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  1. How do babies normally get named? Let's hope they avoid Taylor or the baby's sake. Hoping all it well health wise with the family (joking aside)!
  2. The game here simply can't afford to test, travel and bubble how they need to. It just doesn't have the cash in the game. This means they have to do what they can and cross their fingers. It may or may not be enough but this is August, the end of the season is such a long way down the road. That's not even mentioning what might happen with France etc.
  3. You don't really understand leadership in sport until you see it. I have been so impressed with Peter V'landys at the NRL. Basically turfed out Greenberg, got the sport back playing before any other in Australia by lobbying the Prime Minister and negotiating with State officials and broadcasters. He is very visible and very decisive (both positive and negative). Elstone is almost apologetic in his appearances. Many wouldn't even know he is in charge of SL. If he delivers a TV deal he will have done a job - but he could do so much more.
  4. Has he got some boots and does he live within commuting distance of Hull? If so, then yes. Leading from the front.
  5. If Hull forfeit their next fixture 18-0 it could be seen as an improvement on recent form.
  6. Get with it! Things have moved on. Crusaders have bought out PSG, after PSG bought out TWP.
  7. This is a full contact sport for 80 minutes - it is very precarious . It is not cricket (or even football). This could put the whole comp in trouble.
  8. When I was in Year 11 we drew the same school from Hull in both the Yorkshire and England Schools Cup Quarter Finals. So we played one game for two competitions - special clemency was given to avoid more than one trip to Hull
  9. This reminds me of playing Rugby League Live 3 with random stadium mode on. Just needs Andrew Voss on the commentary.
  10. Hull have taken a shed load of spankings over the last 2-3 years. Even when they were competing for play-off places. Bizarre.
  11. I think the minimum full time contract in the NRL is $100k which means someone like Farnworth just making a few appearances for Brisbane is possibly already in the top 30% of earners for UK players.
  12. I can and have watched NRL through my Watch NRL subscription all over the world. It is only geolocked to Australia/NZ/Pacific Islands due to existing TV deals. I watch NRL here through subscription even though Sky have the rights.
  13. Watch NRL do that at the moment. I would be amazed if they have 50,000 subscribers outside Australia.
  14. Problem is the fact that most SL clubs have asked players to take a pay cut which potentially makes contracts vulnerable to being null and void.
  15. Sky probably have around 100,000 people who subscribe primarily for RL. The rest watch RL because it is part of a portfolio of sports on there and they are subscribers. Sky spend millions on production costs. How on earth does this translate to hundreds of thousands of people willing to subscribe to a RL only platform run by dedicated volunteers and a good amateur set up?
  16. The reality is that around 30-50k maximum would subscribe and pay for this. That is a very optimistic estimate. Production costs would mean this would struggle to break even. If you are spending £££s you expect to have quality production values, not Mick Gledhill and a couple of camcorders. The Our League games were free on the app and site and average viewers were less than 2k per game. And that was free!
  17. Will Hull KR be accepting refunds from torn up season passes (taped back together)?
  18. Looking to keep the branding and rename them "Tronto Wolufpack"
  19. Maybe, but if he gets here quick we can offer him 50% off at Frankie and Benny's for a couple of weeks.
  20. Agree. If SL play for 2 seasons without scrums and the NRL stick with scrums, by the time the world cup comes along those players will be really disadvantaged. Training, conditionally, positionally et al.
  21. Gulliver's World is appealing but maybe he doesn't want to get tied down.
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