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  1. That's quite nice. Would have liked to have seen a couple more sponsors on it however.
  2. Yes, had they wanted to be a huge club they had to leverage their position in the early 2000s to make a new stadium happen. Pretty sad, a super 20k stadium with Bradford City 10+ years ago could have seen a different outlook.
  3. What year were you 15/16 and what was the competition back then for your entertainment spend?
  4. I have never understood why the RFL would book a modest sized stadium in the heartlands for an England v France international and be satisfied that 5k or so turned up. International RL should be seen as an opportunity to expand - fans outside the heartlands will get it. It feels as if sometimes they simply don't know how to do it. The concern is that they do know how to do it but can't be arsed and don't see the value in the investment. Other sports use it to expand the corporate sponsorship base as much as new audiences.
  5. I get where you are coming from. Saying that, if it means all three games are live on national TV at this stage it is probably a price worth paying. There will be a large number of fans in the ground at the Women's Cup presentation too.
  6. A pretty upbeat few weeks for the game here with some exciting signings, broadcast deals etc. Is this going to be reflected in metrics next year with increased attendances both at club and big events games? Are clubs reporting an uptick in interest/season tickets? Will the Challenge Cup being at Spurs provide a full house? Be good to hear what people think.
  7. I agree with all this. However, at some point it has to be up to Tonga and Samoa to create national RL organisations with a bit of backbone and competence to create their own pathways and international calendars. If they don't then they are at the mercy of the NRL. What is stopping the international federation of Samoa booking Mount Smart and agreeing to a two test series with Tonga?
  8. The NRL are self serving ####### but Tonga in 2018/19 had a rotten organisation and it almost undid the amazing work that was done in 2016-17. The NRL stepped in then and helped. Obviously, it was in their own interests but they did help.
  9. I'm no fan of the NRL but when the Tongan RL was self destructing, they did help to keep the national team going and guaranteed match payments etc.
  10. Absolutely, the next couple of years are big for Smith. Quite a few half backs take a while to find their game. Luke Gale was promising but pretty average until he reached his mid 20s.
  11. Yes that was probably instrumental in him coming.
  12. Mark Wilson who did the wheelchair tests is a pretty good commentator tbf. Really come into his own the last couple of years.
  13. If he is fit and he is motivated this will be a brilliant signing for Leigh.
  14. NZ v Fiji and Ton v Sam DH will sell out Mount Smart and could even get 30-40k to Eden Park. Who wouldn't want to see that? Both close games too I'd imagine.
  15. That is a centre partnership for the ages.
  16. They are running it, as in administrating it, as opposed to funding it. The funding will be done by Kirklees Council who won the bid - RL Cares is simply facilitating the winning bid.
  17. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/women-in-sport/300461603/kiwis-and-kiwi-ferns-likely-to-return-on-standalone-state-of-origin-weekend NZ want to play Tonga in NZ on the weekend of June 25/26
  18. NZ versus the Combined Nations All Stars has a ring to it?
  19. Is this the worst Wigan squad since the advent of SL? Looks so short of power and class.
  20. Oh Barrow. The club badge is terrible, the shirt is terrible and the sponsor looks poor on this. This is a real club on the up too Use your heritage. The blue with white chevron is unmistakably Barrow!
  21. Also shows you what an amazing prop Thomas Burgess is. Regularly hitting 150+ metres.
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