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  1. Women's T20: England v Pakistan is live on BBC2 right now. It looks like there are a few new faces in the England team, who should be keen to prove themselves.
  2. Tapuha gets his first try in First Grade. Big lad.
  3. Katoa opens the scoring for Melbourne, with at least three Cronulla tacklers hanging off him. Converted for 6:0.
  4. More filthy weather for the Dragons v the Rabble. This has not turned out to be the genius career-making transfer that Jack Wighton thought it would be. SGI 28:14 SOU
  5. No massive surprise, but the announcement has finally been made.
  6. Another one was Luke Robinson (plus a few others such as Kevin Brown) to Huddersfield, as the club decided not to give home grown talent the chance they'd earned.
  7. Aaron Bower with a list of some of the player who have not yet been offered a new deal for next season. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/exclusive-list-of-super-league-players-not-offered-deals-revealed-including-wigan-warriors-hull-kr-stars
  8. Shaun Edwards, although he had off-field reasons to head South at the time. What he did after leaving Wigan showed he still had plenty to give.
  9. Do I detect a slight note of exasperation in this article? Bad news as Sunderland's cinema reopening leaves less to moan about https://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/opinion/bad-news-as-sunderlands-cinema-reopening-leaves-less-to-moan-about-4622477
  10. Half Time and, despite Parramatta piling on the pressure, Brisbane go off with a lead, thanks to a couple of breakaway Deine Mariner tries. PAR 08:18 BRI
  11. Part of Radio 4 Extra's Tony Hancock binge on Sunday evening is a recently rediscovered Hancock's Half Hour. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001z692
  12. I watched the RL instead, so I'll have a few surprises come Saturday night.
  13. Only a minute or so, and the Panthers use up a sub rather than leave him out there on the fringe of things. Worrying.
  14. BEPs (big effin' prawns), briefly fried, then baked for 10 minutes in cultured butter, smoked garlic and flat-leaf parsley. An interlude of very messy eating with hands. Some of the best shellfish I've ever eaten. The remains, below, after being baked as the start of a seafood stock or soup. Forks shown for scale.
  15. I think Saints may regroup and come back strong as the season reaches the end. They have players who know how to handle the big occasions, after all.
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