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  1. Wendall, "If it carries on at this rate we could have the first sell out of the SL era at Wembley." And I didn't mention Warrington in my post.
  2. They couldn't fill Naughton Park yesterday..what makes you think they will fill Wembley?
  3. Yes. Chris Hollins featured it in this mornings BBC One Breakfast Sports news. There was no time left, though, for our sport.
  4. Yes, Well done Warrington, with absolutely no reservations. Shows what a good coach can achieve with a good mix of home grown and imported talent. Great support, too, with the stadium almost full. Good to see that Les Cats brought some support too, despite the length and cost of the journey to the neutral venue.
  5. as accessible , I believe as the Trafford Centre, which get crowds even bigger than Leeds. I think the Salford and Warrington cases are different. I think that Salford has fans who were originally within walking distance of the Willows but have moved away owing to housing redevelopment and related issues. I'd expect them to find the new location to be OK. I also think that a new ground in a more amenable location will attract new spectators from surrounding areas. I suspect also that away fans are more likely to attend games ( Saints, Wigan, Warrington, etc) as the new location is easier to get to and again, more amenable.
  6. "When someone makes a mistake -- whether it's a spelling error or a spelling flame, a stupid question or an unnecessarily long answer -- be kind about it. If it's a minor error, you may not need to say anything. Even if you feel strongly about it, think twice before reacting. Having good manners yourself doesn't give you license to correct everyone else. If you do decide to inform someone of a mistake, point it out politely, and preferably by private email rather than in public. Give people the benefit of the doubt; assume they just don't know any better. And never be arrogant or self-righteous about it. Just as it's a law of nature that spelling flames always contain spelling errors, notes pointing out Netiquette violations are often examples of poor Netiquette. (S. Virginia, Netiquette.(1997) http://www.albion.com/netiquette/book/index.html)"
  7. "If this was Salford Wakefield Cas Huddersfield we would never hear the last of it" whereas no on has mentioned the crowd of 1122 at Crusaders V harlequins. I wonder if some will start a thread about it?
  8. Close call and the last 30 minutes the game really came alive! Had they lost, Leeds would only have had themselves to blame. Saints looked somewhat slow and pedestrian to me at times and not the fast reaction creative team I expected. Overall, in my view, the better team won.
  9. This is an Internet forum , not The Times. Style, grammar, puncuation, speeling etc are not that important, in my opinion, as long as the meaning is clear. However, a bit of knowledge, some research and a smattering of intellecutal rigour would not go amis. There is no shortage, though, of peer review, as nath155 has just witnessed.
  10. A "traditionalist" putting an end to licencing. And HaroldShand, why not try research rather than recall?
  11. That a great achievement and well done. If they can do it, then so can others. A far cry from 6th January 1991 when only 1600 turned out at Wilderspool to watch Wire beat HKR
  12. Remember, these are rugby players we are talking about...expecting some of them to think of the consequences of their actions in the heat of an intense game, is probably expecting too much. Similarly, expecting guilty players to change their behaviour by banning them for longer periods is, in my opinion,unlikely to be successful. Its a bit like banning NE in the hope that one day, just one day, he might make an intelligent contribution to the debate. The Disciplinary committee will, I think, have heard and seen more evidence that we did and may well have spent more time than we have in discussing it. In my view, there is no conspiracy against Wigan and no bias towards Leeds in this respect. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Get real-time road reports at FRIXO including live traffic speeds etc
  14. A couple of years before we moved from France to here, Paris was paralysed by a relatively moderate snowfall: thousands were trapped overnight in their cars on the A10 south west of Paris. On the it just looked like Basingstoke yesterday! Of course, Parisians are France's equivalent to "Southerners" :lol:
  15. I understand that salting can damage concrete drives. anyone heard this?
  16. My mate on Chineham Park in Basingstoke says he can hardly see his car, Crockford Lane is choc a bloc , and the courier has just said the ring road is just as bad. Looks like a night in the office!!!
  17. Has anyone complained to their local authority about lack of gritting? Make your feelings known!
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