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  1. Yeah and by the time they get there Toronto will probably have gone to the wall. Despite throwing big money at it they are well off the mark and will be relegated this season. Without the Structures that Super League teams have in place such as Academies and Juniors they will never compete at the highest level or develop their own players. This is the one big thing I like about Chris Thorman's vision for our club that we need to attract and keep the Cumbrian Youngsters in Cumbria and to help achieve this we need the new Stadium sooner rather than later.
  2. So it is not just us Town fans that can see the great work Chris is doing and the Foundations he is laying now should see us having a very Strong future. All we need now is the new Stadium getting built to hopefully give him better facilities and help us attract the next generation of supporters.
  3. Something in the back of my mind tells me Tee Ritson got 4 or 5 in a game before he headed off to Newcastle but cannot remember who it was against.
  4. It was actually a bit closer to home than that or I would not have put it on.Hopefully for the lad I hope his recovery is quicker but it was a very bad dislocation.
  5. Probably not at the moment but it would put the likes of Batley,Dewsbury,Oldham,Swinton and Haven in with us and make our league more competitive between 1 to 12. But until the likes of Leigh are stopped from going or bust every season nothing will change. Also straight promotion and relegation could help as I am not a fan of playoffs and the team who has been consistent all season should go up. We need to try something as our great game needs a big shakeup before it is too late and I do not think bringing in more overseas teams is the answer.
  6. Looking like Glens will be a season long one and has I have said in other topics Tom is a great player but very Injury prone. He missed a lot of games for Town and did the same at Barrow
  7. Your right the gulf is even bigger than when we got relegated. I would still stick with 3 Divisions but in this format 10 in Super League 12 in Championship 12 in League 1 And have straight promotion and relegation. Then have a development league for the 3 left from league 1 and the top Conference teams
  8. Early on I thought Keighley looked much sharper than us but our defence like last week was awesome. When we started to create we looked really good and thought Doran made some excellent runs breaking tackles and with the right option we could have had 2 or 3 more trys. Defence and discipline looks to be much better than last season and listening to Chris afterwards on the Radio he basically said that everyone has their job to do and they are doing it hence we are reaping the rewards and one player I think deserves a big mention is Gabe Fell.I liked him first time round but he looks even better now under Chris,Newcastle will be a big test next week but if we keep that defence up not many teams will find it easy to break us down.
  9. It was blatant coaching so why did the Referee,Touch judge or Fourth Official do nothing about it. It really pisses me off when it happens and London Skolars are one of the worst for it but has DKW says he had no effect so was wasting his time.
  10. Welcome Ryan and cannot wait to see another Maryport Lad out on that pitch with Stevie. Chris is our Coach and he has obviously seen something in Ryan while he has been training with us to offer him a Contract and from what I have seen of the Local Lad's he has signed this season none of them will let us down regarding effort and attitude. Also what better player to have him working with in training that Fui as that Guy has played at the very top level and is still pulling up Trees at 40.
  11. Totally agree. Tom is a very good player but too Injury prone for my liking which is a problem when you are playing Prop.
  12. Not sure if it was Injury or unavailability for him missing yesterdays game but hope he is available for the start of the League campaign.
  13. So our long anticipated League Campaign finally kicks off against the Cougars. After our showing against Doncaster Yesterday I am really looking forward to this one and just hope the predicted weather this week does not make the pitch any heavier than it already is. Keighley had a very Feisty game against Newcastle in the Challenge cup so this could end up being a very tough game and I just hope we keep our Discipline and get a strong referee. Hopefully both Caine and Hanley get over their knocks and Gordon is available so that we have a bit of size and experience in the Middle.
  14. I thought Alex was excellent today and got through a hell off a lot of work and took quite a few defenders with him each time.
  15. Thought after a slow start we adapted better to the conditions and played really well at times. Alex Young got through a shed load of work and I thought Doran was excellent especially after taking a knock early on. MOM was a toss up between Cus and Stevie for me but many others including Elliot Miller really stood out. The main point I would like to make his how fit this young team is and I think this really showed in the final 20 minutes when we really turned the screw and they were blowing out of their *****.And how Rangi Chase could walk off that field with a clean shirt shows just what he brought to the party.
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