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  1. Yep will be an uphill battle for Fev at Batley next week
  2. Thanks for that. Neutral fans are normally just there to enjoy a game not cheer for the opposition.
  3. I think it possibly would have been a draw for neutral fans. Everyone like to see unbeaten teams go up against each other.
  4. Sport doesn't have to be equal it has to be commercially viable. The Premier League is rich because the six most powerful clubs can attract the world's best players. RL clubs just getting reduced TV rights on reduced TV rights and just slicing the smaller cake thinner and thinner and thinner to protect their own ass is only going to realise one thing. Part-time sport and irrelevance. Look at the BDO in darts, when you are forgotten you are gone. The BBC pulled the plug and it died. Bobby George and Jocky Wilson are now just quiz questions for the over 40s. Just saying the best Britis
  5. It might be competitive, but if the pot is down to £1.2m per SL club and £700k to SL2 clubs you have maybe only 2-3 clubs out of 20 spending the full salary cap, no overseas stars, the best British players gone earning £250k+ in the NRL and not £50k in SL and a pretty sht product all round. What do you think TV companies are willing to pay for this given they have only offered a 2-year reduced rate deal at present? RL will be part time again. It will be back to the glorious 1970s with all the stars down under and pathetic gates.
  6. The the away fans stop coming to those games (either side) because it is not a contest. The home fans give this game a swerve to save a few quid. The novelty will last maybe 1-2 seasons tops. I say 1 season. If you want to see the future of S1 v S2 look at some of the CC attendances over the last decade for the likes of Saints v Sheffield, Leeds v Barrow.
  7. The NFL play a 16-game season. They play September to January and the rest of the time they are selling the club, brand, memberships, merchandise, corporates based on 16 big events involving their club. Like it or not, the ECB is trying to get 18-counties into 8 franchises. SL is based in largely working class, poorer communities. The strategy for years seems to be pile as many games as you can and make sure you play as many games with the team down the road to get away fans to turn up. Now, keep the volume of games and play against weaker opposition because the have a different name and
  8. 100% When has the game ever had 7 nations - Aus, Eng, NZ, Sam, Tonga, Fiji and PNG - that can genuinely provide fully competitive games against each other? Those communities in those nations cheering their players to win. Yet we are obsessed with trying to eek every penny from the same club markets and TV broadcasters. This in a world when TV viewing is in decline among younger people. This will only go one way.
  9. I'm talking about the SL title. Saints (5th SL1) just outside the SL play offs and need to beat Batley (10th SL2 P24 W6 L18). That is what cross code fixtures give you lowering the quality and lowering the income. How often has pile them high and sell them cheap led to big increases in profits, prestige and optics? This stupid idea is playing to the perception a lot of people outside the heartlands have of RL.
  10. How is the game going to earn more money than it does now in terms of corporate, TV and crowds if we have Saints beating Batley 50-0 to secure a SL play off place? The whole thing is a bloody mess.
  11. The also wanted to withhold some of the financial guarantee they'd promised the IRL in 2017 because it hadn't gone as well as forecast.
  12. It was the same in 2017 when Channel 10 took the rights and 9 and Fox hardly gave it a mention despite it being on their doorstep.
  13. But the difference is that the UK are 100% happy that all the profits - which could have been as high as £10-15m before this ###### - would have gone to the International game for future development. The NRL/ARLC want to control both the game and its income. That is not international sport, that is a monopoly.
  14. It's not us and them. It is just a great match with two unbeaten teams. This is what we want to see isn't it?
  15. I thought it was all about Toulouse and the lack of away fans?? Or is building your own club up and being ambitious the key to growing crowds (as Barrow are showing in League 1)?
  16. Yep. A 2-camera set up and £5 subscription on Our League and you would probably get one of the best audiences of the season I would happily pay to watch a match that has been building for weeks!
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