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  1. I have a covid and was seriously ill for six weeks im aged 51 and was fairly fit . I would put season back till May at earliest. May even keep it running during World cup if that gets to go ahead . People might go to a game with the world cup show piecing our game.
  2. just put loads of Eagles prgrammes on ebay . Willing to discount for multi purchases.
  3. just put loads of programme's for sale on ebay . Willing to discount for multi purchases.
  4. who ever gets the nod. I think should be exempt from relegation for the first season . Such short notice and time to build and gel a squad .If we want to try and expand the game and media interest i would would go with Broncos to super league and the Skolars to the Championship with both clubs given one years exemption from relegation .
  5. I have managed 58 which isnt bad to say for 12 years i lived in Harlow and worked Saturday and Sunday nights . Driving up north sunday mornings and heading straight back to work Sunday nights after match .
  6. There's very little wrong with Whitehaven and Workington other that a little investment. Both have a great amateur clubs around then . Both have a great set of fans when there team is playing well . I would look at developing more local ties with the amateurs . Have a Copeland cup and an Allerdale Cup for the amateur sides in both respected boroughs . Finals at Whiehaven and Workington grounds . Also have a Battle of the Boroughs series Allerdale (born) v Copeland (born) two match series. Boxing day and new years day should be 1st and 2nd legs of the Cumberland senior cup Whitehaven v Work
  7. Do you think all 24 will make the start . It might be worth doing while covid about with merit table idea for play offs . No one would want to be relegated from Championship due to covid . At least this competition would have a bit of stability and substance while ever covid is around .
  8. with covid still around you cant really bring Toronto back . We also need to look at Catalan and Toulouse if travel restricts . Leave the three out and go back to 2 divisions of 16 .
  9. We really need to look at Catalan and Toulouse being in the leagues next season . No ones how travel will be affected with covid . Toulouse must be a big question with them playing against part time players. If quarantine is still around for travel . I think there's two options for the leagues option one is to promote Toulouse and risk going with 12 team super league 14 championship and 10 league one . OPTION 2 is more bold omit Catalan and toulouse from league and with Toronto gone that would leave 32 clubs . Promote 6 from championship to super league and have the rest of championship clubs
  10. The problem with some new clubs they climb the leagues to quick . We have seen it all to often . They buy a bunch of second rate pros or players coming to the end of there careers . Which are good enough to get you out of league one and the championship but are no where near good enough as a team for super league . Add to this the clubs have not then given themselves time to nature there own players and youth development . They get into super league and find no teams want to sell them any other there good players . They then have to pay over inflated prices and wages to try and compete just wi
  11. I started a similar thread regarding this era . I started with late 80s early 90s when the British had the best two club sides in the world with Wigan and Widnes . So many big games involved the two teams Wigan v Manly 1987 , Widnes v Canberra 89 and Wigan v Penrith 91 . Also Wigan v Australia 1990 25.000 plus and Widnes v Australia Widnes ran them close . 29,000 PLUS for Wigan v Widnes at Central park and that was a midweek night game .
  12. you could argue that for the rest of England outside the heartlands
  13. if we can start by taking them at academy level and then into reserves . It might take five years but I would be worth it . To have an international European calendar of fixtures that are at least competitive would be priceless . Once you get players playing for there country regular and competing it can only inspire others.
  14. Ireland , Scotland and Wales need improving . Unfortunately neither at the moment can compete at the top table or have a club side in their country which can . Now if we introduced player quotas this might help them and develop them . If every super league had to have at least 2 players from Ireland, 2 from Scotland and 2 from Wales that would give each nation 24 players playing in top league . Then if every championship club had to have at least one player from each nation that would give each country another 14 players giving each nation at least a squad of 38 players from the top two divisi
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