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  1. As an Eagle fan I am hoping we can do it . I still remember that great day at Bramall lane in 1989 what a day . But on the flip side I can also remember when Widnes became the first club to nil us 22-0 in early 90s.
  2. I think both Doncaster and Batley would have loved to reach Wembley. Why have Sheffield had a poor season ? there sixth two points of play offs with two games to go . When you look where they were last season you have to admit they have had a good season
  3. A championship of 8 with the returns of super 8 might appeal to Tv companies . Top four in championship play bottom four in super league like before . Bottom four in championship play top four in league one for a place in the season after championship . Scrap magic weekends in regular seasons and play then in super 8 series. With 8 teams in championship and four teams in league involved you could have rest of league one teams playing to qualify for the four remaining places in the next seasons 1895 .
  4. I think quite a few teams wanted to get to Wembley look how close some of the games were
  5. How about super league 12 teams , Championship 8 teams and league one the rest ? Bring back the super 8 s . With bottom four in super league playing top four in championship . Then have bottom four in championship play top four in league to fight to retain there championship status. Rest of league one could then play in a cup comp in which we could invite some summer conference sides into .
  6. who do you class as development clubs ? Toronto ? One league could help new teams to join as less of a league system to climb to get to super league . I am sure any new team looking to join our league would be greatly put off by entering league one at the moment .
  7. I suppose we could just have one big league where each team plays the other once either home or away which gives each team 24 games 12 home , 12 away with top 8 making play offs . With less games gives the league more room to play 1895 cup games at weekends instead of mid week .
  8. Would have to wait and see which teams would be in first . You could have London Broncos back in Championship next season so London derby there possibly .
  9. should be a minutes silence at every game today
  10. Should the Championship and league one go back to one division ? With 25 teams we could have five conferences of 5 teams in each . you play your own conference home and away plus the other four conferences just once either home or away . That equals 28 games per team . Each pool winner would make the play offs along with 6 best wild card teams . The ladder decides who plays who in knock out stages . Top five on ladder receive bye in round one with 6th v 11th , 7th v 10th , 8th v 9th .Round two would see 1st v lowest , 2nd v 7th ranked , 3rd v 6th ranked and 4th v 5th . Semi finals and final. Could the final be played before super league final at old Trafford like the old premierships . Keep the 1895 cup as well as the route to Wembley for lower league teams .
  11. I think £20 should be about right . With £10 concessions and kids £5
  12. it was way back in 2003 . But could be a great venue now for Swinton ?
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