very concerned London finally have announced some good news. With this really important nice to Plough Lane, the club has to show that it still has ambition https://londonbroncosrl.com/2021/10/14/bienek-is-back-as-coleman-moves-to-bring-lewis-home/ Jacob Jones has signed for Leigh
  17. Anyone know what happened to Stan Robin? He left the Leopards suddenly and moved to Perpignan but doesn't seem to have signed for anyone
  18. I think there's a good chance it could be Lambert Belmas. I read somewhere that when he left Catalan, Toulouse tried to sign him before he went to Lezignan.
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