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#1 Eagleraider

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Posted 23 March 2010 - 06:04 PM

An interesting letter from a "disappointed Eagles fan" in League Weekly contains the following quotes

That ref today was 19 YEARS OLD. Why oh why do the RFL insist on sending us (and other Championship clubs) referees who are barely out of nappies


The refs (His) signals left a lot to be desired, and the fact he was telling Widnes to move, but then leaving them off-side was dispicable.Anyone can shout get back or move, but Widnes were taking the ........, in the words of a renowned coach, "the time it takes them to release when held called and move when told is like watching paint dry"


game spoilt by appalling Widnes tactics and a referee who should have been doing an under 18's match. His performance could not be rated above poor, touch judges were scared to indicate foul/unfair play.

which all direct quotes from two postings on this forum.

It is about time some people started to think for themselves and not steal others words.

I am sure West Country Eagle, along with myself, would have appreciated recognition for the use of our words, but I suppose that copying is the greatest form of flattery.

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#2 Eagletarian

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Posted 23 March 2010 - 06:58 PM

I hope you are not suggesting that letters to League Weekly are not genuine, I would never believe that!!!!!
Rugby League should be the opiate of the people (Marks not in Las Palmas)

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#3 symmonator

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Posted 23 March 2010 - 07:51 PM

Actually I know who wrote it, and he thought all that what everyone had to say about the matter was good, so added into his complaint. No harm intended. But I will inform him that your not happy for him adding your comments. Someone had to say something, at least he made the effort to write in. dry.gif dry.gif

#4 wings beneath my feet

wings beneath my feet
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Posted 23 March 2010 - 08:23 PM

well said gets the point over to a wider audience - except noone does anything about it and thinks it's soar grapes which is a shame and typical of the rfl!!!

#5 Eagletarian

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Posted 23 March 2010 - 11:46 PM

Here is an example of Plagiarism, it was so good I copied it twice!!!!

Eagles file formal complaint over referee............

Sheffield Star Published Date: 22 March 2010

By James Collins

Rugby League

SHEFFIELD Eagles have made a formal complaint to RFL chief executive Nigel Woods over the referee's handling of a game in which forward Sam Barlow was injured by an off-the-ball tackle.
A video of the incident - in which Barlow was left semi-conscious and unable to continue in the game - has promoted more than 2,000 hits on the EaglesTV website.
Coach Mark Aston said the club's directors have questioned why an inexperienced referee, Warren Turley, was put in charge of the high-profile game against Widnes at Don Valley Stadium eight days ago.
"People are looking at that 'tackle'.
"It's the worst incident I've seen in years in rugby league," said Aston.
"Sam Barlow could have been put out for the rest of the season if he had been hit on the jaw with the elbow instead of the top of his head near his eye.
"Sam was knocked off his feet and back 10 yards."
Referee Turley who is in his 20s halted play, stopping centre Menzie Yere scoring an almost certain try which could have extended the Eagles lead to 30-18. Widnes went on to win 44-30.
Widnes forward Gareth Haggerty was put on report and the RFL's disciplinary panel will deal with the case this week.
Aston said: "The referee blew the whistle when we were in the motion of scoring a try and gave us a penalty. I feel he penalised us.
"The Widnes player should have been sent off it should have been an automatic red card."
Aston has had talks with the RFL's Match Officials Director Stuart Cummings.
He added: "The message I get back is that the referee didn't see where the contact was but Sam was thrown through the air.
"I'll bet that he (Haggerty) will get suspended for between two and four games that's not enough for an incident that severe."
Barlow played in the Eagles 22-10 win over Dewsbury Rams on Friday the club's first win in three Championship games this season.
The incident in the Widnes game can be viewed at www.eaglestv.co.uk

Rugby League should be the opiate of the people (Marks not in Las Palmas)

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