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Two points to ponder?

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First, did anyone see both the decisions on obstruction given to the VR lately in the Leeds v Wigan and last night's Widnes v Wigan fixture.


As an ex-referee I judged the one where Leeds were denied an equalizing try with a possible goal to win as OK.  The man concerned stood still and put his hands on is head.  No movement was made and to my mind he couldn't cause an obstruction.  The VR disagreed and Leeds lost.


Last night Wigan 'scored' whilst trailing Widnes and the referee asked for help with another possible obstruction.  This time there was little doubt in my mind it WAS obstruction as the man came running into position and collided with a defender.  Again the VR disagreed and Wigan again went on to win another game by a drop goal that wouldn't have been kicked had the try not been allowed.


What is the common denominator in all this, WIGAN!!!


I may be wrong so I welcome other comments and a viewing of The Super League Show recording so you can do your own VR job.


Secondly, London 10 v 82 Warrington.  Need I say more, some of the cup ties between SL and non-SL have been nearer than that!!  The game was at Priestfield and was played at 3.00pm on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon in front of a derisory 3,041 spectators.  Our game with Heme got over 26% of that gate.



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