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  1. They would be much better going with a well know singer actually on the ground, with dancers etc. Someone well known with anthem style tunes. Even Heather Small on the pitch would have been better than Shed Seven stuck in the corner and she hasn't been around for years.
  2. I thought it looked amazing on TV and it was a solid contest for long periods. Great occasion an the crowd was 3k above my estimate. Think a few neutrals will have given it a whirl due to a new team being there.
  3. I've just seen videos of all the 9s players with all their England RL bags, kits and gear on heading off to Sydney. I suppose that is all going to be binned for GB stuff for 4 weeks? The lack of RFL support and promotion for the GB tour has been nothing short of staggering. Launching the England membership scheme on the eve of the tour is equally strange.
  4. Much like the confederation cup it is never going to happen. Especially after the losses for this tour are added up.
  5. The bizarre state of affairs goes on. The first GB tours in 27 years is just a week or two away, and the RFL is focussing on creating an England RL supporters club. I assume this means a couple of things? England is the brand going forward They want GB to quietly go away after the autumn Unless I am mistaken? But this does have a feel of "GB, oh yeah. That" The effort they have put into the GB is nothing short of disgraceful. https://www.rugby-league.com/england/article/55805/england-fans-you-decide
  6. It was something like 22-14 but the Aussies were losing for large parts of the game.
  7. Rugby League is the only game that ruins its own ticket sales without any outside interference.
  8. John Asiata, Andrew Fifita, Addin Fonua-Blake, David Fusitu'a, Siliva Havili, Ata Hingano, William Hopoate, Konrad Hurrell, Michael Jennings, Sione Katoa, Tuimoala Lolohea, Manu Ma'u, Ben Murdoch-Masila, Joe Ofahengaue, Tevita Pangai Jr, Kotoni Staggs, Tevita Junior Tatola, Sio Siua Taukeiaho, Jason Taumalolo, Daniel Tupou, Sitili Tupouniua
  9. I think it will nudge over 60k. I'm going for 60,750
  10. Yes it is, you can't just invite a Tongan XIII into the Pacific Cup. This is on the official International RL Facebook page.
  11. Could this GB tour get any more low key? Sam Burgess gone and now the GB v Tonga fixture doesn't even look like a full international? Neither does Australia v Tonga
  12. Have a great day Tony! Following Salford is a genuine roller coaster ride
  13. They won't be the only ones to pull out. This could be quite a list.
  14. Did you actually have a VIP ticket Dave, or did you just climb into the VIP section? Wire fans eh??
  15. Well let's be honest. There's no chance of getting an England mug!
  16. I would say they are large town to be fair. As is Wigan and St Helens etc.
  17. Is this designed to keep fans away? Castleford who have got the biggest crowds of the year, and Leeds, travelling to St Helens on a Friday night? It was obvious Cas would be in it. Why didn't they just play it at Headingley or Huddersfield? St Helens is not renowned for turning up for neutral games. Was it just a lazy hope Saints women would reach the final? If so, that is poor.
  18. One year the floodlit trophy final was played in the afternoon
  19. It takes some people longer than others. I left the moment I hit 20
  20. Console yourself with the fact that every stadium will be full of empty seats until February rolls around again
  21. Great conversion by Crook. Crook and Murrell would be the chunkiest half back pairing of all time.
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