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  1. Hope your right but we will need better luck this season with Injuries. I do think though that this will be a tougher league to win compared to last season.
  2. Totally agree. This squad will compete but may just lack experience in the bigger games but Chris is putting in place players with the right attitude and ability that are young enough to be with our club for many years to come.
  3. Quality without doubt but slightly before my time. Best pack I have probably watched would be under Peter Walsh Rowland Phillips Phil McKenzie Jimmy Pickering Stephen Holgate Colin Armstrong Brad Hepi
  4. It certainly has the best footprint if that is the only option left on the table. I only hope that now the Seaton idiot is no longer on the Council the others can come up with a decent alternative and stop this just being a political points scoring game. Lets get the people of Allerdale and especially the Youngsters a Stadium to be proud of and one they want to play in which ever their chosen sport is rather than having to leaving the area in their droves to find modern facilities in which to train and play.
  5. Spot on GentlemanJim. Mischief making of the highest order. Jarrad is not a Town Player and has not been for a Few seasons now.Yes he was a great player for our club and had he stayed he would have had a Testimonial Season like others who have dedicated themselves to our Club.I am sure that any fans travelling down will afford him a great reception and donate in any buckets that may be doing the rounds but to expect our Club to waver costs is just crazy.
  6. Alex has said ‘’My motivation for signing is the excitement of a new challenge, improving under a great coach and proving myself at this level. I’ve really enjoyed training with the lads over the last few weeks and everyone has made me feel very welcome’’ The Good thing is that these are all young Lad's who have all said the same thing and also Chris is saying these players are coming into the club with the right attitude and mentality and are all Training really hard,unlike the 3 named above. If we could add another Prop alongside Fui Fiu then we should have the best balanced squad we have had in the last 10 years.
  7. Shame if true as I really liked the Lad and thought he had the Ability to be a very good Championship player.
  8. Great to have you on board Ollie. You are the epitomy of what it takes to excel in Rugby League and the experience you can pass on to our younger players should help them develop. I had my fingers crossed you would be offered a role on the coaching side and yet again the Board have come up trumps.
  9. Penky has never let us down and is still a class player at this level but I do think we have done the right thing. Chris has signed on for 3 years and will be laying the foundations to get us back into the Championship and Local and Young are going to be a big part of our future.I cannot fault a single one of his signings yet and I am really looking forward to what will be a very competitive league this season.
  10. Great to have you back for another season Carl and I can't wait to see you break the 2000 points barrier.
  11. Hope your right Wonky. I just look at the official Website 1st team squad as they have had plenty of time to update it and Fui Fui is still on there along with Carl Forber.On there we have 21 players but that includes fieldhouse who I believe has retired according to some on here but I think we still need 2 good Props and another Half back plus a couple of quality loans players if we are to compete with the likes of Newcastle and Barrow this season. Chris knows what he is doing and I have not felt this confident in a coach since Peter Walsh.
  12. Just seen this now on the Club Website and it sounds really good. A bit like the Reds War chest but with perks for the members. New for 2020 season The 1945 Club. The 1945 Club is an exciting opportunity for you to mark Town’s 75th anniversary, enhance your experience as a fan, and directly bolster Chris Thorman’s playing squad. The three membership tiers on offer grant you exclusive perks that are great value for money, taking your support to the next level.. Importantly, all funds raised are ring fenced for Chris Thorman to strengthen his squad throughout the season. There will be three types of membership: The 1945 Silver Supporter from £10.00 per month. The 1945 Gold Supporter from £19.45 per month. And the Corporate Class Membership from £100+vat per month. Follow the link below to get on board! https://www.townshop.co.uk/plans-pricing Full details on the 3 available packages! SILVER 1945 CLUB MEMBERSHIP - £10 per month. Exclusive 1945 club silver badge to collect each season. 10% OFF MERCHANDISE in the club shop. ACCESS TO exclusive town ONLINE FORUM. PRE MATCH COACH & CHAIRMANS THOUGHTS sent to your email address. Bi-monthly newsletter that replaces the programme. Exclusive fans forum. GOLD 1945 CLUB MEMBERSHIP - £19.45 per month ALL OF THE ABOVE+ Exclusive 1945 club gold pin badge to collect each season. 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL DRINKS. ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE PLAYER AND COACH PODCASTS & behind the scenes videos from Chris. ACCESS TO LEGENDS BAR & VIEWING PLATFORM (formerly the Blue and White cafe), meet with ex players in their exclusive private bar area with a free drink on arrival. CORPORATE CLUB MEMBERSHIP - £100+vat per month 1x 8x4 ft GROUNDBOARD worth £540! TABLE for 6 in the Tom Mitchell Lounge at a home game worth £280 ACCESS TO EVERY HOME MATCH & THE LEGENDS LOUNGE FOR 2 PEOPLE + 2 free drinks! worth £360! MASCOT PRIORITY as required, duties will be shared with local Community clubs on the pitch, but we can arrange meet and greet with favourite Town player or coach. Social media coverage reaching over 11800 twitter followers and 5300+ facebook followers, we can take photos taken at your business with your favourite player or coach and help push your latest marketing ideas! All of these options will be available to sign up to via direct debit. Alternatively we can take payment in full for 12 months. Silver - £120 Gold - £233.40 Corporate - £1200 + vat #ourtown
  13. Can anyone please explain what the 1945 Club is about. I saw it mentioned on Twitter and Chris Thorman also mentioned it but the Link it says to follow is not there.
  14. If memory serves me right I am sure I watched Geoff Grayshon play for Batley against Town at Mount Unpleasant and he was a handful that day down the hill at the age of 46.
  15. The Guy is a machine and I would love to see him carry on next season. When Chris arrived Fui Fui started doing longer stints and his impact was visible for all to see with the opposition defence quaking every time he gets the ball and he always seems to lift his team mates.I could never understand why Leon gave him so little game time when the Guy was probably one of the fittest players on the books.His experience along with Danny Tickles will be valuable in this league next season as yet again I think the top 4 or 5 will be capable of beating each other and looks like Newcastle are going to be throwing everything at winning the league. I just hope we are a bit luckier this coming season with Injuries than we have been over the last few seasons.
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