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  1. Get a grip padge, the only thing clubs are guilty of his exaggerating crowd figures in order to lie and get a licence. If you attend a venue on a few occasions you can easily have an idea about the size of the crowd. I don't think the tax man gives a stuff about crowd figures and only cares about what money the club is actually taking.
  2. Padge the big thing with stats for attendances is that they can easily be manipulated. For example my brother sometimes watches Wakefield and he can't see where they get the crowd figures from. He thinks there is probably only a slight improvement yet the gates announced have another 3k on top.Even the crowds announced at our games sometimes amaze me. Hard to judge because of the ground developments but sometimes it does not feel like a 2k± crowd is there. One more example is the massive attendance a few years back by Halifax when they played Batley, I think it was up 70℅. So my opinion is that in the world of licencing clubs are better announcing good crowds. In the 80's it did not matter what was announced.
  3. The RFL are hardly going to turn around and say when we introduced licencing we dropped one mighty clanger are they.Licencing didn't work, if it did then it would still be here. Back to the cuckoo's nest you go.
  4. And it continues, licencing was working but.................. Licensing was not working because if it was they would not have changed it , end of and for anyone to suggest that it was changed to keep championship clubs happy really lives in cloud cuckoo land. Licensing was a mess and it has failed, get over it. Denying it won't make things better.
  5. Come of it John, so you are blaming the licence mess on boredom rather the actually product being boring. Scraping the barrel now aren't we
  6. Mentioned before by people like you who spin propaganda in order to blame traditional clubs. Licensing as been a disaster, so I will spin it around debating with you is pointless.As for my club, you really don't have a clue. Money from directors have without a doubt helped but the fact that we don't play in a rented stadium and all bar and food takings go back to the club really do give us a financial advantage. Without some financial support I am not naive enough to think that we could compete at the very top of SL but we would do better than some of the clubs in there at the moment.
  7. Cheers Parky. As you know from my history of posts I am very bitter towards what happened in 1995, however with recent changes which looks like a return to P and R it's time I got over the past and started to support the game I love. If all goes well with the restructure, I will definitely attend at least 1 world cup game.
  8. I don't know many Fev fans who feel this way. What I do know is that they would like the opportunity to play Cas and Wakey via promotion or by one of the mentioned clubs dropping down via relegation.If you ask the majority of Fev fans if they would rather have a licence for 2015 or a return to P and R, I would say the majority would vote for P and R.
  9. You are right the change back to P and R means we miss out on a franchise in 2015 and the risk is with some good clubs coming down we risk gaining promotion on the field for some years to come. However the reason that us so called selfish inbred flatcappers want a return to P and R is because we want to achieve our goals by on the field. We would rather do it that way than have a packed clubhouse waiting for an administration to give an announcement (the way Widnes did). We would rather do it on the field rather than take the place of a clubs like Cas via a licence because we know first hand how hard it is to carry on fighting in a League where winning the comp means you stay where you are. It has become perfectly clear that a set of supporters who have been accused time and time again of only caring about there own club actually care about the game in general. The same can't be said for many of the accuses who are now crapping themselves that there cosy bubble is about to burst.
  10. Again this not about Australia.While you are bringing crowds into it would London Broncos have to be told to play lower down due to their embarrassing attendances?
  11. Despite the warm weather we are not in Australia. Like usual blame it all on traditional clubs, well I'll tell you something without the mentioned clubs we would well and trully be in the brown stuff. People like you amaze me how you have this vision of people turning up in there thousands to watch a new merged club. London would get more fans than a merged Fev, Cas & Wakey team.
  12. You start of by mentioning Wakefield and Bradford. If lets say Halifax got a licence by putting together a complete lie on there application and replaced Wakefield. By doing this you put 3k on the gates at Fax and Wakefield lose 3k, then it appears Halifax can't afford what they put in the application and go into administration. Would Wakefield be considered strong enough to replace Halifax in the next round of licences? That's my problem there are clubs in the Championship just as big as some of the clubs in SL. The only problem is that they have been starved of top flight RL because of no P&R so they can't get the crowds but SL clubs who commit financial ruin get a very small points deduction that means naff all when the League is a licence. Lets then look at the National game. Strange in 95 I did not think we were too far away from Australia and certainly a lot closer than we are now. As for my glee sorry if you thinks it's sad but I have waited a long time for the I'm alright Jack folks to show there true colours as soon as changes effect there cosy little world of licencing.
