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  1. Do not expect us to get anything against a team that can go to Widnes and stuff them while scoring 7 tries in the process. After the last 2 games we should be on 4 points now but sadly we are not.
  2. Newcastle, Dewsbury, Halifax, Bradford and York were nothing special in my opinion but giving away constant penalties and defending the way we are means most teams look very good when playing against us at this moment in time.
  3. Sadly I cannot see Curtis being available for a few weeks.
  4. Well at last we have an easy game ahead of us I just hope we can turn up this week and make this a competitive game and try and get a bit of confidence back into the squad. After this one we have a nice 2 weeks to rest tired and battered bodies before heading down the road to the LOL Stadium for the first of the Derby Matches. I have been quite impressed with the way York have progressed over the past few seasons and this will be another huge test of our limited squad but looking forward to this game and hope they bring a decent following with them to help keep our attendance up.
  5. That was not good enough today against another pretty average team. I am realistic and understand where we are but as long as I see commitment and effort I can take defeat but I did not see much of that today. Apart from lack of experience in the squad we desperately need some added size and power as the plan we had for this season regarding that has now been shown to be woefully lacking as this is not League 1. The other thing that is obvious is our lack of pace in the squad. But all that said I will be down next week for the York game and see which Town team turns up
  6. Yes. Be a very welcome addition again next week against York.
  7. I absolutely hate these 6 re-starts as there is no consistency from the referees with them and I do feel we are getting hammered every week with them as the more experienced opposition players seem to be able to milk them when required and keep putting us under the cosh. Pleased with the effort from the lads today and while the standard of Rugby is much higher the Refs are not but I would much rather be watching this than another season of League 1. On a final note after reading many threads over the last couple of weeks I cannot understand how anyone can question Chris Thormans abilities. In my opinion we have the best Coach in this league and he is working wonders with what he has at his disposal and he has taken our Club in the right direction off the field as well. Remember he has a part time squad with very limited budget and no dual reg in place and is bringing in the best local talent that will secure our long term future and given time and support we will reap the rewards.
  8. Sadly no week off as we have to play Halifax in a re-arranged game.
  9. Fear the worst but hope I am wrong. With Injuries,Suspensions and Leavers making what was already going to be a difficult season even harder we need some extra bodies in quick if we are going to try and salvage anything from the next few months.
  10. I also think that positive news on attendance figures can help generate extra figures through the feel good factor. Look at what the Red's have done over the road by publishing figures they keep trying to top it and had over 1100 against Widnes and despite a defeat which is Sods law with such a big crowd in they are pushing for even more against Trafford by tying up with the Gary McKee Charity and also half price admission for Blue light workers. I believe they have also set up something for the visit of Warrington and all this extra income should boost the coffers and good news on crowds IMO does generate interest and help get extra people through the gate. Wonder how much of this is down to Dave Bowden
  11. If they are not careful they are going to sanitise the game to the point where no one will want to watch it anymore. Yes we have to protect players and Seriously dangerous tackles with intent needed stamped out along with some of the cowardly thuggery ( Ben Flower ) that was being seen had to be sorted but lets not forget that Rugby League is a fast paced physical contact game and if players become afraid to tackle then we lose the Sport that we love to watch.
  12. Just read the Halifax Twitter and it say's our safety officer has called it off. Well if that is the case it's poor from us to wait so long to make that decision as surely they should have been involved in the decision at 7-45am
  13. Should have been called off last night with the forecast we have and I feel really sorry for Halifax and their fans as they would have had to set off at around 9-30 to get here in time for a 2pm kick off. Wonder what reason RFL will give for now calling it off after deeming it playable just a couple of hours earlier.
  14. Come on DavidM the RFL and common sense are not 2 words you will ever hear in the same sentence..........
  15. Very enjoyable read and must have taken a while to collate the information. You were always my pick for promotion this season and I believe the way your Club have steadily built for the push to Super league will put you in a better position to stay up once you get there. We are on a massive learning curve this season with a young predominantly home grown squad not wasting money on journey men as we attempt to build a long term future within a sensible budget.
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