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  1. Do u no what I don't understand?...
  2. You will after to explain this to me Sunday
  3. Fev 36-18 widnes mom saxton 1st try hardman att 2600
  4. I never saw owt, there was a bit bout kear going to France, maybe it was mentioned in that piece as a Possible replacement, but I never read it
  5. Looks a big lad for a centre in league express
  6. Were no made of money :-)
  7. Chappy throwing a dummy out, excuse the pun
  8. Cheers for clearing that up rob! Morro out for season, check is facebook he sounds gutted!
  9. I'm sure he wasn't slagging stuey off, who would? The mans a legend!
  10. 20-6 to batley is the latest
  11. Let's dream of turning Warrington blue and White, come finals day!
  12. 1- matty dale.... Awesome in attack and defence AGAIN 2- liam wellham... Gota love the passion he's showing, really took to this lad, and he's a top player 3- everyone else all grafted for eachother got to mention the support, absolutly electric still buzzing! Maybe just maybe we can start to believe, but still a long way to go
  13. Let's all pile in their end behind sticks and have a sing song
  14. He doesn't get a very good school report from York and batley fans.
  15. It's not me, it won't let me resister for some reason.
  16. I told it exactly how it was! Anyone can read it for them selves. Fact is I think you maybe taking us a bit too lightly, yes all predictions were close which is completely fair, but the bit about fading and our fixtures will result in us not making the top two were pretty vein.
  17. I can remember him now, got to be better than danny Allen I suppose
  18. Any good? Was at widnes last year.
  19. On their forum, not one person predicts a fev win, they seem very confidant, and say we are fading and will struggle to make the top 4! Let's go and shove it up em' massive game this! Can't wait and can't see them open other end, as the new stand is open now.
  20. For any club Reading this jesse, is rubbish, he can't tackle, catch, run or any basic skill, and he's staying at fev because we don't want him playing poorly for any other club
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