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  1. On the contrary, some of your better performing players this year were your own academy lads opposed to all your underperforming big money signings. Wire are pretty much guaranteed to get an A Licence so with no relegation to worry about this would be the perfect opportunity to change their model from a buying club to a promote from within first club. If they accept they'll be unlikely to be serious challengers for the next 3-5 years or so while they build then they'll reap the rewards further down the track. Lets face it they've tried to buy their way to SL success and failed so there's obviously some merit in the theory that success comes from having a successful academy and opportunity system in place.
  2. Thewliss has great potential and has already preformed well in numerous games - but you went out and bought the worst FB in the NRL in Dufty. Similar for Wrench at centre but you tried to re-sign Wardle. Just 2 examples where you have academy players who have shown enough to suggest they can play regular 1st team rugby but Wire have chosen to buy in instead of letting them establish themselves first to see if they'll really make it. And before you no doubt make the comment of 'we'll play Dufty at 6', its exactly the same outcome in that he's now stopping Dean from getting his chance.
  3. The big 3 can quite easily be the big 4, 5 or 6 in a relatively short space of time. Using Warrington as an example, they have the money, they have the facilities, they have good local engagement and their academy teams generally do OK on the field. The only thing thats stops Warrington is Opportunity. For years they've just gone out and tried to buy success, importing new players at every opportunity. They must put youngsters off from signing for the club in the first place if they can see they would have little opportunity to try and establish themselves in the first team if they choose to sign for Wire.
  4. There's no such thing as a Draft - every junior has a choice of who they sign for if made multiple offers. The fact that many of the top players choose the top 3 clubs is largely down to what those clubs can offer that many of the other clubs don't, can't or wont. There are multiple reasons, money, coaching, facilities, opportunity etc. so the real question should be why don't all clubs offer the same to try and entice the best youngsters ? So if academy / youth development is made part of the A Licence criteria this will force clubs to improve in this area.
  5. The only thing Wellens & Cunningham have in common is that they're past players at the club. At club level Wello has been assistant to the likes of Holbrook & Woolf, both multiple trophy winning coaches, and he's also worked under multiple international coaches. In addition he's also been studying to gain his elite coaching licence, none of which Cunningham did. I hope Wello does get given his chance as head coach, he's earned it
  6. Before getting the knives out you do realise that it wasn’t the players or the club who withdrew them, they were withdrawn by the England medical team after they were assessed after the GF. Saints never made public the severity of both players injuries and when the England doctor was given that info he then withdrew them deeming then to be too big a risk for the WC squad.
  7. Surely Corey Norman and Kenny Edwards must be in the team. They both have the grubbiest fingers in RL given where they like to stick them during matches
  8. Jeeze what a hissy fit. It’s not about advantage it’s about some clubs spending time, money and effort on their academies and thus them reaping the rewards. While others just pay lip service and continually whine that they can’t compete.
  9. I didn’t decline I just couldn’t be bothered to answer at the time given I’m currently sat on a beach in the Caribbean and not in dreary England But in response the big 3 produce more because over the last few decades they’ve invested more in their youth and created a pathway for those kids to get their 1st team chance. When a 1st teamer leaves their first thought is which of our youngsters is ready to step up and take their place, not who can we go out and buy to replace them
  10. For a start any restrictions on who you can sign for and who you can’t is almost certainly illegal under UK law as a restriction of trade. leave Steve and his dumb ideas to retirement
  11. Meninga may be a queenslander but surely even he’s not that stupid and pig headed to pick DCE over Cleary. Of all the 7s in the NRL I wouldn’t even have DCE in the top 3 let alone 1st choice for Australia. Cleary, Moses and Hynes are all better than DCE IMO.
  12. Which is exactly what I agreed with in the previous threads about academy licences. I’ve long argued that an academy should be mandatory for all SL clubs and that clubs should be measured on how well they develop those youngsters and bring them through to their 1st team and let them then establish themselves as 1st team players. Too many clubs just see their youngsters as squad fillers, there to cover for injuries and they automatically buy in new. It’s no coincidence that the 3 most successful clubs are the ones with the 3 best academies and the ones who continually promote from within as their first priority and only buy in when they don’t have an academy player for that position at that time.
  13. I’d say there are 3 current SL clubs who have excellent academies, probably another 3 who I’d rate as good, and the rest pretty average
  14. It’s up to the rest of the clubs to improve their academy set ups to match the best teams, then youngsters will have a genuine choice of who to sign for. Now most just have maybe 4-5 top ones to pick from, hopefully the lure of an A licence may see 10-12 top academies in the future
  15. If they can’t generate enough good quality players for their 1st team then they don’t deserve an A licence
  16. A successful academy isn’t measured on just on field results, though it is generally Saints, Wigan and Leeds which usually pick up the academy trophies most years. Success is also measured on them being able to continually bring through good quality SL standard players year after year into their 1st team and not continually being a buying club
  17. Why destroy the successful club academies and give it to a shambolic organisation like the RFL to run. If you want an A licence then all clubs should be made to run academies equal to those of the top clubs now. If they can’t do that then they don’t deserve an A licence
  18. If Leeds had one iota of decency they’d drop the drunken criminal Hardaker and the scummy wife Beater Tetevano and let 2 decent honest lads play. These 2 young lads have had their chance taken away by 2 filthy scummy human beings
  19. He went to the Rah Rah's for the money, he's made no secret about that move. His first stint at Saints was a disaster largely because Cunningham gave him the job of defensive coach and not the attacking coach. I'm sure if he came back to saints and given a proper role more aligned with his skill set he would go well. The fans would certainly welcome him back with open arms.
  20. Don't know who you mean then ? Pre SL era i'd probably class Hanley as as being the greatest player i've seen in my lifetime, and I don't remember him being an injury faker either !
  21. Introduce that and Lattrell Mitchell would be 'on & off' more times than a red light in a whore house
  22. I'd consider Lomax's injury serious given he was advised to stop playing and have surgery but given they'd already lost Dodd for the year he opted to play on for the rest of the season. He's had multiple pain killing injections throughout the year to allow him to play. Whether he pulls out of the England squad remains to be seen but I don't think he will as he's said he'd love to play in the WC as it will be his last chance to play in one. I suspect he'll continue to put his hand up to play and then have surgery straight after the WC.
  23. Lots of players try to milk penalties during games across all clubs, but 2 of the most persistent fake injury actors this year have to be Levi & Myler.
  24. Pies by 20+ Leeds scraped a win in France but lets face it, it wasn't because they were great they were just slightly less poor than Catalans were on the day. They went there with a game plan to niggle & disrupt the dragons, and it worked, but wigan are the absolute masters of "s***house tactics". As soon as Isa starts with his late hits, Powell starts with the elbows in the tackle and Smithies rubs his head in the players faces Leeds are going to react. Personally I can see a fair few yellows handed out in this game and possibly the odd red card too. The extra space will then let French & Field run riot.
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