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  1. Oh I guess thats OK then if he just mounted a dog and pretended to have sex with it before peeing all over himself.
  2. Except those players are just brought in to compliment the home grown players like Makinson, Percival, Grace, Lomax Welsby, Dodd, Lees, Roby & Knowles not as 1st choice to replace them.
  3. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson with Folau before chasing NRL players like this. Who in their right mind tries to have *** with a dog and pees on themselves on the sofa Then add this to the multiple cases of sexual harassment of women
  4. Do you read any of the earlier posts - 3 First choice starters were French, and only 5 made the final team. That's 10 in the squad who are seen as nothing but squad fillers, ditched as soon as a Brit or Antipodean are available.
  5. Lets just wait & see how many French players actually become 1st choice starters for TO next year. This year Catalans had 3, Plus Fages at Saints so that makes a whopping 4, 1st choice starters out of 156 players (2.5%) across SL. Even if TO have 9-10 French starters (which I seriously doubt) that would only be around 8%, when you then consider French clubs will make up 16% of the league. You can try and dress this up as much as you like, but the fact Catalans don't even see a team of largely French players as being a viable & competitive option shows just how poor the state of the French game is. If you genuinely want to see the game in France develop and for large numbers of French players to be starting week in week out then the only viable option is licencing. While we have any sort of P&R system the French clubs aren't going to invest properly or take the risk in developing French players into regular 1st team starters (and please god don't start banging on about protection from relegation for French clubs, it just sounds like a French fishermans union rally. Its either P&R with everyone under the same rules with the same situation we have now, or its licencing where everyone can then invest in their youth players without fear of relegation).
  6. Do you accept having hundreds is pointless if they spend most of their careers playing reserve grade rugby or Championship rugby and never developing into regular 1st team SL players and then onto International standard players.
  7. Whether you like it or not, when fit he's one of, if not the most dangerous English centre playing in SL. His problem over the years has been getting through a season injury free. The fact they're having to resort to Reece Lynne as centre shows how lacking England are in depth in that position when players like Percival are injured and NRL based players aren't available.
  8. So what are they ? Hello stated they were "there for all to see" I can't see any at international level or at club level with Catalans given their success has been based largely on having a team full of Brits & Antipodeans not French players
  9. Feel sorry for Percival with his injuries. After missing large parts of the early season this year he was getting back to top form and then picked up another leg injury which he carried through the Semi-final & Final. Had it been the WC i'm sure he would have delayed treatment but given its just a 'friendly' I understand why he chose to get the treatment now and get himself fit for the start of next year which will be a WC year.
  10. You seriously want to pick a hooker at 7 at test level, particularly one who's been outclassed at club level playing there all season That's bordering on about as stupid a Bennett picking Austin as a wingman. Even accounting for the fact this is a **** poor French team, Leeming is not and never will be a scrum half.
  11. Prey tell what are these 'improvements' that are there for all to see ?? They're not at international level, and they're not at club level at Catalans given the pitiful number of French players that are considered as 1st choice at the club.
  12. Of course it does ! One of the claims made for parachuting Catalans into SL was that they would provide increased numbers of French players and improve the national team, thus giving England / GB some meaningful northern hemisphere competition. 15 years on the French national teams performances are as bad, if not worse than they were pre-Catalans. And before you start banging on about numbers of French players just look at the GF team, a whopping 3 French players in the Catalans starting 13 and only 5 in the total 17
  13. Well lets wait & see how many they get hammered by this weekend, even with one of the most inexperienced England teams ever with 8 international debutants.
  14. Because Catalans have been such a huge success in bringing through lots of French players to strengthen their national team haven't they !!! Losing Catalans wont be disastrous, just like losing Bradford wasn't (which everyone claimed it was at the time) Catalans have done naff all to improve their national team so losing them from SL wont make a blind bit of difference - well except maybe having 1 less retirement home for antipodeans !!
  15. So you want them protected just because they're French Ever thought of applying for a job as spokesman for the French fishermen - that's the kind of ridiculous guff they come out with !!!
