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  1. Totally agree and like you I think Chris is the most important signing we have made in years.I was Chuffed when we actually got him and the fact he will be with us until at least 2024 allows him time to build long term and gives us supporters stability that has long been needed.Well done everyone involved in getting this done and not least to Chris himself for seeing the potential we have to match his vision.
  2. North Queensland fans in the NRL might disagree with you on that one
  3. No suprise that it is Newcastle and good luck to them. I think we were right to put forward a case but with the young inexperienced squad we have put together I would have expected to get hammered most weeks and that would set us back years.Give this squad a season together next year to gel and then add a few old heads the following season for a promotion push and then this squad will be ready for the step up to the Championship. Lets not forget that league is a lot tougher than it was last time we played in it.
  4. Gutted to hear confirmation of the News we all knew was coming. Fui Fui has been an absolute pleasure to watch and never seen a game where he gave less than 100% a great Clubman and all round Gentleman.Good luck in your next chapter but do feel longer term this is the right thing for the Club as we look to Chris and Gary to develop and young mostly local based team that will reap benefits for years to come
  5. Great to have you for the next 2 seasons Gabe and I cannot wait to see you back out on the field as I have been very impressed with what I have seen of you so far. Just keep this caliber of signings coming and I will be very happy.
  6. Totally agree DavidM and the amount of Fundraising certain individuals have done since lockdown started should ensure our club can start the new season on a sound financial footing.This just goes to show what a great set of fans we have and this club means everything to us.
  7. Fantastic news and great to have you back Pez. Can't wait to hear the other signings announced and just hope we can get our season started and get a Buzz around Derwent Park again.
  8. We will have to agree to disagree and only time will tell which one of us is right But i will be seriously suprised if all these Ottawa signings are going to go over to Canada to live and train so not exactly going to see much travel. Now if he had signed for a Club in Australia....................
  9. Don't recall the likes of Penky,Kay,Beswick,Bailey,Sidlow,Emmit,Hall and Bussey moving to Canada as Toronto were based in Yorkshire and were just cherry picking the players they needed to get promotion and in my opinion brought absolutely nothing to our great game. If he is moving over to Canada for a few years then good luck to him but I honestly can't see that being the case and if they gain the quick promotions they will expect then I am afraid he along with many others will become surplus to their requirements and be left in limbo and in that time New York will then come along and cau
  10. Thinks this is a Stupid move for Dec and more annoyed that we have yet another player who the Club look after while injured and jumps ship at first chance. As a player he would have been better coached by Chris and it looks like Ottawa are just going to be another Toronto who will ditch him as they step up their ambitions in promotion. I really do not see what this is bringing to Rugby League as we will see no away supporters and how many Players have Canada now produced who could play in either team ? Toronto were going to finish bottom of Super League and would then have struggled
  11. Speedway track has now been removed at Derwent Park and new pitch laid. Agree that the Owlerton was awful and totally lacked atmosphere but I still prefer the old grounds over the modern breeze block ones.Give me Cougar Park,Mount Pleasant and Craven Park Barrow any day.
  12. Totally the correct decision and as much as we are all desperate to see our Heroes back on the Pitch it must be safe for all concerned. Hopefully the numerous fund raising efforts that have been going on allow the club to restart on a sound financial footing whenever that is and I think we owe a huge thanks to the many individuals who have organised these.
  13. Both the Contestant and the Chaser guessed correctly.
  14. Sitting eating my Tea last night watching the Chase and couldn't believe it when I heard this question being asked by Bradley Walsh. Which Sport does Fui Fui Moi Moi Play ? The Big man on National Telly,Legend ?
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