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  1. Very sad news . A great player for the Eagles in early 90s . Ago forward forward who never took a step back .
  2. yes i know that . But look when it comes to London . Most fans have never been to these places have no association at all with the teams .
  3. LOTS of fans these days in sports support a brand . Teams from towns and cities that they have no association with . Look at F1 teams there not from any town or city but people still support the team . Plenty of Uk fans support American football teams . We could create 8 teams packed with super star RL players . We can have weekend gaps to allow for travel adjustments in time zones . Weekends in New York , Toronto. Ottawa , London . Paris . Barcelona .
  4. Rugby league should create an 8 team super league. Team names not associated with any town or city. The 8 then play each other 3 times with top four making semis. All the games could be taken to cities across the UK , Europe , America and Canada. Two matches played Saturday and two Sunday . All live on TV.
  5. neither of the two as none will bring any thing to improve super league .
  6. You have to have play offs when you have an in balance of fixtures.
  7. 12 a side 3 subs 6 interchanges per match . 5 tackles instead of 6 3 points for try 2 for pen or conversion . No drop goal in play kicks only kicker or defender can catch ball on full . Any player who's on side can make a play for the ball once its bounced.
  8. As well as the stadium there's plenty to do in Doncaster . Shopping , night life over 40 bars . The Dome , theatres , cinemas . The wild life park . There is also a small stadium next to main stadium perfect for a nines event to run along side Summer bash .
  9. How about Manchester SW Lions . Sw could stand for Swinton or South West as Sale is in the south west side of Manchester .
  10. I went to Doncaster today and had a great day out . Dons could match any of bottom half in the Championship . They probably have the best stadium outside super league . 892 in attendance today and were served up a treat with a master class by Rangi Chase . Surely he could play in the Championship . £15 admission was worth it alone to watch some of the moves he created for the Dons . They were three negatives no match day programme and FOUR POUND to park my car . Also no club merchandise on sale which again was disappointing . But could Rangi Chase be the man to lead the Dons to play off glory .
  11. I would go with Challenge cup winners v England , Then Super League Champions v England let the clubs keep there players . so when Warrington played England , Warrington would keep there English internationals . I think with clubs playing England they would be well attended .
  12. I like the 12 team league and 5 team play off . Means we can play around with fixture format . Although I am not a big fan of magic week end I know plenty of fans that are . Also I think its worth quite a bit of money from sky . 29 games is a lot but unless we want to make room for internationals I would keep 29 games . I would also have the Championship format mirror the super league . Take it back to 12 teams with same format as super league . I would start the Championship two weeks before super league this would make room for 1895 cup games later . League one have 13 teams or more if new teams enter .
  13. local rivalry can spur teams on and add interest in the area .
  14. With Newcastle getting extra world cup games and Thunder doing ok in league one is it time to try and add a second pro team to the area ? Could Gateshead start another team from the international stadium ? Gateshead Gladiators . The magic weekend seemed to be popular with super league fans . Be great to have a north east derby . May be a club that's struggling in Championship or league one with poor stadia or no stadia at all could look at relocating there . Maybe the RFL could add incentives like they did with the merges of Sheffield - Huddersfield and Gateshead - Hull .
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