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International Rugby League - Progress needed

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Liam Finn, Irish RL International, has called for an improvement in the international game structure between World Cups.

On the heels of a successful and well supported WC Liam's big thrust is the need for more money to support the Irish RL team and a much improved fixture  arrangement.

Surely he's right.

Coming to the World Cup from the present set up is like stepping out of the wilderness into the bright lights of the big time.

It's up to the big RL nations to help to develop the game more. Not just to use the smaller nations to prop up their big occasions.


International RL needs direction says Finn

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Yes, i was just talking about this on another blog. 

I mentioned the importance of feeder clubs in the NRL, and how qld and nsw teams are all now feeder clubs to NRL teams. 

So excess players not needed in the NRL teams simply move back to the feeder teams each week-end. This keeps the feeder teams strong and helps them as well. 


Maybe this is a way for Scotland, Wales , France and Ireland to improve their domestic clubs.

If the Top 12 super-league clubs had to pick a club from each of these nations as a feeder club, this would improve and give more exposure to these nations. 


That would be 4 clubs from each nation, and if the lower tier clubs also top up this option, then 8 clubs from each nation would make a great local comp and pathway to each of these nations. 


With relegation and promotion, these clubs could also be promoted to the super-league, that would be the end-game. Having Scotland Ireland or Wales team in the top 12 Super-League. 


It is a simple idea which is basically how the NRL is now going to work, only difference is we dont have promotion/relegation, we just have feeder club system which helps our feeder clubs stay strong. 

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