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  1. Foie gras is very rich. But delicious. See if you can find monkfish liver - often available tinned. It is another rich delicacy, sometimes called the foie gras of the sea.
  2. The current rules made for some fantastic matches, but I remember at the time watching Michael Jennings tear up the pitch for Tonga and wondering how long it would be before Australia tapped him on the shoulder, hinting at a chance to play in Origin. A solution that benefits the game as a whole will be a long time coming, I fear.
  3. Lobster's great, whether just simply steamed or boiled, or in a classic dish like Lobster Newburg. And dressed crab is one of life's great pleasures. Crayfish, on the other hand, rarely lives up to expectations.
  4. At this late stage, man-management and inspiration will be pretty much all Stanley could (and probably will) deliver. Hopefully, he will have assistants around him that can fill in the technical coaching bits.
  5. News just in: Tony Williams has been removed from the Kiwi train-on squad. Apparently Stephen Kearney didn't like the fact that he was touting himself about for Tonga and Australia.
  6. And there lies the problem. If you enforce a rule that you can only play for one nation (which would be ideal for the code's credibility), too many players would put their hand up for Aus or NZ, as the more likely teams to win trophies and glory. The Pacific Islands would be weakened - left with a loyal core, plus players who don't see themselves ever making the Kangaroo or Kiwi squad. Somehow, there needs to be a 'critical mass' of players willing to represent - for example - Tonga, so they can become a genuine force in the game, with a chance of competing with the Big Two of the Southern h
  7. While I'm fully aware of the context of that 300%, if every other existing sport (apart from Football) can trot out the "fastest-growing sport" line (and they do, regularly), why can't RL?
  8. So who takes his place - Junior Sa'u? A very different physical specimen to Matai.
  9. She's a competent singer. But without the looks, she'd never have got a record deal. She's a fair bit better than most of those 'crossover classical' artists, though. Best ever, to my mind, was Edwin Starr. Absolutely superb!
  10. Three of Simon Cowell's worthless spawn. Whoopee.
  11. Excuse me while I pause to blow a thick layer of dust off a rotten old joke... ... ... ... ... ... ... I thought he was really good in 'Grange Hill'. I'll get me coat...
  12. Kiwis preliminary squad named. Obviously early days, and will be pruned down over the next few weeks, but there's a fair few new names included:Alex Glenn, Antonio Winterstein (Brisbane) Bryson Goodwin, Ben Roberts (Canterbury) Bronson Harrison (Canberra) Greg Eastwood (Leeds) Kieran Foran, Steve Matai, Tony Williams (Manly) Adam Blair, Sika Manu (Melbourne) Junior Sa'u, Zeb Taia (Newcastle) Krisnan Inu, Fuifui Moimoi (Parramatta) Sam McKendry, Frank Pritchard (Penrith) Nathan Fien, Jason Nightingale, Jeremy Smith (St George Illawarra) Roy Asotasi, Issac Luke, Eddy Pettybourne, Fetuli Talanoa
  13. An excellent idea, and one that should have been done long ago.
  14. As I posted elsewhere, I just have this hunch that we won't win it this year. The team's more than good enough, as are the other main contenders, but I just have this feeling. It has still been a superb season, whatever happens from now on.
  15. I have a hunch we won't win the GF, even if we make it to the Final. But I am still very proud, pleased and enthused by the way the team has raised their game and become a proper contender with the likes of Leeds and St Helens, after too many rather underwhelming seasons.
  16. While you're waiting, I assume you've already got Henri Garcia's excellent book on the same subject? And Cliff, rest assured that your contributions to the magazine and this website are always valued, appreciated and enjoyed. Don't be a stranger on the TRL forum, now!
  17. Regarding some of the above posts: Vatuvei still goofs every now and then, but his error rate is decreasing year on year, so don't expect to be able to just kick to him and watch him drop it. I like the guy; he plays such an exuberant game, with a smile on his face. Hohaia's chip-chase try against Brisbane was a good 'un, and he almost duplicated the feat later in the game, but was pulled back by a Broncos player. His speed off the mark also gets him close-range tries that you'd normally expect from a hooker. He is, however, still very questionable under a high bomb - a skill he'll probabl
  18. Especially as the RFL had actually managed to hire a decent singer this year.
  19. You forgot to add "nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more".
  20. Check some of the advice on these sites. You might want to start looking into this right away, as you don't want to be frantically downloading/installing/setting up at the last minute, and some of these options may be complicated.
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