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  1. if you LOOK and took time to read properly you would see that I said clubs would keep there players and England would pick players from any other team but St Helens .
  2. Clubs as you would want the strongest opposition possible against England . Plus would give England a chance to try out different players and combinations . Lets say top three teams are St Helens , Warrington and Hull fc. So Hull fc v England (England can pick from any team but Hull fc ) Warrington v England ( England can pick from any other team but Warrington ) St Helens v England ( England can pick from any other team but St Helens) . So the venues pick themselves a big crowd would be achieved and England would have chance to blood players .
  3. I would rather see England play the top three Super league teams .
  4. Your probably right its only what I would like to see . But there is constant talk on here about new teams like Manchester Rangers , Ottawa and Liverpool so that's possibly 28 teams . I would be happy with two leagues of 12 below super league but would be sad to lose a club .
  5. Maybe so but I think they also played at Meadow court Stainforth for a couple of seasons
  6. could be tricky for who ever if Toronto blow it again this season
  7. Looking on Championship fixtures on website I see Ireland are playing a few games in 17th August Keighley select v Ireland select . 7th of September Featherstone Reserves v Ireland select
  8. some great Championship fixtures Batley v York , Halifax v Widnes or Barrow v Leigh
  9. Currently there's 25 teams playing at semi pro level . Is there any plans to increase this ? I would like to see seven new teams added if possible to form two leagues of 16 . . I like the grand finals day its a great day out . I would move it to Headingley or Huddersfield though . I also use to like the National rail cup . I would like to see it return . If we could get two leagues of 16 , I would have a knock out cup for Championship league and a separate one for league one teams with double header final. With grand finals we can jiggle the league fixture structure so we don't have to play 30 rounds . I would scrap summer bash in favour of double header cup finals day . I don't think there's any legs I the 1895 with playing mid week .
  10. I THINK DONCASTER also played a few seasons at Meadow court greyhound stadium
  11. I fear Huddersfield will be the team getting relegated .
  12. The problem is its the thin end of the wedge . you start losing teams like Oldham , Rochdale and Swinton you throw any all that history and tradition . Once its gone its gone . Also people rave about new teams but once they stop winning there fans disappear . Look at Paris 17,000 for first game down to 500 v Salford at the end . We lost Oldham for them what a waste. North Wales got 10,000 for first game at Wrexham in super league . Gateshead another . London 14,000 when playing under Fulham name against Wakefield all those fans gone .
  13. you forgot Hull fc and Gateshead .
  14. Widnes were one of the biggest clubs in late 80s early 90s won just about everything with plenty of 10,000 plus crowds . Just need right investment and manager to get them going again . Would be a massive shame if Widnes were to fall into the wilderness . 32 trophies World club Champions .
  15. I think a lot of teams should look at going amateur we should go super league 12 teams , championship full-time / semi pro 16 teams . Then national conference 16 teams . With then the rest of amateur leagues filtering down . Challenge cup for all . Championship Challenge cup for Championship teams . Then national Amateur cup for rest all three finals at Wembley .
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