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Im looking for volunteers to come help the club give one final push in the home straight selling flood light tickets in the supermarkets in barrow this Saturday 18th aug and next 24th. If you could all spare an hour or two we could man (or woman, sisters) a table all day so not just one person gets p*ssed off standing there all day.


email me when you're available to help me help the club and i'll let ya know where n when you need to be.


Everyone has an excuse why they cant help, be original, come and physically help the club.


If we get enough support we'll do it on the sundays too.


Theres no need to reply to this thread just email me.


Thanks in advance.



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I think ive got the gist of this forum craic, I should call my thread "BROADBENT RETURNS"  or "HOLT SACKED" and it would get more views than saying "volunteers" AND MORE RESPONSE.


Do u know how many emails I get from the "forum supporters" volunteering help or support with the floodlight tickets?



zero........0......... not a single one.


Barrow raiders need more than online faceless typists threading endless rumour and conjecture, we need volunteer stewards at the ground to save the club £4000 a year, it needs practical, physical help and support at the turnstiles and with programs, bar, burger stalls, posters, advertising,  it needs people to give an hour a week to help as directed to raise the club thousands. With this help and money raised we can move together to strengthen the squad, improve facilities, and keep up with the jones'


With the enthusiastic, open and optimistic new board that we have and with myself as commercial manager we can clear the current debt off and strengthen to keep us up there where we need to be.


Forget the politics of the past, lets accept what needs to be done and lets build a successful Barrow Raiders Rugby Family Together!



You read this and think it applies to everyone else, it applies to you!!!!!

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