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Announcement from the ex-Chairman

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Dear Cougar fans and supporters,

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting I want to ensure that the fans have the facts.

Unfortunately the statement put out on Friday was untrue.  I haven’t been reluctant to sell my shares at all.  I have told a few people what the actual position is already, so I will now tell everyone where we are:

  • on 14th May 2018, in plenty of time for my impending resignation, I sent what I viewed (after discussion with Simon and Neil) what was the final version of the deal to pass the club onto them.  Simon came back to me with a requested change, to which I said fine please send me your proposed words for review, and, despite chasing them on many occasions since then, there was no communication back from them regarding the deal. 7 weeks later we are in July and nothing happened until yesterday.  Yesterday morning I had a discussion with Gareth Harrison, a proposed incoming shareholder, to try and resolve the situation we were in and we discussed the deal from 14th May.  It appears it’s now with the lawyers so I await a copy for review
  • on 24th May 2018, in time for my impending resignation on 26th May, I sent Simon and Neil the Companies House verification code so that they had the capability to appoint themselves as directors of the club.  Despite me pointing out to them a couple of times over June that they hadn’t appointed themselves, they have not to done so

I hope the meeting on Thursday goes well and the club moves forward soon.  I want to club to move forward.


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