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  1. Something a little different today, if you fancy it. Clicking on the first YT link says it starts at 2:30pm UK time too.
  2. A manoeuvre known as the "Aaron Woods". Thanks for the updates. I did set my alarm, but opted for a lie-in instead.
  3. Ah, it turns out that HBC is just the guest star in episode 1. Still, worth watching the rest - David Mitchell is in episode 2.
  4. Just started watching The Cleaner (BBC iPlayer). Greg Davies plays a crime scene cleaner and Helena Bonham Carter plays a whimsical, bonkers murderer. I'm quite enjoying it. Quite apart from anything else, the height difference is amusing.
  5. I think that cheque also gives her the highest earnings of any British female sports star. Nice to see Virginia Wade in the crowd, and Emma's got some sort of inspirational rapport with Tim Henman going on too. Linking with generations of former players.
  6. Blood, sweat and tears of joy. She's just become one of the hottest properties in sport. Oh, and she passed her A Levels too, apparently.
  7. Also, GB's Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett have won the wheelchair title.
  8. Raducanu wasn't even in the main draw for the tournament, so has played an extra week of qualifiers. Now she's close to winning a Grand Slam title without dropping a set... and demoting Kris Radlinski to #2 in my (admittedly short) list of favourite Radders.
  9. I've just been reminded that GB's Joe Salisbury has won the men's and mixed doubles titles at the US Open this year, so this has already been a good tournament for the Brits.
  10. First set to Raducanu! But there's really very little between the two finalists. Both are really impressive, and Fernandez has the crowd behind her.
  11. Okay, the RL match is finished on the other channel, and I haven't missed much of the Tennis. C'mon Emma!
  12. Oli Holmes - 2 penalties conceded, one try assist achieved so far, as Evalds replies for the Tigers. Six all.
  13. No wonder the Aussies chickened out of the World Cup.
  14. I think it's the lack of punctuation that is killing the game. That and the relentless negativity of people who go extremely bloody quiet when there's a good game or good news, but swarm like vultures over every bad point and treat it like it's the end of the world on a weekly basis.
  15. Whenever you hear some doddery old fun-sponge droning on about how there are no characters left in the game, Mamo is the remedy. Completely bonkers, and should have done more post-match interviews in his time at the club.
  16. No, but it is a vicious circle.
  17. Since 1852, when Elisha Otis invented a ratchet-like mechanism that comes into play if the cable(s) break, a lift is actually held more securely if a cable fails. You may be stuck in the same small box as everyone else's farts 'til someone comes along to get you out, but you are not in any more danger, even if five cables snap. Of course, that doesn't help with an irrational fear.
  18. An actual period of pressure from West Wales, although it came to nought. Ritson gets MotM, to nobody's surprise.
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