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  1. If someone told me at the end of the season we would lose Riley and Walker but replace them with Carl Forster and Lee Jewitt I'd have snapped their hand off. Great work to get them on board
  2. Give it a rest. We'll get beat because we aren't good enough, not because of the referee
  3. Most disappointing signing for many years and I'm told was on decent money too. Says it all when cresta would rather play back rowers carrying injuries in the centres instead of spedding.
  4. Good signing, was very good when Toulouse visited craven park last season. Just what we needed.
  5. He was a promising youngster but hasn't kicked on, simple really. Not the first and won't be the last. But your right about 100% effort.
  6. W We've looked a better side without him. He's not up to championship standard. We do need a 2nd hooker since mossop got injured, doubt we'll get one at this late stage of the season.
  7. Creswell should always be first choice fullback. Different class
  8. Exactly what I was thinking, cresta now has to change things and that might see a run of games for Johnson and young carter recalled. Could be the turning point in our season!
  9. Any news on these loanee saviours?
  10. Probably from the club having a deal verbally agreed with him, but before he actually signed the contract Catalans invited him for a trial which he chose to do and the club moved on and signed Jordan walne instead. The Bartes deal was so close to being completed they even had his shirt complete with squad number made.
  11. Shame for the lad if right but hopefully that can coincide with the return of Cresswell who I believe is the best fullback at the club
  12. Taking bookings for 3rd coach so should be a good following from Barrow
  13. Mid table. We've recruited well but the top few teams are far stronger
  14. blue forever


    Announced earlier that Cresta has signed a 2 year deal
  15. Barrow just signed a 3rd Catalan on loan, prop Mendy Saloty
  16. We've needed one since the start of LAST season!
  17. Yeh, a decent lad, as has been said he does speed the play up when he came on. Didn't play as much as I'd have liked him to. He is on the small side but won't let anyone down.
  18. Desperately need another centre to go alongside Hulme.
  19. The same Carl Forster that Brad Brennan ran over the top of numerous times at the start of the year???? ?
  20. He had a great game, best player to come to craven park for last few years, well backed up by their full back.Far too good for this league
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