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  1. Especially all the defeats
  2. I paid twice for me and my lad as I threw my entry ticket away and I went back home for a bit. So officially it was a 154! I'm sure there was more than that there though
  3. Maybe just maybe because he was one of our better players at Dewsbury and also Sunday
  4. I thought the guy near the bar on the popular side was going to have an heart attack shouting at the ref on Sunday! Refs either turn a blind eye or secretly laugh every 50/50 call he gives against you!
  5. Just watched highlights, message to the people who shout at the ref for 80 minutes he can't hear a effing thing you say, his head if full of someone shouting ok ok ok
  6. Campbell was a pain in the backside all day he had a great game.
  7. He kept the flag by his side that was the thing, they might as well just stay behind the sticks and wait for a try as that's all they're good for, oh and they need to keep off the pitch cause that does my nut in also..
  8. I was right in line with a TJ and they threw a obvious forward pass and TJ done nothing but the ref blew for it (eventually). I asked my mate if they were wired up and don't use the flag so much? It's the only explanation I can think.
  9. He got a lot of stick from a few behind me yesterday, very unnecessary as I thought he was very good yesterday the brain fart pass in front of our sticks apart!
  10. Wouldnt mind seeing Ethan Kelly in a town shirt like
  11. Just when I thought I couldn't like Chris anymore..
  12. As much as I like Chris his substitutions are a bit strange, hutchings is a prime example he defo should get more game time but sits most of the matches on his arris..
  13. To be honest with you, if I was a coach I would use the put out what's available route, I mean it's quite hard to put out what isn't available like isn't it...
  14. Absolutely spot on, travelling players should be standing out or at the very least on par with the locals.
  15. anok4u


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day seems our 'source' can't even do that
  16. anok4u


    Neutralfan7 life matters mate, we'll be taking the knee for him next
  17. anok4u


    I don't know a team that isn't complaining about the new rules but no one seems to be listening! 17 notes to be piddled off my the man in the middle every week...
  18. The class oozes out of him, thought broadband looked class also if a little green but you can see he's going to be a great player
  19. I honestly believe we're not far off winning one of these and if it happens we might just kick on.
  20. Alex Young is rapid but never seems to find a gap and get that huge stride going like Tony Kay used too
  21. Lot of stirring going on in this thread like...
  22. Ffs how many players have we got left?
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