  13. Who survived because Dewsbury and Hunslet did not get a place in SL? I always thought it was Huddersfield. Sorry Tony Smith is a decent coach but I think he should take his ideas for the British game back down under when he decides it's time to return home.
  14. Well hasn't this forum turned into a doom and gloom fest! It would appear after all that the cosy franchise system which the majority on here support due to having a club safely tucked inside it is to be no more. Reading some of the comments on here though the franchise system was working and apparently the RFL are changing just to please a few disgruntled supporters like me, that's a kind of paranoia I have been accused of in the past. Even when SL clubs themselves vote to end the ridiculous system some forum members still deny that it has been a complete failure. It is amazing how the RFL so loyaly backed by many members on here are all of a sudden lunatics running an asylum. How many times have I been called a doom merchant and accused of only caring about my own club. Well just take a look at this forum it really is very sad how many hypercritical comments have been posted. I have really enjoyed Mr Sadler scurrying around peddling his propaganda garbage in his paper which only makes me even more happier that I decided to boycott his rag a long time ago. We also had had the Widnes chairman Mr O'Connor putting his weight behind franchising, no surprise really he milked the system for all it was putting a team out in the Championship that was not worthy of such a great club, just because he got the nod from the RFL that SL was his. My favourite is probably Tony Smith's comments a few week back, here we have a good coach that was aided with the lack of P&R when he was learning his trade at Huddersfield. His reasons though are priceless, apparently it will stop young British players players getting there chance in the first team because clubs will be under pressure to survive P&R, remind me how old there Warrington's Aussie full back is? I am personally really pleased with the recent developments and I feel like the RFL are finally going down the road of thinking about all member clubs again. I really hope that the split into 3 leagues is voted through. Either way I almost feel part of the game again and I am even starting to take an interest in the world cup. Cheer up everyone, what goes around comes around
  15. Well enjoy the honour of not being the best team in the league but being Champions! but I can't see where there is an honour in not being the best team but being the Champions.
  16. Yes, very clever you mean when teams play a few games including national league 1 teams at the very start of the season. Didn't you realise the first time you brought it up and no one responded that your comments were irrelevent to this topic. When is your next stand up show cos your one liners are Hilarious?
  17. Well done Gary. Your passion for the club is just fantastic. This award is well and truly deserved!
  18. How about entering the boozer occupied by the Rovers fans at Warrington. I am sure you will get a great taste of the pre-match atmosphere.
  19. I don't have a problem showing our local neighbours what we think off them. I also don't care what we sing on Sunday but lets do our part and give it our all, especially if the match enters a sticky patch for us. For me that is when the team needs to hear us the most.
  20. I don't usually post on this forum because I don't agree with a lot that is posted but because this is Grand Final week I am making an exception. I don't for one minute expect Fev to ever have a chance of winning Super League but as a supporter all I ask is a fair opportunity to compete against the best. I did not grow up loving the game because I thought we were going to win the League. I enjoyed it because when we took on the likes of Wigan, Leeds and St Helens at Post Office Road we always had a chance of winning. The atmosphere was so special and we had some great days. I might get accused of living in the past but we are a club just as big as some clubs already in the Super League. I would of course be delighted if Fev ever got a franchise but I would be more happy if the RFL would remove the unfair Franchise rule altogether and allowed promotion and relegation again.
  21. Just like to add my congratulations to Rob on how well the pitch looks. When you have a moment Rob can you call at our house, my lawn is full of weeds and is very patchy.
  22. I just can't believe that this as happened. How can someone just go around and take so many loved ones away from so many familys? Although I didn't know Gary Purdham, his name stands out from the years I did the commentating. I'm sure Ovo can back me up when I say that while doing the commentating you remember oposition players more than you do when you are just watching the game. The Purdham brothers are names that used to stand out, not just because of Rob's progression to Super League but for the years I did the commentating Gary's name would always appear on the team sheet. A little bit like Geof Luxton who always seemed to appear on the Barrow team sheet, Jason Ramshaw at Keighley and Mark Cass at Hunslet. Gary put his body on the line playing this game for years and it is just not fare that he should be taken away in such a cowardly act of violence. RIP
  23. I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and it's all been a dream. The team is playing well but it's the genuine increase in numbers coming through the gates that is so encouraging. On personal note last night was the first time that my lad was completely into the game from start to finish, topped of when he came downstairs this morning singing 'say we are top of the league'. Another few performaces like that and I might have him hooked! Is it me or does life feel great?
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