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  1. To misquote Pierre Bosquet's observation while watching the Charge of the Light Brigade, "C'est Laguerre, mais ce n'est pas magnifique."
  2. A bit like the players, then. Mago's effort is denied. Very hard to tell either way, and it was sent upstairs as "no try".
  3. Thompson slides over and wakes up a crowd that hasn't had much entertainment thus far.
  4. Mourgue kicks the Dragons into the lead, as Wigan concede another penalty. WIG 0:2 CAT
  5. They've muddled through a couple of this season's wins while looking disjointed but they can't get away with that sort of performance too often.
  6. Surprised by the levels of faith in Wigan, given their flat performance last week.
  7. I'd have totally missed this, but for a mention on Twitter, but Channel 5 have a series called A very British Sex Scandal and the first episode was about Cecil Parkinson and Sara Keays. I'm watching it on catch-up now and we've already had footage of broadcasters Brian Walden and John Cole, as well as insights from Matthew Parris, Neil Kinnock talking about the era but also Edwina Currie talking mainly about Edwina Currie. The latter flaw aside, it's a real time capsule and well made.
  8. The first rumours started swirling a couple of hours ago, but now it is confirmed - Duane Eddy has died today. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/duane-eddy-dies-at-86
  9. https://www.nrl.com/news/2024/05/01/how-well-build-it-the-warriors-approach-to-nrlw-re-entry/ Six years is a long time in rugby league at the best of times, but in the women's game right now it’s an eternity. Just ask the Warriors, who are in the process of rebuilding their NRLW program for re-entry in 2025 amid a landscape that looks completely different to the one they navigated when they were first part of the competition back in 2018.
  10. The American author Paul Auster. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cn3de800ykko
  11. Keighley v Hunslet will be on The Sportsman on Sunday, so you can check him out, if you haven't seen him play yet.
  12. ...that you wanted, but about which you will immediately complain, is coming!
  13. Not too familiar with Hawkins, but Ilias looks like he's a player who might really flourish in a better-disciplined environment.
  14. Remember the underwhelming Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow that hit the headlines recently? https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/glasgow-willy-wonka-experience-los-angeles-event-rcna149468 Two months after a Willy Wonka-inspired “Chocolate Experience” in Scotland failed so spectacularly that it cemented itself in internet meme history, a similar event in Los Angeles attracted dozens of people hoping to take part in a re-creation of the absurd experience. Scottish actor Kirsty Paterson - who became known as “Meth Lab Oompa Loompa” - was a key participant in the event.
  15. More use of the Nectar card yesterday, as I got a bottle of Aerstone Sea Cask for £23 - a tenner off the non-Nectar price. Aerstone's a new name to me, but it turns out that it is made by William Grant, who are best known for their blended whisky. At full price, I would probably not have taken a punt, but now I'm here with a pleasant, light single malt with a little sea salt in the aftertaste. Not sure I'd pay full price for it, but I'm glad I bought this particular bottle.
  16. I think the studio pundits said he made more metres than any debuting player in the club's history. It certainly looked like it.
  17. Alphabetically, the top 5 professional Rugby League players in the world are: Jordan Abdull Andy Ackers Corey Ackers Josh Addo-Carr Sadiq Adebiyi This list makes more sense than the last three pages of bickering.
  18. Do the other lot still count every single student at any school that has a RU team, whether they play the sport or not?
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