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  1. Tricky decision; if you could get a grad job doing something interesting, it might be good personal development and some experience to stick on your CV when you finish with education. The Civil Service has their own job site, so you could look there and see what's going. https://www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk/csr/index.cgi
  2. Jonathan Liew isn't a dedicated RL journalist, but when he covers the game, he rarely disappoints.
  3. No idea about free standalone VPNs, but the Opera browser comes with one built in.
  4. Good point; with Salford upping their game in the last couple of seasons, he's being noticed more. At Salford since 2013, and loaned out more than once, it has taken a while for him.
  5. Bringing things right up to date, Niall Evalds.
  6. Martin Crompton never seemed to get quite as much attention as his abilities warranted. From the list above, Mike Forshaw fits the thread's theme perfectly.
  7. Looks like pretty much all the footage there is, but compiled into a convenient single clip.
  8. Latest update: http://rlif.com/article/8955/international-rugby-league-update-on-tonga-
  9. Also, Scorpius from 'Farscape' played Albert Roselfeld. Hard to tell the difference, really...
  10. Well, you could add to it, if you can tell us what he's up to these days. Do you know? Does anyone know?
  11. It is seriously annoying how likeable some Aussie bogeymen turn out when they stop playing and start talking. It still stings me how much I enjoy Glenn McGrath's punditry. I think there should be a law against it. The same goes for RL punditry too - Michael Ennis or Braith Anasta, for instance. Two seriously annoying players who have transitioned effortlessly to the studio.
  12. At his peak, he was an absolute monster, but if RL wasn't his true love, I hope he found happiness elsewhere. I remember Andre Agassi writing about how he was pushed into Tennis and, despite winning some of the sport's highest honours, ended up loathing the sport. That's not a healthy thing, no matter how much the fans are entertained by the superlative performances.
  13. He had a sweet spot of a couple of seasons when he looked like he could be a massive star, but then...
  14. Yes, plus Kear was pretty much learning the punditry job as he went along. His early BBC appearances were a bit taciturn, but he got better as the years went by. Clare Balding was instrumental in drawing him out of his shell a bit. The same goes with Brian Noble.
  15. Okay, if someone has any more information on this, we need to read it!
  16. I think I might trust The Sweet a bit more than the Johnson cabinet when it comes to sage advice in the current situation.
  17. Or even this version - click on the GIF to find the warning that suits you.
  18. I'd agree, although I think West was there as much for his height in line-outs as much as his RU knowledge.
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