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  1. I started a similar thread regarding this era . I started with late 80s early 90s when the British had the best two club sides in the world with Wigan and Widnes . So many big games involved the two teams Wigan v Manly 1987 , Widnes v Canberra 89 and Wigan v Penrith 91 . Also Wigan v Australia 1990 25.000 plus and Widnes v Australia Widnes ran them close . 29,000 PLUS for Wigan v Widnes at Central park and that was a midweek night game .
  2. you could argue that for the rest of England outside the heartlands
  3. if we can start by taking them at academy level and then into reserves . It might take five years but I would be worth it . To have an international European calendar of fixtures that are at least competitive would be priceless . Once you get players playing for there country regular and competing it can only inspire others.
  4. Ireland , Scotland and Wales need improving . Unfortunately neither at the moment can compete at the top table or have a club side in their country which can . Now if we introduced player quotas this might help them and develop them . If every super league had to have at least 2 players from Ireland, 2 from Scotland and 2 from Wales that would give each nation 24 players playing in top league . Then if every championship club had to have at least one player from each nation that would give each country another 14 players giving each nation at least a squad of 38 players from the top two divisions .
  5. how about a five nations comp ? England , France , Ireland , Scotland , wales . All play each other once so 5 rounds with one team missing each week . Each round of matches a double header at various heartland grounds . Plenty of people been calling for a five or six nations so why not give it a go and see . week 1 Wales v France , Ireland v Scotland @ Racecourse Wrexham . 2. England v Scotland , France v Ireland @ Headingley Leeds . Week 3 England v Ireland , Wales v Scotland @ Wigan . Week 4 England v France , Wales v Ireland @ Huddersfield . Week 5 England v Wales , France v Scotland @ Warrington
  6. true it could be hard work and we may have to reduce the number of teams , but it think it could be do able , plenty of games that would appeal to the average rugby league fan to watch on the tv or go to on a sunny evening .
  7. if you took the time to read the post I did say if enough money could be gained from tv deals to help these teams go full time .
  8. Could the Championship offer something different for sports tv channels . With all these new tv companies hungry to fill air time is it time for the RFL to think outside the box and offer something different . With 14 teams we have 7 games per round or week . If enough money could be gained from various tv deals could these teams go full time ? If not a 14 team league maybe a ten or 12 team championship . We know weekends are packed with live sports ,but what if we moved championship matches to mid week (if a tv deal could be obtained for it ) Live midweek tv championship games Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday nights or early evenings . With kick offs at 7pm or even possibly earlier . With rest of games being played Sundays .
  9. all regions on grandstand Saturday afternoon . Great Britain matches v tourist , 5 rounds of regal trophy , Great Britain v France , 5 rounds of challenge cup .
  10. In the 1980s we had more different league winners/champions than we have had in the time of super league . Even with salary cap same teams still winning it . 1979-80 , 1980-81 Bradford 1981-82 Leigh 1982-83 Hull fc 1983-84 . 1984-85 Hull kr 1985-86 Halifax 1986-87 Wigan 1987-88 , 1988-89 Widnes
  11. it was virtually every two weeks from October to the challenge cup final in May
  12. I think it will be a no go . Players are part time and have other jobs they cant afford to take risk .
  13. We had the best two club sides in the world at that time . I don't think people realised at the time how good Wigan and Widnes were . They were box office . Packed with super stars of the game . I don't think now with salary cap we can say that about any team today . I don't any team has one super star player who you would pay to see unlike then .
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