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  1. The true reason he left
  2. Thought both teams were poor today. Can't imagine either coach will be pleased with them performances
  3. All halfbacks need their pack to be on top
  4. It's dual reg in all but name and it stinks. Bringing in escare for 1 game being a prime example
  5. It was reported immediately on the field, by barrow captain Jarrad stack. The refs response was to ignore it then sin bin him for going on about it. Neither side or indeed the referee are looking good in any of this
  6. Neither club coming out of this looking well
  7. One of their players got binned after miloudi went off. Not sure if it was the player who retaliated tho
  8. I said at the time it would be a minimum of 5 games as that's what Luke gale got for just touching an injured player...Hakim lifted him up...
  9. If we can score 3 tries and keep them below 50 then I'll be reasonably happy
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