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Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:00 pm Post subject: Ex Leigh players

Hi everyone , Jason Donahue as just contacted me to ask all ex leigh players even if they have only played one game to contact him regarding the formation of the past players association . It's had a great response so far and looks like it's going to take off . Please contact Jason via email

He asked me to put this on this forum as a lot of lads have played for Leigh , it's a good deal that he as set up for past players , can I also say its for ex coaches as well so you will have to put up with me again ha ha

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This is the email I've sent to around 70 players!

We had a positive meeting with the club on Sunday and they really do want a players association active and being part of the club.

When we originally set about getting our group together a couple of years ago, it appeared the club were very keen on us to develop, of course things changed and hence we voted with our feet and decided to not be involved.

However, I do believe the club are wanting us to start again. There are different people involved now who are receptive and think the previous board got it wrong.

So where does this leave us?

Option 1 - we get the association back up and running

Option 2 - not get involved - and if you tell me so I won't mither you with emails again!

So, hoping we go with option 1.....

Charge to our association is £20 per season.

For this you get to go into any league game you so wish.

To do this, I need you to email me a passport size pic of yourself. This will then be sent to the club and you will be able to pick up a credit card style pass from the club on your next visit. You will need this to get your ticket. If you let me know 2 days before the game that you are attending, I will email the club and they will have your ticket ready at reception. However, if you decide to go on the last minute, you will need to queue up at the ticket office and produce your pass to obtain a ticket. A players pass is not transferrable to other people.

If it is a cup game, tickets can be purchased at a 50% discount.

Young children will be admitted with you free of charge, however your wife, partner will need to purchase a ticket.

So what does the club want from us?

Well, like last time, we suggested that we would make ourselves available on matchdays to perhaps pop into the corporate boxes to chat informally with sponsors. Also, it would be fantastic if we could put ourselves forward once in a while to do a Q & A in the legends bar before a game. (we could do this on a rota) The club now have the Hall of Fame pictures up on the walls in the legends bar and are looking to make this bar available to supporters before and after games. They are looking for volunteers to take questions and be interviewed in the bar before the game.

We will also look to organise or support functions the club runs - again attendance will be optional, but great for the association if we support the club, and vice versa the club supporting any functions we do.

Basically, there is nothing different from what we proposed 2 years ago - it is just that the club is more receptive to it and recognise having past players there is good for the club and supporters.

What can you do now?

1) send me an email with a passport size picture of yourself

2) either send a cheque (payable to Leigh CPA) for £20 to Mick Blakeley, 7 Deepdale, Leigh Lancs, WN7 3EG

or pay it by bacs (quoting your name as reference)

Leigh CPA: Sort Code 77 59 06 Account Number 11769260

As ever, if you have contacts for other players who played for Leigh, please send me their email address. Like we said last time, £20 isn't a massive amount, even if you get to one game, it will be fantastic if we can build numbers!

Heritage Numbers

The club have also put together a list of every player who has played first team in order they played. This now gives each player a unique heritage number. The club are planning a big launch on this this season. Again, another opportunity to meet up with past players and to find out what your number is! (mine is 996 !)

Fingers crossed we can be more successful than 2 seasons ago!

Be great to have you on board.


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