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  1. I reckon all three. Whoever coined the phrase about herding cats never tried getting RL fans to all pull in the same direction.
  2. The Last Kumite (2024). A throwback to Eighties martial arts movies, and a movie which I helped get made via my Kickstarter donation.
  3. Let's see how many different forums people post about this match, shall we?
  4. Haven't Sky, as the primary rights holder, always shown their highlights packages before the BBC? That was a reason why the SLS wasn't available to any region 'til Monday.
  5. On this day, 23 years ago, John Prescott punched a man with a regrettable mullet in Rhyl for throwing an egg.
  6. Plus he can kick points, which is always a bonus to any team.
  7. I've been a fan of Doueihi since I first saw him play and I reckon he'd be a great addition to SL, St Helens or whoever.
  8. Wayne Bennett agrees to $3 million deal to sort out the Rabbitohs' shambles. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/wayne-bennett-agrees-to-3-million-three-year-deal-with-south-sydney-20240515-p5jdsi.html The very shortest shrift incoming for some of Souths' prima donnas and their egos.
  9. He's been around the "biz" that we call "show". Some genuine treasures in that huge pile of lots. But many of his records also have other things inserted in the sleeves - autographs, tickets, photographs, relevant ephemera. He's been doing a few videos on his Patreon page about the records he's selling and some of the stuff he digs out surprises even him.
  10. The match in question could be seen live on SL+ too. I watched in on there, not BBC3.
  11. To correct my post slightly, the crown jewels only have to be shown on a national FTA channel, not necessarily the BBC.
  12. I don't think the BBC have an obligation to show any sport that isn't on the so-called "crown jewels" list. The Challenge Cup Final is one of the list's Category A events. Otherwise, they balance affordability with viewer appeal when choosing sports to cover, like any TV company. The Broadcasting Act of 1996 listed the original crown jewels, which are not permitted to be solely shown on pay TV services. it has been revised since, most notably when England Cricket home tests negotiated themselves off Category A, then off the whole list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ofcom_Code_on_Sports_and_Other_Listed_and_Designated_Events
  13. The conspiracy theory thread is on another subforum.
  14. Someone in Wigan's back office is absolutely on top of their game - these gifts keep showing up when someone in the game hits a milestone or does something worth celebrating. It's a nice, non-partisan thing to do.
  15. Now all his kids have flown the nest, Danny Baker is moving to a smaller house and, as a result, offloading most of his record collection and other stuff he's accumulated over the decades. It is going to take two days to auction it all, but feast your eyes on some of this stuff: https://bid.omegaauctions.co.uk/auction/details/a230a-the-danny-baker-collection---two-day-sale/?au=162&pp=48&so=2&pn=1
  16. How many matches were on BBC3 (I assume due to schedule clashes with other events)? The deal was done pretty late and if other broadcasts, sport or otherwise, were already firmly placed in the TV schedules, they had to find a place for RL or not show it at all. The remaining men's games are supposed to be on BBC1 or BBC2. One BBC match had unexpectedly poor camerawork, and now people are claiming this has always been and will always be the case. That's just not true. Yes, I miss Adam Hills and C4's way of making their coverage look fresh on a budget, as well as their luck in picking mostly exciting games. As for the protesting-too-much "RL is too straight/tough" post, that's fit at best for the conspiracy theories thread.
  17. 109 consecutive games in most sports is impressive. In Rugby League, it's extraordinary!
  18. Considering Mark Dapin's book Carnage for an imminent purchase. Why? here's the blurb: "Millions have been entertained by the viral video of a man being arrested after a ‘succulent Chinese meal’. But when Mark Dapin investigated, it emerged that this man's story went to the heart of the Australian underworld. A true crime cult classic in the making. Whether you know it as the ‘succulent Chinese meal’ video, or ‘democracy manifest’, chances are you have seen the video of baritone larrikin Jack Karlson getting arrested outside a Brisbane Chinese restaurant in 1991. The Guardian called it ‘perhaps the pre-eminent Australian meme of the last 10 years’. When Karlson called crime writer Mark Dapin out of the blue, though, Dapin hadn’t heard of him. But there was enough that intrigued him about this theatrical outlaw to continue the conversation. Over the following months emerged a dark and complex past. It turned out that Karlson had been in the background of many notorious incidents in late-twentieth century Australian crime, from collaborating with infamous prison-playwright Jim McNeil to befriending hitman Christopher Dale Flannery (Mr Rent-a-Kill). But most shockingly of all, Karlson’s life story led Dapin to shed new light on a number of unsolved murders, by two serial killers. The result is an extraordinary, deeply revealing portrait of Australian crime from the 60s to the 2010s – a portrait of carnage.
  19. If you go into the settings, you can select/deselect various sports and/or broadcasters. If you select only BBC channels/platforms, they are showing quite a lot of live sport*, but their own website doesn't tell their viewers about it. *including Association Football, which I believe is quite popular these days.
  20. Oh, I see. I was referring to the browser version, which is still just about clinging on.
  21. It's still there, but what they choose to listed there has so many omissions it's not trustworthy any more. Right now, they have three cricket commentary catch-ups, plus the NW200 motorcycling from last weekend and nothing else. As well as https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com for Rugby League, I use https://www.tvsportguide.com for other sports.
  22. Yes. There wasn't a huge fanfare when BBC3 became a broadcast channel again after a few years as a streaming-only service. This is another part of the current problem. Four matches on the BBC this coming weekend; women's CC ties on Red Button, men's CC ties on BBC2.
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