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With it seems everything up in the air regarding structure from 2019 I have listen to ideas and what fans want. Also looked at sky TV and what seems to be attractive to them . There is also all this talk of new teams wanting to join the comp so on how to accommodate these teams as well as our traditional teams. If the right TV deal could be struck by giving Sky or who ever certain things they seem to like,  like the Magic Weekend and Summer Bash. Also of course the play offs. So here goes super league of 16 teams Championship one 16 teams and championship two 16 teams if enough new teams come on board may be if we lower requirement we may get teams to join. Each league plays 25 rounds with 12 home games 12 away games and one Magic weekend round . Top eight qualify for play offs . Same format for Champ one and two . Bottom team in SUPER league relegated , with champ one play off winners promoted . Like wise between league ONE and TWO . Bottom team in league two to face re-election If new teams want to join . Best candidate would be selected . So 25 rounds plus 3 play off rounds that's a reduction of 4 rounds. Now the Challenge cup which I feel needs a revamp . I would have three separate competitions super league challenge cup just the 16 teams in super league straight knock out. Championship one challenge cup for the 16 championship one teams . Then a championship two challenge cup for that league . ALL  three finals at Wembley on same day as triple header. It could be a real boost for smaller league clubs with the real chance of playing at Wembley or seeing there team play there. So a total weekly rounds in all comps of 32 where as now we play 36 rounds . So could either use these spare weeks as rest weeks or have some form of international event.            

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Brave post. This may lure some people out of cold storage. You've gone and used the 'S' word now (structure).  

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