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  1. Totally agree with you regarding Stephen people like him are the life blood of our club and work very long hours without any financial reward. On a similar topic Jeff Curwen has just stood down from his role as groundsman at the Reds and I was amazed to read he was 80 years old as he put in many long hours on the pitch and had planned to retire when the Reds moved over to Derwent Park but thanks to our lovely council that has not happened.
  2. Sorry guy's i have no idea why that has posted 3 times
  3. Congratulations,enjoy your evening I knew you could win it and your supporters deserve it.
  4. Congratulations,enjoy your evening I knew you could win it and your supporters deserve it.
  5. Congratulations,enjoy your evening I knew you could win it and your supporters deserve it.
  6. Best of luck today from a Workington fan. I have always enjoyed the banter with your fans and had a good crack with a few when we played you at Borough Park this season.I think over the season you deserve it more that Newcastle who have been throwing a lot of cash at it and sadly we only had 14 fit players when we played them recently and with a fully fit 17 we would have taken them. Enjoy your day !!
  7. I am sure they will and if we can get him to sign on again for next season then I am sure he will break the 2000 point barrier which should definitely see him into our Hall of Fame. Well done Carl !!
  8. Congratulations to Ollie on his Outstanding achievement award last night which was fully deserved. It has been a pleasure watching him play for Town and he always lead from the front never taking a backward step and was always a consummate professional. I think Chris Thorman should approach Ollie and offer him a role as one of his coaching assistants as he would be a great asset around the squad and also could keep an eye on the Barrow Amateur scene for us plus the big man still has a lot to offer the game with his years of experience.
  9. I have said many times before that Fui Fui is probably one of the fittest players at the club and he loves playing for our Club. Contract should be already drawn up if the big man fancies another season.
  10. We are very poor on that side and they are very good down the left so I am suprised the score was not bigger.Well done everyone in a Town Shirt they should not have to do that in a playoff game. Positives for me are Blaine getting a full 80 mins and the fact Chris Thorman is with us for the next 3 seasons and he will ensure we have a big enough squad of committed players who buy into his style of play and I am sure he will be proud of the effort from his players today.
  11. So here we go again for Zulu part 2. A coach sweating on who he will have available against a team who will be licking their wounds from last weeks home defeat. Kingston Park is not a happy hunting ground and on an artificial pitch against a team with bags of pace our defensive game will have to be top notch and we must try to nullify them getting the ball out to their left which is where most of their tries come from.The only plus for us is that Matthew Wright is banned and i believe the club are looking for clarification on Danny Tickles ban.As i have already posted on here in the Danny Tickle topic the RFL website did show the outcome was no Charge so dont know why it is also stating he has a 1 match ban. This team seems to thrive on adversity and with a good away support shouting them on I will continue to believe we can pull off one mighty upset. If not at least we can look forward to next season with renewed optimism under an amazing coach.
  12. A Pre season with Thorman and then playing in second row or Loose injury free will let us see just how good a player Caine is. A well deserved nomination.
  13. Danny Tickle - Workington Hunslet v Workington - League 1 Range of Recommended Sanctions in relation to Charged Grade* : 1 Match Penalty Notice Details of Charge / Reason for NF : Rule – 15.1(i) Detail – Defender uses any part of his body forcefully to twist, bend or otherwise apply pressure to the limb or limbs of an opposing player in a way that involves an unacceptable risk of injury to that player. Grade – B Decision: No charge Incident: Dangerous Contact in the 38th minute (Braham)
  14. Mathew Wright banned for 4 games. Is Tickle definitely banned as on one of the RFL pages I looked at it said 1 match Penalty and then decision No Charge.
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