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  1. Well that was a better West Wales than the one last season. We showed some very good things in attack but some of the defence was not as good as we have seen recently. I thought Jamie Doran was excellent today along with Danny Tickle and Penky.Great to see Blaine get 20 minutes and with support play like that he will get plenty of tries.now we have a 2 week break so hopefully get some of those niggling injuries rested and have a right good go at the playoffs. And who knows we might even get Elliott back by then ☺
  2. Was in last nights News and Star. Squad just announced and only Fui Fui not named
  3. With Moi Moi,Dawson and Maudling doubtful and Ollie already missing we could be lacking a bit of go forward in the Middle.As Chris said in the paper West Wales are huge and with a very heavy pitch slowing down our wide men it could be a frustrating encounter for anyone expecting 50+ points. I would not risk anyone on the heavy surface who is not fully fit as we then have a break before the Hunslet and Doncaster games which will be key to where we finish. Nothing anywhere about the squad or even if there is a pitch Inspection but I have my tickets and will check on here before I set off. A Town win but not by as many as some would expect.
  4. Another excellent initiative from the Club. I will be down for my 2 tickets and will throw the saving into one of the charity buckets on Sunday.Lets get a 1000 down and show the team we are right behind their push for the playoffs.
  5. The Guy is a legend and has never just turned up for the money and you can tell he loves playing for this club and it's supporters. Looking at his age the minutes he is putting in is amazing and that also goes for Penky and Ollie. As quite a few on here have said if we had got Thorman earlier and had the likes of Elliot and Fieldhouse not been long term Injuries then with Hewitt,Mellor and Bolton in the back line we would have won a lot more this season. I am a big fan of Chris Thorman and I think his analysis of the opposition and then resulting game plans are top notch but he cannot account for individual errors that we keep doing and that is down to the players to put right. Haven to win the league for me and hopefully we can join them by getting players back fit before the Playoffs as opposed to losing them as has happened to us in the past. Momentum and confidence are everything and I think we are finally getting some.
  6. Excellent today and that was not a poor Keighley team,we just did not let them play. I wanted Chris Thorman for coach as soon as we announced Leon was gone and today proved why. Listening to him on the Radio after the game he said that is what you can achieve when you get players training and following the plan he put into place after analysing Keighley. We nullified all their key men and were pretty ruthless in attack and it also helped we had a decent bench for a change.Imagine what he could do if he also had a fully fit squad with the likes of Elliot,Ollie,Fieldhouse,Bolton,Lancaster and Karl to come in. Hope the extra week before the Haven game gives the walking wounded like Tom and Caine that bit longer to recover.
  7. Declan O’Donnell (Workington) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice Thankfully the Panel have seen this for what it was and luckily we should have Dec available this weekend. It was never a Red Card offence and only came about due to the weak Refereeing we witnessed last week.
  8. Hope we get a chance to see him strut his stuff before the end of the season and not just a cameo role off the Bench. Dean was a legend from my era and hopefully Blaine writes himself into our history the same way. Welcome to Town Blaine !!
  9. Hope we get a chance to see him strut his stuff before the end of the season and not just a cameo role off the Bench. Dean was a legend from my era and hopefully Blaine writes himself into our history the same way. Welcome to Town Blaine !!
  10. Really enjoyed the BP experience and the atmosphere at the last game was great and overall the attendance for the 3 games was just shy of 3000 which is very good. However I am happy to return back to DP and looking forward to seeing the new Pitch and having a decent PA system again.
  11. Very petty stance to take as Danny Grainger is very impressed with the playing surface at DP and wants his team to play Football on a good surface.If BP is not ready then to switch the 1st home game could be financially a big loss to the Club as I am sure you would get a big crowd at DP and the Sponsors facilities are far superior.A good few Town fans I know have said they would attend and the Novelty of Reds playing there might pull in quite a few of the floating fans that we usually see for Cup Games.
  12. A massive personality and great Clubman who will be sorely missed. I have known Brian for over 30 years having worked with him at British Steel and him also refereeing local Football. Great tribute on the Twitter account from Jamie Doran that just shows what he meant to the players. R.I.P Brian
  13. Keep up the good work and it was great to see so many of those kids singing their heads off in the Town end. Well that game had everything for me,yes it wasn't pretty but we stood up really well with lack of rotation off the bench and also being down to 12 men and I would say we finished the game stronger and fitter than London. The officials were a joke and player safety really worries me when you get clowns like that allowing heads shots to go unpunished and the Red for Declan just summed it up. I thought Declan had a good game and his try was genius and he just gives 100% for the cause and I also think Jonathan Walsh had his best game for the club today doing well in defence and taking quite a bit of ball in to help spell our forwards off. 810 was an excellent crowd considering recent performances and all the other distractions today so hopefully push it up a bit more next week for the Keighley game.
  14. I will be there and dragging my Dad along again but think the crowd will be quite low. If we turn up with the right attitude I expect a win but recent effort levels will see a defeat. What a shame after all the hard work to Break the 1000 barrier we put in 3 Poor performances that will see that figure plummet.
  15. Town have a very long lease on DP so if any is going to be sold I would imagine it being BP. If we have to do one up I personally think DP is the best option as it has a much larger footprint with plenty of space for parking along with the Offices and Shop and larger capacity as it stands and if the old scoreboard end was developed it would have a larger capacity than the new stadium would have provided.
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