  16. I agree with the officials in that it wasn't, as there wasn't sufficient evidence to prove he would have scored
  17. Except it was far from the one and only incident though was it. Had the Yaha try been given the whole course of play up to the McMeekan try would have been different so they may not have scored that. Had the referee correctly adjudicated on all the sin-bin incidents and been consistent with what had been done throughout the course of the season (5 Catalan players binned in McMeekan, Garcia, McIlorum, Maloney & Yaha and 2 from Saints in LMS & Mata'utia) then the whole course of the game would have been different. Its completely unreasonable to try and argue that 1 incident changed the result when there were multiple contentious decisions throughout that game that arguably would have had a similar if not bigger impact on the final result.
  18. Funny how you miraculously seem to have forgotten / not seen any of those other incidents, the majority of which went in Catalans favour, but can recall every fine detail of the Yaha no try / penalty try. In particular i'm amazed you have no recollection of the Yaha knees into Naiquama's head given he had to leave the field and missed the remainder of the match due to the head injury sustained from it,
  19. Welcome to the world of P&R, you can't have one without the other. If you want to guarantee places for clubs in SL then switch back to licencing, if not then deal with the P&R consequences. Stupid hybrid systems protecting some clubs over others just don't work, you protect one but unfairly penalise another.
  20. Your obviously entitled to your opinion, though both RFL trained officials clearly disagree with you, hence why both referee & VR decided no penalty try should be awarded. Just as a matter of interest do you think any of the following players should have been sin-binned for their respective incidents, given throughout the course of the year yellow cards have been readily handed out for them; McIlorum for the deliberate trip ? McMeekan for a direct contact head shot ? Garcia for a direct contact head shot ? LMS for contact with Tomkins in the air ? Yaha for knees to Naiquama's head with no attempt to tackle with the arms ? and in the case of the latter incident, Saints being awarded an 8 point try ?
  21. Your right, the stadium size isn't the issue its the ownership. Saints may get lower average crowds than Wigan (their best in the SL era being around 14K) but owning their own stadium makes a world of difference to the financial viability of the club. During lockdown they were getting paid by the Government to use the stadium as a Covid Vaccination centre, meaning they didn't have to lay-off / Furlough all their staff, instead using many of them as Covid Marshalls.
  22. Your forgetting this entire thread was intended to discuss decisions that went against Saints, until it was conveniently hijacked by numerous 'anti-Saints' posters to turn it into yet another bleeding hearts thread for Catalans. But if you want to bring it back to one specific incident in the Yaha no try / penalty try then your constant assertion that Yaha would have scored is completely fanciful and based on nothing more than your desire to have seen Catalans win. Was Yaha already over the try line when the head shot occured or in the process of putting the ball down over the try line - No Was the first point of contact legal - Yes Did the first contact change Yaha's direction of travel & momentum towards the sideline - Yes Based on the above there is absolutely no degree of certainty that Yaha would not have gone over the sideline anyway as a result of the first contact or that he would have been able to regain his feet and been able to put the ball on the try line. To award a penalty try the Ref / VR has to be certain that they would have scored had there not been a piece of foul play, and given the actual facts there is quite clearly no degree of certainty over that, hence both Referee & VR were in agreement that it was not a penalty try.
  23. There's some pretty average players on that list and I suspect the good ones like Lui, May, Elliot & Walker will get snapped up by other NRL clubs
  24. Personally I don't think Fusitu'a or Hopoate are world class and neither will 'light up' SL next year. Hopoate is definately a downgrade on Naiquama, though I suppose in Leeds case Fusitu'a is an upgrade on Briscoe or Handley.
  25. Seems to me the only 'issue' is you and several other 'anti-Saints' posters on here obsessing over a single incident, to the point where you've convinced yourself the opposition were 'robbed' of GF victory, instead of considering all of the potentially contentious decisions made throughout the match and actually realising both teams benefitted from those decisions, not just one of them.
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