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  1. Did he forget to take his pep pills this time?
  2. 12 all at the moment, but Sheffield's tiring defence is hanging together on a blend of hope, courage and desperation. And, as I type that, McDonald is in after repeated attacks were stopped.
  3. Actor Mike Hagerty. Not a big star, but a character actor whose face crops up in all sorts of stuff. He's the pudgy, moustachioed bloke who you probably have seen in a career spanning over 100 movies and TV series. Here he is with Kurt Russell - yeah, he's that guy!
  4. Confirmed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61372712 I enjoyed New Tricks (although it had very much jumped the shark by the time Nicholas Lyndhurst's one-dimensional character was introduced). It felt like the cast were given a license to have fun with the "hardened cop" tropes, and really had a lot of fun doing it.
  5. Gildart's in a similar situation now to Farnworth in the 2021 season. Trying to make a mark in a side that's been a disastrous, undisciplined rabble for too long. Astonishing that this is a Michael Maguire club, given what he did for Wigan*, but something's come loose somewhere. *in that case, maybe too much discipline.
  6. Yes, but the Broncos were really, pathetically, spirit-sappingly, not-even-a-bad-joke rotten during most of that period. If that had happened in a sporting league that had P&R, do you think Kevvie would still be in the job?
  7. I think it's a bit of both, with the latter disguising the former.
  8. Let's face it, it took a TON of patience from the club, considering the absolute garbage Brisbane served up for most of Walters' time in charge. So there's also plenty of credit owed to the people above him who kept faith.
  9. It's just nice to see Herbie in a side that can actually win a match and let him show his talents off properly. It's also slightly surprising, after the last couple of years' wretched performances, for that team to be Brisbane.
  10. Matt Peet's had a similar route to the top job as Shaun Wane, so the Wigan-developed players have known him and (hopefully) trusted him for years. But his instincts are for a more open style of play than Wane's. With the pace of Marshall, French and Field to play with plus a youthful pack, this looks like a squad that's going to mature and improve over the next few seasons.
  11. Oh, hang on, it just touched the line. Fair enough. I'm glad Rovers didn't get nilled, but they don't deserve much more.
  12. Two thrillers out of three ain't bad, as the late Marvin "Meat Loaf" Aday once sang.
  13. Plenty of Smith's long kicks landed on the grass, rather than in a defender's hands, turning St Helens players around and allowing the Wigan chase to be more effective. That helps a lot, especially against such a strong counter-attacking side.
  14. Que sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be. We're going to (a stadium that's actually not all that far from the) River Lea! Que sera, sera!
  15. Harry's in-play kicking was very good. His place-kicking was worrying, though. Hardaker seemed more successful off the tee, albeit still not great by the standards of other teams, but that ship's sailed now.
  16. Totally neutral for this clash between two good sides who can both serve up entertaining Rugby. I reckon my heart-rate will be within sight of normal by about half time.
  17. Just a quick note for Huddersfield and Hull KR - when it comes to BBC matches today, you have quite a lot to live up to. Keep that in mind, okay?
  18. Harry Smith MotM. I think I might have given it to Marshall, and not just for the two tries. He worked his socks off.
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